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1 Nigel Farage turns his attention to opposing lockdown – should we care?
2 Nigel Farage's populist instinct has failed him over lockdown
3 Nigel Farage rebrands his Brexit Party to challenge U.K.'s COVID-19 lockdown
4 Nigel Farage welcomes ‘common sense’ coronavirus rule change
5 Nigel Farage heaps praise on Donald Trump at Arizona rally
6 Nigel Farage returns to torment the Conservative Party
7 Why Nigel Farage's anti-Covid-lockdown crusade is a cause for grave concern
8 Farage party's relaunch marked with low-key anti-lockdown protest
9 'We should have left YEARS ago!' Farage rages at 'fraudulent' EU after shameful report
10 We won’t defeat Farage’s populism without a plan
11 Nigel Farage warns 'history will judge' Boris Johnson's Brexit 'cowardice' in final talks
12 Watch: Nigel Farage 'deeply concerned' about Brexit after Cummings' departure
13 Nigel Farage fumes at coronavirus 'mess' after being told to quarantine after Trump visit
14 Nigel Farage warns UK 'in for a difficult period with America' under Joe Biden
15 Farage's anti-cyclist article shows car users fear loss of control
16 U.K.’s Nigel Farage attempts to relaunch Brexit Party as anti-lockdown party
17 Nigel Farage posts clip in savage attack on Biden ‘He hates the UK! There's no deal'
18 Nigel Farage's Reform UK campaign to refund students kept 'under house arrest' by coronavirus
19 'Fear for future of Brexit’ Nigel Farage opens up after Joe Biden election win
20 Dominic Cummings departure means ‘Brexit sell-out’, says Nigel Farage
21 Nigel Farage predicts the END of Boris Johnson as leadership strategy crumbles around him
22 Nigel Farage blasts Sadiq Khan after ‘joke’ cycle lane used just SEVEN times
23 Nigel Farage claims Donald Trump fans are 'bigger Brexiteers' than Brexit Party supporters
24 Caroline Lucas hits back at Nigel Farage in Twitter spat
25 Trump supporter Nigel Farage says 'You lose an election... you accept it' in resurfaced footage
26 'It's not a hoax!' Farage says he takes COVID seriously despite call for lockdown to end
27 Nigel Farage: Mobs of far-Left thugs could run amok in Washington
28 Brexit OUTRAGE: Nigel Farage furious after Britain pays EU £1bn Brexit day bill
29 Over 3,000 people apply to be candidates for Nigel Farage's new Reform party in just 11 days
30 My post-election drink with Nigel Farage
31 Nigel Farage admitted Dominic Cummings wanted SECOND Brexit referendum
32 DAN HODGES: Nigel Farage is back... and Boris Johnson should be very scared
33 'Clegg owes Farage an apology!' Britons rage at Remainer denials as EU Army plot EXPOSED
