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1 Suspected extremists abduct 3 non-Muslims in Kenya’s north
2 Non-Muslim PAS Supporters Congress rebranding shows non-Muslims play important role in party
3 No Islamic sect should be declared non-Muslim: President Arif Alvi
4 Muslim Imams, Non-Muslim priests in Abu Dhabi exempted from COVID-19 test fees: Department of Community Development
5 Fifth of white non-Muslims believe that British culture is ‘under threat from invasion’, poll shows
6 No Islamic sect should be declared non-Muslim: President Alvi
8 Four Black Muslim Models on What Fashion Means to Them
9 Auschwitz Memorial director offers to serve sentence for Nigeria 'blasphemy' boy
10 Commentary: The true meaning of Shariah | Associated Press
11 Why radical Sunnis have taken to the streets against Shias in Pakistan
12 Tankers carrying Iranian fuel begin entering Venezuelan waters
13 Abu Dhabi reopens non-Muslim places of worship
14 Sudan Agrees with Rebels to Remove Islam as State Religion | News & Reporting
15 Lenny Henry: next BBC chair should recognise importance of diversity
16 Bilkis Dadi: Conspirator for the State, Inspiration for Indian Women
17 Protecting Religious Freedom in the Middle East | Jewish & Israel News
18 Uighur Muslims deserve better
19 Hindu Woman Beheading: Like Others, India Should Officially Recognise Love Jihad Crimes Driven By Religious Extremism
20 Delhi Riots Conspiracy Chargesheet Part 1: Yogendra Yadav, Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam, seeds of anarchy laid on 5th and the violence on 13th Dec
21 Shia-Sunni rift on rise in Pakistan, but Imran Khan govt’s silence may be strategic
22 Blasphemy: Equality Of Believers And Non-Believers In Northern Nigeria By Leo Igwe
23 Sri Lanka government bans cattle slaughter
24 Is she 18? How Pakistan’s forced conversion of minors gets legal cover
25 Divisive Charlie Hebdo cartoons should be ignored
26 The enlightenment of Waris Mir
27 Witches, zombies, vampires in Ottoman Empire through narrative of traveler Evliya Çelebi | Daily Sabah
28 Non-Muslim Priests in Abu Dhabi are exempted from corona test fees
29 Sudan jails artists for gender-mixed theater workshop, echoing Bashir-era repression
30 ‘This is the economic expansionism of Islam’, VHP President warns about the dangers of Halalonomics. Read details
31 The complete Crusader Kings 2 DLC guide
32 AK Party to issue booklets informing foreigners on 3 issues | Daily Sabah
33 Joint Statement on Pan-African Research Fellowships
34 State Poll Win Boosts Malaysian PM Muhyiddin
35 The Changing Landscape of Anti-Shia Politics in Pakistan
36 Sabah has no Chinese rep for deputy CM post for first time
37 Muslims, atheists more likely to face religious discrimination in US
38 Babar Qadri's murder raises questions
39 Jokowi's repressive pluralism
40 Tapping Indonesia's online potential: D2C 'best strategy' but firms must clear tricky hurdles
41 Under PM Narendra Modi, India is no country for appeasement and victim card politics anymore
42 Beijing must explain report of 16,000 mosques destroyed
43 Ambassador Callista Gingrich: Trump administration defends international religious freedom
44 Desecration of Islamic Sanctities Offensive to Most Religious-Minded Non-Muslims
45 Keep Hatred Aside, Promote Peace and Love: Shaheen Bagh's Bilkis Dadi
46 Muslim student stuck in university halls self-isolating delivered ham sandwiches | ITV News
47 (Dis) Contents of a (non) Conversation
48 Here is what Suresh Chavhanke said during Sudarshan News’ first episode on ‘UPSC Jihad’
49 Europa Universalis IV DLC Guide
50 Fake SC Certificate: How A Woman Contested Polls Six Times On SC-Reserved Seat, More Than A Decade After Converting To Islam
