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1 Relaxed rules await woodpecker long on at-risk list
2 Red-cockaded Woodpecker Is Latest Endangered Species Act Success
3 Center For Biological Diversity Petitions For Protection Of Tucson Shovel-Nosed Snake
4 Petition Aims to Protect Tucson Shovel-nosed Snake Under Endangered Species Act
5 Trispot Darter Fish Gains Protected Critical Habitat In Alabama, Georgia, And Tennessee
6 Oregon’s plan for state forest wildlife and logging moves ahead amid criticism from both sides
7 Frustration Abounds Five Years After the Historic Sage-Grouse Agreement
8 A future for the flower: Wright's marsh thistle to be federally protected in New Mexico
9 Kill fish to save fish: Behind Colorado's effort to revive the Rio Grande cutthroat trout
10 Noah Greenwald: Return of the California condor to Sequoia National Park signals another Endangered Species Act success
11 ‘Kicking and Screaming’ (1995) With Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Andy Greenwald
12 The California condor returns to Sequoia National Park. Thanks, Endangered Species Act
13 Trump Administration Releases Draft Plan to Allow Widespread Bird-killing at Industrial Sites
14 Imperiled beetle loses some protections | State News |
15 PROPERTY SALES | St. Lawrence County |
16 Trump Administration Further Weakens Habitat Protection for Endangered Species
17 Return of the California condor to Sequoia National Park signals another Endangered Species Act success
18 Erie County Real Estate Transactions | Business |
19 Court Overturns Trump Administration Policy That Sharply Curtailed Protections for Migratory Birds
20 Trump Administration Proposes New Limits on Protecting Endangered Species Habitat
21 American Burying Beetle Loses Endangered Status Despite Major Threats From Oil Development, Climate Change
22 Feds Propose Habitat Reduction for Endangered Spotted Owl
23 Trump Administration Denies Montana Grayling Endangered Species Protection
24 Small Population of Pacific Fishers Win Federal Protection
25 Trump Administration Rejects Endangered Species Protection For Rare Mammal In Oregon
26 Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's Refusal to Protect California Spotted Owl
27 Lawsuit Attacks Trump Failure to Protect 241 Species From Extinction
28 Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Bungles Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Effort
29 Trump Administration Proposes Rule to Solidify Its Policy of Allowing Widespread Bird-killing at Industrial Sites
30 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Endangered Listing for Dunes Sagebrush Lizard
31 NY judge invalidates Trump rollback of law protecting birds
32 Group threatens lawsuit over Endangered Species Act
33 Trump Administration Denies Endangered Species Protection for Pacific Fisher Across Most of Species' Range
34 Lawsuit Launched to Overturn Trump Administration's Denial of Protection to California Spotted Owls
35 Former ASI president Christian Landaverde says resignation was due to COVID-19 campus closure
36 Lawsuit over spotted owl protections could restrict federal forest management
37 A Ratty Conversation with the Center for Biological Diversity
38 Endangered species: One species’ extinction can wipe out many more
39 Virginia's newest nature preserve highlights importance of Endangered Species Act
40 Trump Administration Rule Proposal Would Further Undermine Endangered Species Act
41 More than 180000 Americans Oppose Trump's Plan to Cripple Migratory Bird Protections
42 Trump Administration Determines No Federal Protections Needed For Oregon’s Red Tree Vole
43 In CA: When is a tax increase not a tax increase? And COVID-19 testing failures put Latino communities in harm's way
44 Trump's New Endangered Species Rule Will 'Turn over the Critical Habitat Designation Process to Industry'
45 Commentary: Beach sighting a reminder of need to protect nation's wolverines
46 Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl May Get Protected Again
47 California Condor Returns To Sequoia National Park, Another Endangered Species Act Success
48 Trump plan to limit bird protections would have 'negative' effect on migratory species: government study | TheHill
49 How The Endangered Hawaiian Hawk Became A Political Pawn
50 Trump Finalizes Disastrous Weakening of Endangered Species Act
51 Lawsuit Launched to Save 274 Species from Extinction Crisis
52 Great Lakes States Wolves Retain Endangered Species Protections
53 Group takes on Trump over hundreds of species at risk
54 1000+ Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers: OPEN LETTER & WARNING TO PUBLIC IN SUPPORT OF CDC
