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1 UA scientist receives $4.5 million to study stressors' impact on aging
2 UArizona Health Sciences seeks new way to understand human aging
3 SARS-CoV-2 antibodies provide lasting immunity, say UArizona Health Sciences researchers
4 UA Arthritis Center's virtual fundraiser includes panel talk, reception
5 This virus actually may boost -- not weaken -- our immune system
6 Talk of 'herd immunity' alarming for UA COVID-19 researchers
7 UA expands COVID-19 antibody testing to more groups
8 UArizona, Arizona to start COVID-19 antibody large-scale testing
9 Early results from UA's antibody tests show Arizona remains 'virgin territory' for coronavirus
10 UA expands free COVID-19 antibody testing to Arizonans 18 and older
11 Letter to the Editor: Responses to "Why the COVID-19 antibody test is useless on campus" from scientists who created the antibody test
12 How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last?
13 COVID-19
14 Immune System Changes May Cause High Blood Pressure in Postmenopausal Women
15 What explains Covid-19's lethality for the elderly? Scientists look…
16 OPINION: I got the antibody test. Here's how it went.
17 Coronavirus antibody testing, explained
18 Trump’s Covid-19 Treatment Seeks to Boost Immune Response
19 COVID-19 kills 13% of people over age 80, study finds
20 UCLA Scientists Pioneer SwabSeq Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic
21 Immune system's natural aging process explains why COVID-19 is more dangerous for seniors
22 Arizona, university expand free COVID-19 antibody test program
23 Immunity against COVID-19 may last for 5 months at least: Study
24 Tech Talk: Vector bankruptcy, startup impacts, simulating droughts and more
25 Political Notebook: City manager to employee parking complaints: 'Cheese with that whine'
26 Tim Steller's opinion: Action needed against Arizona's COVID surge, not 'misinformation'
27 The cruel toll of the coronavirus pandemic | Promotions |
28 43% of Coronavirus Deaths in the U.S. Are From Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Centers
29 How 74-year-old Trump's risk of hospitalization is five times greater than a someone in their 20s
30 As Stroke 'Liquefies' Brain Tissue Lasting Harm May Spread
31 Naive T Cells Find Homes in Lymphoid Tissue
32 Coronavirus News October 14 highlights: India COVID-19 tally past 72 lakh mark; active cases below 8.3 lakh, dipping for 11th straight day
33 Virus can boost, not weaken immune system
34 IL-10–producing Tfh cells accumulate with age and link inflammation with age-related immune suppression
35 What is Your Immune System? Here's What You Need to Know
36 Remains of Korean War veteran identified, returning to Tucson in March
37 Impact of mRNA chemistry and manufacturing process on innate immune activation
38 UA Researchers: Liquid Brain is Toxic | The Range
39 What is Your Immune System and How Does It Work?
40 Hansen's Sunday Notebook: Questions about safety, schedules could scuttle high school football season
41 The effects of aging on host resistance and disease tolerance to SARS‐CoV‐2 infection
42 Banner-UMC Tucson's ER is geriatric accredited, provides targeted care for seniors
43 'There's no secret to it': Tucson woman just celebrated her 109th birthday
44 UA study: Brain liquefaction after stroke is toxic to surviving brain
45 Virus throws a wrench in the immune system
46 Brain liquefaction after stroke is toxic to surviving brain
47 Tucson weather: Take steps now to prepare for Tuesday's freezing temps
48 Capital campaign to raise $5.2 million to build medical respite center for homeless in Tucson
49 Incidental lymphopenia and mortality: a prospective cohort study
50 Liquefied brain tissue post-stroke could harm healthy parts: study
51 Narrowing of Human Influenza A Virus-Specific T Cell Receptor α and β Repertoires with Increasing Age
52 Editorial Board | Journal of Virology
53 Enhanced Antibody Detection and Diagnosis of Coccidioidomycosis with the MiraVista IgG and IgM Detection Enzyme Immunoassay
54 Dysregulation of Toll-Like Receptor 7 Compromises Innate and Adaptive T Cell Responses and Host Resistance to an Attenuated West Nile Virus Infection in Old Mice
55 Herpes virus may boost immune system function in old age
56 Effects of Aging on Influenza Virus Infection Dynamics
57 MAVS Is Essential for Primary CD4+ T Cell Immunity but Not for Recall T Cell Responses following an Attenuated West Nile Virus Infection
58 Dynamics of Tissue-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses during West Nile Virus Infection
59 The Human Cytomegalovirus Protein UL148A Downregulates the NK Cell-Activating Ligand MICA To Avoid NK Cell Attack
60 Attenuation of Simian Varicella Virus Infection by Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein in Rhesus Macaques
61 miR-150 Regulates Differentiation and Cytolytic Effector Function in CD8+ T cells
62 Heterologous Immunity and Persistent Murine Cytomegalovirus Infection | Journal of Virology
63 A MicroRNA Screen Identifies the Wnt Signaling Pathway as a Regulator of the Interferon Response during Flavivirus Infection
64 A TLR9 agonist enhances the anti-tumor immunity of peptide and lipopeptide vaccines via different mechanisms
65 Did a Canadian medical expedition lead to the discovery of an anti-aging pill?
66 Cellular Cholesterol Facilitates the Postentry Replication Cycle of Herpes Simplex Virus 1
67 Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Hijacks RNA Polymerase II To Create a Viral Transcriptional Factory
68 Cytomegalovirus-Specific CD4 T Cells Are Cytolytic and Mediate Vaccine Protection
69 Dok-1 and Dok-2 Are Required To Maintain Herpes Simplex Virus 1-Specific CD8+ T Cells in a Murine Model of Ocular Infection
70 Sizing up the key determinants of the CD8+ T cell response
71 Chemokine Receptor Ccr7 Restricts Fatal West Nile Virus Encephalitis
72 Complex T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Dynamics Underlie the CD8+ T-Cell Response to HIV-1
73 Human Asymptomatic Epitopes Identified from the Herpes Simplex Virus Tegument Protein VP13/14 (UL47) Preferentially Recall Polyfunctional Effector Memory CD44high CD62Llow CD8+ TEM Cells and Protect Humanized HLA-A*02:01 Transgenic Mice against Ocular Herpesvirus Infection
74 MicroRNA-33a-5p Modulates Japanese Encephalitis Virus Replication by Targeting Eukaryotic Translation Elongation Factor 1A1
75 Enhanced Influenza Virus-Like Particle Vaccination with a Structurally Optimized RIG-I Agonist as Adjuvant
76 Inhibition of Dengue Virus Replication by a Class of Small-Molecule Compounds That Antagonize Dopamine Receptor D4 and Downstream Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling
77 The West Nile Virus-Like Flavivirus Koutango Is Highly Virulent in Mice due to Delayed Viral Clearance and the Induction of a Poor Neutralizing Antibody Response
78 Human MicroRNA miR-532-5p Exhibits Antiviral Activity against West Nile Virus via Suppression of Host Genes SESTD1 and TAB3 Required for Virus Replication
79 News for June 2016
80 Good COVID news: Antibodies may provide lasting immunity; elderly death rates reportedly dropping