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1 In this Nigerian city, Pfizer phobia looms over the vaccine rollout
2 Nigeria’s active COVID-19 cases increase by 39 — NCDC
3 COVID-19: Nigeria’s successes and trajectories
4 'Lack of adherence to Covid-19 protocol led to spike in Nigeria but cases declining'
5 US CDC Accelerates HIV Epidemic Control In Nigeria • Today News Africa
6 NCDC Weekly Epidemiological Report: Issue: Volume 12 No. 11. 6th April 2021
7 Another new coronavirus variant found in Nigeria, says Africa CDC
8 Avian influenza outbreak in Nigeria
9 Nigeria: new bird flu outbreak increases health risk
10 Donors support WHO's fight against COVID-19 country by country
11 The first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa: a cross-sectional study
12 Avian flu-related losses mount in Nigeria
13 Nigerian doctors' strike, COVID-19 vaccination, other health stories published last week
14 Over 30% of US Adults Fully Vaccinated, CDC Says
15 EU gets additional 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech
16 COVID-19 vaccination, malaria eradication, other major health stories published last week
17 The Africa CDC was crucial in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic
18 This Nigerian doctor might just prevent the next deadly pandemic
19 COVID-19: Half of all adults in the US have received at least one coronavirus jab
20 FALSE: Drinking cold water causes health problems, warm water cures cancer
21 NCDC and NIMR Release Findings of COVID-19 Household Seroprevalence Surveys in Four States of Nigeria
22 Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Announces End of Emergency Phase of 2020 Lassa Fever Outbreak
23 Investing in national public health institutes for future pandemics: Lessons from Nigeria
24 Covid-19: Nigeria records over 1 million vaccinations
25 Frieden on CDC Fumbles, Blood Clots, and Fixing Our COVID Approach
26 Covid-19: SEC to launch N100 billion Strategic Health Impact Fund
27 COVID-19: NCDC announces 44 new cases, total now 163, 837
28 Daily COVID Tracker: Nigeria records 74 infections, and J&J suspend vaccination in clinical trials
29 Chile leads the Western Hemisphere in vaccinations. The coronavirus is still surging.
30 How the ‘wild card’ of new Covid variants could change our roadmap out of lockdown
31 COVID-19: Traditional ruler tells Nigerians to set aside fears, take vaccine
32 Factually: US Fact-checkers pause to explain J&J
33 New coronavirus variant appears to emerge in Nigeria, CDC says
34 Traveling to Nigeria? CDC says get your yellow fever vaccine
35 Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Intensifies Response to Ongoing Lassa Outbreak
36 Coronavirus | New variant found in Nigeria, says Africa’s disease control body
37 Lack of vaccine access will reduce Africa's economic growth compared to rest of world
38 Nigerian scientist studies country's coronavirus variant
39 [Full text] Novel COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Infection Induced Cytokine Storm | JIR
40 'It's a tricky thing.' COVID-19 cases haven't soared in Nigeria, but that could change
41 How well has Nigeria responded to COVID-19?
42 Nigeria: Yes, Taking Pain Relievers After or Before Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Risky
43 Response to Suspected Yellow Fever Outbreak in Delta and Enugu States
44 Where COVID-19 has left Nigeria's health system
45 Nigeria and disease outbreaks. Better prepared, but still weak spots
46 An Account of the Geopolitics of Pandemics, Reviewed
47 State Manager CGPP
48 Ebola Virus Disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kivu and Ituri) IHR Emergency Committee
49 COVID-19: Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Deploys Rapid Response Teams to Affected States
50 Nigeria Warns of Possible New COVID-19 Wave
51 Nigeria's yellow fever outbreak provides an opportunity to test-run vaccine delivery
52 Is Nigeria prepared and ready to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in its conflict-affected northeastern states?
53 Coronavirus: Nigeria's CDC has conducted only 152 tests — Quartz Africa
54 NCDC and NIMR launch COVID-19 Household Seroprevalence Surveys in Selected States of Nigeria
55 Africa and Nigeria News: Infectious Diseases Bill, Crackdowns
56 Red flags over AstraZeneca, J&J deal new blow to vaccination drive
57 Plasmodium falciparum Histidine-Rich Protein 2 and 3 Gene Deletions in Strains from Nigeria, Sudan, and South Sudan
58 NCDC Donates Treatment Centre to Federal Capital Territory for Management of Cases
59 Obituary: Dr. Charles Adebayo Oke, medical epidemiologist who studied animal-to-human diseases
60 Next Post Nigeria moves fast to control new COVID-19 variant
61 COVID-19, Yellow fever, Lassa fever, three other infectious diseases Nigeria battled in 2020
62 First cases of highly infectious new coronavirus variant detected in China
63 Nigeria needs innovation and science investment to help control COVID-19
64 Politics gets in the way of Nigeria's COVID-19 response
65 Coronavirus: Why some Nigerians are gloating about Covid-19
66 COVID-19 variant identified in Nigeria detected in China`s Guangdong province
67 Face to Face: The Global Fight Against Infectious Disease
68 A Man With Fever, Fatigue, and a Trip to Nigeria
69 Nigeria Responds to First Coronavirus Case in Sub-Saharan Africa
70 Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2: why it matters
71 Deadly Lassa-fever outbreak tests Nigeria's revamped health agency
72 NCDC issues Lassa fever public health advisory
73 Nigeria desperately needs scientific investment to tackle COVID-19
74 Africa deaths above 1,000, including Nigerian chief of staff
75 Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls taken in mass abduction
76 Nigerian researchers seek funding to move Africa-centric COVID-19 vaccine to human trials
77 Fragmented health systems in COVID-19: rectifying the misalignment between global health security and universal health coverage
78 Building Nigeria’s Health Security: 10 things you may not know about NCDC
79 Nigeria struggles with largest recorded Lassa fever outbreak
80 COVID-19: We are not experiencing a spike in Nigeria — NCDC
81 More work needed to identify risk from Nigeria strain, says researcher
82 The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Responds to Cases of Yellow Fever in Bauchi State
83 Genomic-informed pathogen surveillance in Africa: opportunities and challenges
84 How to Stop a Disease From Crossing Borders
85 NCDC Weekly Epidemiological Report: Issue: Volume 11 No. 45: 2nd – 8th November 2020
86 NCDC launches online course on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
87 Nigeria reports 25 additional Lassa fever cases, one death
88 Medical Air Sterilizer Market Latest Models, Improve Resoureces Usability, Production Technology Integration, With Forecast Frame 2020-2026 – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
89 COVID-19 variant identified in Nigeria first detected in South China's Guangdong
90 Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 response: A united, continental strategy
91 Government, banks and wealthy individuals contribute billions to fight coronavirus in Nigeria
92 SolarWinds affair. Russia expels US, Polish diplomats in counterretaliation. Codecov compromise. Big data gangs.
93 Media Outlets Report On State Of COVID-19 Pandemic, Vaccine Access In Africa
94 Timeline: China's prompt release of COVID-19 information, experience-sharing
95 Coronavirus: How Nigeria prepared and lessons from Ebola — Quartz Africa
96 Nigeria: Yellow Fever Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRNG031
97 Nigerian Coronavirus Outbreak Highlights Emerging Threat in Africa
98 Nigerian Biotechnologist Touts Potent Herbal COVID-19 Treatment
99 A new model for disease research in Africa
100 African Countries Scramble to Ramp up Testing for COVID-19