55 Lawsuit Aims To Bring Study On Sierra Grizzly Recovery Possibilities
56 Legal Victory Puts 15 Species on Path to Protection Nationwide
57 Endangered Species 'Habitat' Proposal Raises Climate Questions
58 New Fisher Agreements Boost Conservation On 2 Million Acres In Oregon
59 Accidental bird deaths no longer prosecuted under Migratory Bird Treaty Act
60 Can this tiny owl survive in one of America's fastest-growing states?
61 Environmental groups sue U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over refusal to grant endangered species protection to California Spotted Owl
62 Study: Trump's Border Wall Threatens 93 Endangered Species
63 Oregon Supreme Court Affirms Sale of Elliott State Forest Tract Is Illegal
64 Koalas Aren’t Extinct, but Their Future Is in Danger, Experts Say
65 Conservation Group Prepares To Launch Massive Endangered Species Act Lawsuit
66 US: Weasel-like mammal endangered in southern Sierra Nevada
67 Midwestern bird that was nearly extinct makes a dramatic comeback
68 Species 'Redlist:' 1 in 4 Species Threatened With Extinction
69 Meet the Staff
70 Trump Agency Failing to Protect Over 240 Species, Suit Says (1)
71 Koala advocate defends declaring the animals 'functionally extinct'
72 Audit finds 'inappropriate' handling of funds for lesser prairie chicken conservation
73 Kirtland's Warbler Recovery Signals Midwest Endangered Species Act Success
74 Conservationists launch federal suit to save rare meat-eating SC plant — the Venus' flytrap
75 Letter: Jury duty seems questionable with COVID-19 still out there
76 Trump Admin Denied Rollback of The Migratory Bird Treaty Act
77 Officials seek limits on 'habitat' for species
78 No, koalas are not 'functionally extinct,' but they are in trouble
79 What will become of orcas if the Endangered Species Act is gutted?
80 Migratory birds keep protections as judge strikes down Trump administration rule change
81 Group: Funds Meant for Chicken Conservation Misused
82 Audit reveals abuse in program to help lesser prairie chicken, industry coexist
83 In Glacier National Park, Ice Isn't the Only Thing That's Disappearing
84 A UN report says Earth faces 'unprecedented' threat to biodiversity
85 Trump Administration Delays Safeguards for 41 Critically Imperiled Species
86 Pacific fisher denied protection in Oregon
87 Glidepath to Recovery: Flying Squirrels and Spruce Forests Share Common Fate
88 Trump administration stops probing most bird deaths: report | TheHill
89 Trump Administration Denies Protection to 12 Highly Imperiled Species From Alaska to Florida
90 USFWS Nixes Red Tree Vole as Threatened Species
91 Trump Administration Denies Endangered Species Protection for 25 Species
92 Rate of new endangered species listings declines under Trump | TheHill
93 New Study: Endangered Species Act Has Saved 99 Percent of Protected Species From Extinction
94 Lesser prairie chicken population growing in southeast New Mexico despite no listing
95 Trump Administration Announces Broad Changes To Endangered Species Act
96 Oregon Bans Trapping of Humboldt Martens
97 Amid Extinction Crisis, Rep. Grijalva Introduces Bill to Save Critically Endangered Species
98 Law helping save bird species facing its own extinction
99 Overnight Energy: Rate of new endangered species listings falls | EPA approves use of 'cyanide bombs' to protect livestock | Watchdog says EPA didn't conduct required analyses | TheHill
100 Lawsuit filed to protect turtles in Mississippi, Louisiana