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1 How one Sacramento non-profit helped the Muslim community celebrate Ramadan amid pandemic
2 Straight Talk: Portland Muslim leaders call for unity
3 Multi-religious room for non-Muslims launched at Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi
4 'Max Unity' will help legalise non-Muslim places of worship, says minister
5 What Does Psychiatry Have to Do with Religion?
6 Public Outcry in Indonesia over Mandatory Hijab for Non-Muslim Students
7 Malaysian court rules non-Muslims can use 'Allah'
8 Southern California Muslims hopeful, but cautious, as mosques open for Ramadan
9 More Than a Murder-Suicide
10 More steps to be taken to prevent spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims, says deputy minister
11 Christian and Non-Muslim Women in Indonesia Forced to Wear Hijab
12 A Non-Muslim's Guide to Ramadan Etiquettes in Qatar
13 Enforcing Islamic Dietary Laws on non-Muslims
14 What happened after 9/11 to Muslim youth in Australia
15 Christian, Non-Muslim Women Forced To Wear Hijab In Indonesia
16 DOH and Islamic leaders discuss vaccine hesitancy at St. Luke's Sacred Heart campus
17 Hundreds gather at Islamic prayer service to mourn family of 6 found dead in Allen home
18 Muslim Presence Contributes to Uniqueness of Hamtramck in US State of Michigan
19 Sharjah allows restaurants to sell food to non-Muslims during Ramadan fasting hours
20 Minnesota mosques will be full during Ramadan. A vaccination campaign aims to protect Muslims from COVID-19.
21 Ex-Oklahoma lawmaker who asked Muslims if they beat their wives now running for GOP chairman
22 Christian and non-Muslim women in Indonesia are being forced to wear the hijab, report warns
23 Sabah DAP leader says Umno’s aim to prevent spread of non-Muslim religions to Muslims not necessary
24 Act 355 amendments, new law on spreading of non-Muslim religions afoot
25 Mumbai: Islamic scholar retracts his statement on ‘azaan’
26 Even Hadi said non-Muslims can use 'Allah,' reminds STAR Sabah leader
27 Lao Christian Pastor Detained since 2020 Finally Released
28 Juma Masjid in Mumbai invites ‘non-Muslims’ to know Muslims better but ‘only men allowed’. Here is why
29 Christians Need Win-Wins with Muslim Society More Than Wins in Court
30 Halal Restaurants in Philly Prepare for Another Ramadan in a Pandemic
31 Do Non-Muslim Citizens Have Property Rights in Turkey?
32 Kedah, Perak religious authorities to step up enforcement during Ramadan
33 Mosques will be full during Ramadan. Vaccination campaign aims to protect Muslims from COVID
34 Sharjah Municipality accepting applications to sell food to non-Muslims during Ramadan
35 Muslim civil rights group sues Facebook over hate speech
36 Debunking the Western myths about women in Islam
37 Mob Attack In Delhi Over Hindu Man-Muslim Woman Marriage Is A Reminder That Tolerance For Interfaith Unions Is One-Way Street
38 How these Muslim organizations in the GTA are preparing for a second Ramadan in the pandemic
39 Govt to decide on wearing of tudung for nurses by National Day Rally in August: PM Lee
40 Azerbaijan represented at Muslim Arts and Culture Festival [VIDEO]
41 Eight Christians Kidnapped in Nigeria Have Been Freed
42 Pakistan: Rights group condemns brutal attack, 'false' blasphemy accusation on Christian nurses
43 Azerbaijan Falsely Claims No More Armenian POWs
44 How To Respond To Suicide In Muslim Communities
45 Month-Long Ramadan Celebrations Taking Place At Deepdale
46 France’s problem with the hijab: 7 young Muslim women share their reaction to the controversial Separatism Bill
47 Indian Legal Effort to Declare 26 Quran Verses 'Non-Functional'
48 Museum of Anatolian Civilizations turns 100
49 Australia says sovereignty non-negotiable after China`s warning against Xinjiang
50 Churches in Pakistan Develop Christian Studies Curriculum
51 The Quilliam Foundation: Good riddance to bad rubbish
52 Facebook sued over anti-Muslim hate speech
53 It Is Time To Revive The Islamic Enlightenment
54 These two elections might alter how India’s citizenship law is applied
55 KEA Kids News: Young Muslims on the racism they experience at school
56 Fear of ‘doubtful’ voter tag primary reason for high turnout of Muslims
57 Time to challenge this false narrative
58 Can’t we all just agree to support Israel? | Opinion
59 Dear Thelma: We are in love but he is already in an arranged marriage
60 'Muslim-friendly' slippers raise eyebrows in Malaysia
61 YOURSAY | PAS strikes even as Muhyiddin talks about a new deal
62 Friends and colleagues pay tribute to Former Eurosceptic MEP Jens-Peter Bonde
63 Women rally in Sudan to demand equal rights | | AW
64 How Jews in Palestine were persecuted during the 1915 Armenian Genocide
65 17 Missing in Indonesia Fishing Boat, Cargo Ship Collision
66 Meet Nicole Fong
67 Abdullah Quilliam: Sheikh ul Islam of the British Isles
68 Why Alliance With Ajmal's AUDF May Not Help Assam Congress Resolve its 'Muslim Dilemma'
69 Is Bangladesh Caught In A Fish's Net Between India And China? – OpEd
70 Use loudspeakers for Azan from a mosque in a mohalla
71 Under fire for ‘religious exploitation’, Fipper says Neelofa’s ‘Muslim-friendly’ sandal merely socks-friendly
72 Use loudspeakers for Azan from one mosque in a mohalla, says cleric
73 Ramadan 2021: Nutrition plan for Muslim diabetic patients if they intend to fast
74 Sudanese rivals sign agreement to separate state from religion
75 Marginalising Muslims: France's harmful approach to female liberation
76 Rights body, PFUJ condemn use of 'unethical' language for Aurat March participants by daily Ummat
77 Zakir Naik: Scholar or Terrorist
78 Witnessing the real Xinjiang, foreign diplomats debunk lies
79 Churches draw up religious studies syllabus for Christian students as part of Pakistan's new national curriculum
80 Indian madrasas are thought-influencers. Their funding, modernisation should be priority
81 Locating the Madrasa in 21st-Century India
82 Where is our minorities rights commission?
83 Muslim engineer wins religious discrimination claim after bogus extremism referral
84 Azhar Grand Sheikh: Islam bans marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslims
85 Non-Muslim tops Islamic studies entrance examination, says important to study each other’s religion
86 Non-Muslims who live close to Muslims are less likely to be Islamophobic, study shows
87 Stop Romanticising Interfaith Marriages Blindly; Marrying Muslim Men Has Serious Legal Consequences For Non-Muslim Women
88 As friends celebrate Christmas, Muslims navigate religious, cultural implications
89 Indonesia bans mandatory religious attire in state schools
90 Jakarta teacher draws ire for discrimination against non-Muslim students
91 In the eyes of Non-Muslim scholars
92 Police investigating case of non-Muslim man in apostasy case, says minister
93 INDONESIA Father of a non-Muslim pupil rejects hijab requirement
94 'If they abuse Prophet, put them behind bars': Zakir Naik incites Islamic nations to target non-Muslim Indians
95 Sudan to allow drinking alcohol for non-Muslims, ban FGM
96 Indonesia's government pushes back against Islamic dress codes
97 Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims
98 Pakistan arrests two ‘non-Muslim’ men for marrying Muslim women
99 Disenchanted Iranians are turning to other faiths
100 Malaysian woman born to Muslim father and Buddhist mother wins appeal in court, declared not a Muslim