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1 At Yale, new FedEx-supported center to focus on climate change solutions
2 Humanity Is Flushing Away One of Life’s Essential Elements
3 Yale puts its might behind solutions for a planet in need
4 Rethinking planetary climate controls | YaleNews
5 Using Earth's history to inform the search for life on exoplanets
6 Planavsky wins 2016 Packard Fellowship for research on oceans
7 Constraining Prebiotic Chemistry Through a Better Understanding of Earth's Earliest Environments
8 Lack of oxygen delayed the appearance of animals on Earth
9 The Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Acidified the Ocean in a Flash
10 Chance the Hacker: How Earth Stayed Habitable
11 How Life on Our Planet Made It Through Snowball Earth
12 Ancient rocks show high oxygen levels on Earth 2 billion years ago: Research on Russian drill core challenges long-standing models of oxygenation on Earth
13 A Fertilizer Dearth Foiled Animal Evolution for Eons?
14 Dinosaurs became extinct from the same horrifying conditions plaguing our oceans
15 The Search for ET May Be Missing Life on Low-Oxygen Worlds
16 Lesson of the Day: ‘The Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Acidified the Ocean in a Flash’
17 Roundup: Lakeview's Burke reaches 300 career coaching wins | Sports |
18 Climate Models Challenged: Ancient Rocks Show Earth Had High Oxygen Levels 2 Billion Years Ago
19 New analysis traces the impact of volcanic activity on climate change
20 Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth
21 Oxygen’s Ups and Downs in the Early Atmosphere and Ocean
22 Mystery solved: ocean acidity in the last mass extinction
23 Anoxic Weathering Of Mafic Oceanic Crust Promotes Atmospheric Oxygenation
24 Awards & Honors
25 Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion?
26 Scientists Provide Evidence for Why Earth’s Early Climate Was More Stable and Warmer
27 New evidence suggests volcanoes caused biggest mass extinction ever: Mercury found in ancient rock around the world supports theory that eruptions caused 'Great Dying' 252 million years ago.
28 Iron-silica particles unlock part of the mystery of Earth's oxygenation: The original sunscreen:mParticles in ancient seawater helped cyanobacteria to oxygenate Earth's oceans billions of years ago
29 'Darwin's Dilemma' May Be Solved
30 When Did Earth's First Whiffs of Oxygen Emerge?
31 ‘A Really Bad Time to Be Alive’ – Ocean Deoxygenation Linked to Ancient Die-Off
32 The algae that terraformed Earth
33 Ancient dirt churners took their time stirring up the ocean floor
34 Life As We Know It, Now With a Date
35 The ups and downs of early atmospheric oxygen
36 “Dead Planets” –With Low Oxygen May Actually Be Teeming with Life
37 Unraveling the Mystery of How Early Animals Survived Most Severe Ice Age
38 Anti-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed
39 New Evidence Supports Snowball Earth as Trigger for Early Animal Evolution
40 New and old ideas about Earth's oxygen history
41 A popular tool to trace Earth's oxygen history can give false positives
42 Geologists confirm oxygen levels of ancient oceans
43 'World’s oldest fossils’ may just be pretty rocks
44 How Well Can the Webb Telescope Detect Signs of Exoplanet Life?
45 The Super-Earth Opportunity
46 An Oxygen-poor ‘Boring’ Ocean Challenged Evolution of Early Life
47 Lake gives Clues to Earth's Ancient Atmosphere
48 A Popular Tool to Trace Earth's Oxygen History Can Give False Positives | Research Horizons
49 How “Snowball Earth” Could Have Triggered the Rise of Life
50 Earth was a frozen Snowball when animals first evolved
51 Volcanoes tied to shifts in Earth's climate over millions of years
52 New evidence for the oldest oxygen-breathing life on land
53 2015 NASA Astrobiology Postdoctoral Program Fellows Announced
54 Low Oxygen Levels May Have Delayed Emergence of Animals
55 Making North America: Life | NOVA
56 Multiple episodes of extensive marine anoxia linked to global warming and continental weathering following the latest Permian mass extinction
57 Flooding Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen may not have needed a triggering event
58 Lack of oxygen made it impossible to support the rise of life during 'boring' billion years
59 Before animals, evolution waited eons to inhale
60 Rethinking Early Atmospheric Oxygen on Earth
61 UC Riverside's 'Alternative Earths' team selected to join the NASA Astrobiology Institute
62 Cold Suns, Warm Exoplanets and Methane Blankets
63 Origin of marine planktonic cyanobacteria | Scientific Reports
64 When life exploded
65 Where Do Animals Come From?
66 Real estate transactions | Business |
67 Snowball Earth climate dynamics and Cryogenian geology-geobiology