51 Uncovering China's Muslim gulag | The Strategist
52 Non-Muslims who live close to Muslims are less likely to be Islamophobic, study shows
53 Indian Delegate Walks Out of UNGA in Protest After Pakistan PM Imran Khan Raises Kashmir Issue
54 Why is India’s citizenship law causing so much anger?| Start Here
55 Israel and the Arab World: A Tectonic Shift
56 Saudi Arabia says it took down ‘terrorist cell’ trained by Iran
57 Amnesty halts India operations, saying it is being silenced
58 Need to address Islamophobia
59 Victor Davis Hanson: Greek–Turkish rivalry is again near the boiling point
60 Halal Food Market 2020 – Global Sales,Price,Revenue,Gross Margin And Market Share
61 Uncertain future for Egypt's Salafists following Senate election defeat
62 Opinion: NY Times defines Arab Muslims as people of color, but Arab Christians? They’re white
63 Modi's Anti-Muslim Agenda 'Emboldened' by West Apathy: Human Rights Watch
64 Sudarshan News show 'UPSC Jihad' riddled with false claims
65 The Baku Congress of 1920 Sounded the Call for the End of Empire
66 Angela Merkel’s CDU Is Still Not Sure How It Feels About Muslims
67 Sudan to allow drinking alcohol for non-Muslims, ban FGM
68 Why Human Rights Abuses Threaten Regional and Global Security
69 Behind the Lebanese apocalypse – International Socialism
70 From Illinois to Puerto Rico, Latino Muslims navigate faith and quarantine among their non-Muslim families
71 Mosques open their doors to the public on Heritage Day
72 Racism in LGBT+ community made British Muslim writer Mohsin Zaidi wish he was straight
73 Angolan energy giant made no money from oil in 2019 as debt bites
74 Learning From Ramadan: A Non-Muslim Perspective | Pastors Columns
75 Only Muslims go to heaven, Ravish Kumar-like non-Muslims can only hope for a mild level of hell: Dr Zakir Naik explains
76 Who is a Kafir?
77 YOURSAY | PAS respects non-Muslim rights? Not so fast
78 India: Citizenship Bill Discriminates Against Muslims
79 Watch: Non-Muslims protect Muslims as they offer prayers amid protests in US
80 Non-Muslim people in the terrorist organizations: A case of Russia
81 Council rules Chelmsford Muslim Society's plans need planning permission
82 Islamic Seminary Declares Construction of New Places of Worship for Non-Muslims in Pakistan is Unlawful | Persecution
83 Freedom of religion in the African Human Rights System
84 Egyptians outraged by fatwa against charity to non-Muslims
85 Assam told to free non-Muslims from detention camps: MoS in Lok Sabha
86 Saudi man abuses non-Muslim Asian expat for 'not embracing Islam', arrested
87 Russia's Novatek says on track for up to 70 mln T/yr of LNG by 2030
88 All non-Muslim places of worship can now operate but with one-third of usual capacity, says Ismail Sabri
89 BPCL's Mozambique block acquisition under scanner
90 Energy markets on edge over Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict
91 'Arrest non-Muslims who criticise Islam': Zakir Naik to Islamic countries
92 Pakistan's non-Muslim volunteers join fight against COVID-19
93 Modi Pushes to Grant Citizenship to Non-Muslim Immigrants
94 Egypt's Dar Al-Iftaa rules it permissible to give non-Muslims Zakat funds
95 Jamia suspends professor for tweeting he won’t pass ‘non-Muslim students’ who support CAA
96 A new script for an evolving Middle East
97 Fake Rate Card For Marrying Non-Muslim Women Revived
98 Muslim women who cover their faces find greater acceptance among coronavirus masks – 'Nobody is giving me dirty looks'
99 Wedding ceremonies at non-Muslim houses of worship can resume... with conditions
100 Chinese imam in Hong Kong explains Islam’s history in the city