34 NIGEL FARAGE: Stop being so pious, pay road tax
35 Carrie will bring down Boris and now she faces wrath of Farage, says ANNABELLE SANDERSON
36 Nigel Farage's 'monumentally risky' plan for Brits to 'take back control' of their money
37 Farage Gambles with Social Media Rules
38 Tesco accused of racism with Romanian anti-shoplifting posters
39 Tory MP hits out at Boris for 'weakening UK's negotiating position' after £1BN 'surrender'
40 Joe Biden makes incendiary Brexit intervention
41 Nic Cicutti: How can Farage get away with his foray into finance?
42 Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visit
43 POLL: Was Boris Johnson right to break manifesto pledge and cut foreign aid? VOTE
44 Nigel Farage leaves radio station LBC
45 Nigel Farage: The story of 'Mr Brexit'
46 US election 2020: Five viral vote claims fact-checked
47 Time's up, Nigel Farage, and I'm not just talking about your role on LBC
48 Nigel Farage investigated over US trip to attend Trump rally
49 Behind Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party: The Latest in Politainment
50 DHS investigated by House after Nigel Farage enters US for Trump rally
51 Farage Garage: Petition for Brexit lorry park to be named after Nigel Farage
52 ‘Lunacy,’ says Nigel Farage after police visit over lockdown trip
53 Nigel Farage gets his way, and last laugh: Brexit is coming
54 Nigel Farage loses UK radio show
55 UK bans sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2030, Tesla and Uber push for same in US
56 Nigel Farage’s Brilliant Failure
57 Brexit stems from a civil war in capitalism – we are all just collateral damage
58 The race to be Italy’s Nigel Farage
59 Europe's Far-Right Populists Are Betting on a Trump Miracle
60 Jewish groups and MPs condemn Nigel Farage over antisemitic 'dog whistles'
61 Brexit Champion Farage Plans Party Relaunch, Sunday Express Says
62 Spending Review 2020: Rishi Sunak's Main Points Explained
63 Brexit and the myth of ‘mastermind’ Cummings
64 Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Says He Won’t Run in Election
65 Nick Hubble: Poor financial literacy has allowed the financial industry “run riot over its customers”
66 Invoking a fantasy Winston Churchill won’t help as Brexit becomes grim reality
67 Christmas rules CONFIRMED: All four UK nations agree to loosen coronavirus restrictions
68 Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Lends Hand to Boris Johnson. Mostly.
69 Nigel Farage admits 'criticising friend' Donald Trump in private talks amid election row
70 Brexit: Billions of taxpayers' cash 'misspent, squandered or lost' in corruption
71 Nigel Farage's 'crisis' in the Channel is a second wave of nonsense
72 The Times Daily Quiz: Tuesday November 24, 2020 | Times2
73 Why fretting over the US-UK “special relationship” overlooks its reality
74 Nigel Farage Is the Most Dangerous Man in Britain
75 Nigel Farage threatens to form rebranded political party 'if Boris Johnson goes soft on Brexit'
76 Farage wants tougher stance on China, says Trump needed to 'stop it'
77 Citizens Disunited: The End of the Transatlantic Trumpist Alliance
78 Who'll fight back against the liberal locusts?
79 Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are two sides of the same coin
80 Andy Richardson: Patel's record is as reliable as the Government's on test and trace
81 Thinking, Fast and Slow about politics… – Slugger O'Toole
82 Nigel Farage is watching and waiting for the next Tory slip-up
83 'Completely dehumanising': Nigel Farage describes group of children and adults landing in Kent as 'invasion'
84 Outrageous. Provocative. Unapologetic. Nigel Farage finally clears out his Brussels bunker
85 TV tonight: how Nigel Farage pulled off Brexit
86 Nigel Farage 'will not take a penny' of £153,000 MEP golden goodbye
87 Nigel Farage outlines two simple ways Donald Trump will turn things around in US election
88 Nigel Farage has worst reaction to Andrzej Duda's re-election in Poland
89 Brexit caps Nigel Farage's unexpected rise, and the triumph of nationalism over liberalism
90 Trump calls Nigel Farage to praise Boris Johnson and criticize Jeremy Corbyn
91 Nigel Farage urges Brits to take back control of their money from selfish 'elite'
92 Fresh off a Brexit victory, Nigel Farage tells Liberty students they are 'living in extraordinary times' » Liberty
93 Nigel Farage throws gauntlet down as he warns 'more battles to be fought' to secure Brexit
94 Nigel Farage hints he will join Donald Trump’s presidential campaign next year
95 Nigel Farage under investigation after flying out to US Trump rally
96 In lockdown, video calls taunt me with showcases of other people's homes
97 Nigel Farage won't join Donald Trump's presidential campaign to ensure Brexit is delivered properly
98 ANDREW PIERCE: Are Nigel Farage and chums set for a comeback?
99 Nigel Farage, Brexit’s Loudest Voice, Seizes Comeback Chance
100 Nigel Farage claims VICTORY as Boris Johnson 'adopts Brexit Party plan'