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1 Sleep: Why it's important | Health Perspectives |
2 Maternal eating habits may affect children's weight later in life
3 Night terrors in babies: Signs, causes, and treatment
4 Antihistamines for Sleep: Is It Safe?
5 The Best REM Sleep Trackers For The Troubled Sleepers
6 Hypersomnia vs. Narcolepsy: Symptoms Chart, Causes, and Treatments
7 Electrophysiological evaluation in anti-LGI1 encephalitis | NSS
8 Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients | NSS
9 8 Misconceptions About Dreams
10 Humans evolved early to be more efficient sleepers
11 Light and bedding's effect on equine sleep explored
12 Sleep cycle stages: Chart, durations, and how to improve sleep
13 Praxis Precision Medicines Provides Corporate Update and Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results
14 Emery Brown and the Truth About Anesthesia
15 Male Sleepwalkers Have Greater Risk of Developing Parkinson's
16 Mental Health Experts Explain What Is Brain Fog and How to Deal With It
17 BioWorld MedTech's Neurology Extra for April 23, 2021 | 2021-04-23
18 Increased blood flow during sleep tied to critical brain function | Penn State University
19 REM vs. Non-REM Sleep: The Stages of Sleep
20 Octopus research yields insight into the evolution of sleep
21 Parasomnia: Causes, types, symptoms, and more
22 Dreaming also occurs during non rapid eye movement sleep
23 REM Sleep: What It Is, Function, Testing, Conditions
24 Fragmented sleep patterns can predict vulnerability to chronic stress
25 The neuroscience of sleep
26 Increased Time in Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Following a Traumatic Event May Offset Symptoms of Fear
27 To sleep deeply: The brainstem neurons that regulate non-REM sleep
28 NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #945 16 April 2021 (Space Life Science Research Results)
29 Not sleeping well? Huawei Wearables Help You Better Understand Your Sleep Cycle
30 Reviewing alcohol's effects on normal sleep
31 N1: Non Rapid-Eye Movement Sleep, Stage 1
32 Your Sleeping Brain Benefits From Scent and Sound | Elemental
33 Rapid Eye Movement Sleep May Have Life-Preserving Benefits
34 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Causes
35 If you do not snooze you lose: sleep seen as essential for the brain
36 How to get more deep sleep if you're beyond tired right now
37 Why bad sleep can make you vulnerable to future stress — study
38 The Bidirectional Relationship of Sleep and Epilepsy: More Research Needed
39 Is 2 Hours of Sleep Better Than No Sleep at All?
40 NYUAD study finds fragmented sleep patterns can predict vulnerability to chronic stress
41 Matthew Walker: Why Is It Essential To Make Time For Sleep?
42 Genetic variation in a brain-cleansing water channel affects human sleep
43 Sleep disturbances linked to abnormal deposits of certain proteins in the brain
44 Sleepwalking & Sleep Terror (Non-REM Sleep Arousal) Disorder Symptoms
45 Dreaming Sleep Brain Activity and Cycles
46 Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Neurons in the Hypothalamus Likely Have Role in Sleep/Wake Regulation
47 How REM and non-REM sleep may work together to help us solve problems
48 'Goldilocks' neurons promote REM sleep
49 Good Sleep Now, Less Alzheimer’s Later?
50 Brain noise contains unique signature of dream sleep: First EEG measure of REM sleep allows scientists to distinguish dreaming from wakefulness
51 Less dream-stage REM sleep linked to higher risk of death, study says
52 Your Dreams Are More Complex Depending on What Stage of Sleep You're In, Study Finds
53 Talking In Your Sleep? Here’s What That Could Mean
54 Stressed to the max? Deep sleep can rewire the anxious brain: A sleepless night can trigger up to a 30 percent rise in emotional stress levels, new study shows
55 Baby Twitching in Sleep: Is This Normal?
56 Sleep Paralysis Demon: What's Really Going On Here?
57 The 4 Stages Of Sleep — Cycles, Phases, and Improvement
58 Research Shows Sleep Is a Critical Part of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
59 Light sleeper: Definition, causes, and treatments
60 Causes of Somniloquy (Sleep Talking)
61 Lack of sleep predisposes us to negative thinking
62 Forward genetics identifies a novel sleep mutant with sleep state inertia and REM sleep deficits
63 Memory consolidation during REM sleep: Researchers identify neurons responsible for memory consolidation during REM sleep
64 5 common myths about sleep
65 Spectral Power Analysis of Sleep Electroencephalography in Subjects wi | NSS
66 The recovery of your brain depends greatly on sleep, and it cannot be replaced by rest
67 Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep
68 Infographic: The Technology Scientists Use to Engineer Dreams
69 It’s not only us, dogs dream too. But what about?
70 Sleep Architecture: Structure, Function, Associated Conditions
71 How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need? Light Sleep vs. Deep Sleep
72 It's Tough to Get a Good Night's Sleep in Outer Space
73 Deep Sleep Linked to Early Alzheimer's Signs
74 Scientists Engineer Dreams to Understand the Sleeping Brain
75 Dogs can have sleep issues just like humans do
76 Constipation, Sleep Issues Point to Later Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's
77 How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer's disease begins
78 Study reveals how sleep boosts learning
79 Deep, peaceful sleep early in life may help prevent Alzheimer's: Study
80 How to Have Good Dreams: 12 Tips to Improve Your Sleep
81 Your Sleep Cycle Revealed
82 Dreaming of a good night's rest
83 Stress and dream sleep are linked to pathways of brain cell death and survival
84 Become a Sleep Warrior and Reap the Benefits of Deep Rest
85 Why REM Sleep and Dreams Are Important for Health | Time
86 ‘I’m a Neuroscientist, and This Is Exactly How Alcohol Ruins Your Sleep’
87 Wide awake: Light pollution keeps magpies and pigeons tossing and turning: Study first to measure neurological responses to light pollution in wildlife
88 Death toll at 35 as Israel bombardment of Gaza escalates: Live
89 REM vs. deep sleep: How your sleep cycle works
90 Stages of Sleep
91 Fur seals can go weeks without REM sleep
92 The Stages of Sleep
93 Study of sleeping fur seals provides insight into the function of REM sleep
94 New therapy may 'dramatically' reduce sleep paralysis events
95 Slow Waves of CSF During Sleep Clear Toxins Linked to... : Neurology Today
96 Sleep Neurologists Call It 'COVID-Somnia'—Increased Sleep... : Neurology Today
97 Parasomnia (Sleep Disorder): Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatment
98 Kendall Jenner's Sleep Disorder | MedPage Today
99 Wayzata High School student develops tool for perfecting a good night's sleep
100 The hypnotic potential of thalidomide