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1 No, Russia has not banned marriage between Muslims and non-Muslims
2 Russian Muslim Clerics Spark Controversy By Banning Interfaith Marriages
3 Azhar Grand Sheikh: Islam bans marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslims
4 America, You Have an Islamophobia Problem
5 Saudi Arabia: Four wounded after blast strikes cemetery for non-Muslims
6 Fact Check: No, Putin Hasnt Banned Interfaith Marriages For Muslim Men In Russia
7 Mixed-Marriage Ban for Russian Muslims Sparks Backlash
8 Interfaith marriage fatwa feeds debate in Egypt
9 PAS! Stop meddling with non-Muslims — Norman Fernandez
10 Muslim bankers are discriminated against by the City's drinking culture
11 This image has been edited – the original shows an Indonesian gas station offering free fuel to customers who can recite the Koran
12 ‘Minorities should not have any fear in Pakistan
13 Hatred, agitation against Ahmadis: Hundreds demand declaring them non-Muslims
14 Shrouded in mystery — the history of Jeddah's non-Muslim cemetery
15 Love Jihad: Ban On Polygamy Is A Better Option Than Making Special Laws
16 Indonesia police chief vacancy whips up religious storm
17 Issues of forceful conversions and marriages will be settled with non-Muslim communities
18 Religious clashes in India sparked scholar's interest in peace | Stanford News
19 Fulfilling Muslim needs on Covid-19 vaccines
20 Marvel’s first on-screen Muslim superhero — Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel's alter-ego — inspires big hopes
21 Throwback Tulsa: State's ban on Sharia law ruled unconstitutional 10 years ago today
22 Pakistan: Surge in Targeted Killings of Ahmadis
23 China's treatment of Uyghurs akin to Al Qaeda's treatment of non-Muslims: Historian
24 Divorce rates increase, number of couples marrying dips
25 Information is power in the fight against terrorism: Bordeaux imam Tareq Oubrou
26 Russian Government did not ban Muslim men from marrying non-Muslim women
27 ADUN SPEAKS | It's not just alcohol, but the constitutional rights of non-Muslims
28 Aakar Patel | Looking at the future in fear as economy goes into ‘de-growth’
29 UP law on love jihad seeks to divide communities
30 Rescind liquor sale ban, urges retired general
31 Muslims need to launch their own ‘Not in my name’ protests against cartoon beheadings
32 Several Wounded in Bomb Attack at Cemetery for Non-Muslims in Jeddah, Says France
33 Officials: 3 wounded in blast at non-Muslim Saudi cemetery
34 Dubai's growing Islamic Economy
35 The Owaisi syndrome
36 Pakistan: Two Blasphemy Cases in 24 Hours Make Hindu Community Apprehensive
37 Indian state to criminalize interfaith marriages involving conversion
38 Status of Minorities in Pakistan
39 Zimbabwe: How Moana United Christians and Muslims, Blow-By-Blow Account
40 Kuwaiti Association Helps Non-Muslims Know Holy Prophet (PBUH)
41 Minority Killings in Pakistan Concern Rights Groups
42 How the devoted voted: Religious polarization stark in election
43 DBKL ban on sale of alcohol only punishes small local businesses, says Ramasamy
44 Fact Check: Putin did not ban interfaith marriages for Muslim men in Russia
45 In the MENA region, more and more young people are identifying as non-religious
46 Spain dismantles migrants' 'dock of shame' in Canary Islands
47 Sudan says it will stamp out child marriage and enforce ban on FGM
48 Patriot rubbishes DBKL liquor ban as infringement of non-Muslim rights
49 Non-Muslims who live close to Muslims are less likely to be Islamophobic, study shows
50 Video of torture of Pakistani Christian goes viral
51 Islamic banks urged to push digital services as UAE demand dips
52 Is the ban on liquor sale a mala fide move? — Gen (Rtd) Hashim Mohd Ali
53 Ashok Gehlot trivialises suffering of non-Muslim women by reducing ‘love jihad’ to interfaith marriages: Here is why he is horribly wrong
54 Status of citizens of Arab origin tests French values of equality and fraternity
55 Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims
56 New Reality in Middle East Threatens Palestinian Dream
57 GHMC polls: With only 1 Muslim candidate, BJP’s aversion to Muslims is obvious
58 Israels zealous quest to develop ties with key Muslim nations
59 Kobe Mosque Japan's Oldest Surviving Muslim Place of Worship
60 Punjab Notes: Punjab sans Punjab: much in a name!
61 Nobody’s 'B Team': The Politics of Owaisi's AIMIM
62 The West Asia Trump Leaves Behind
63 Banning liquor unconstitutional, says religious group
64 Grooming Jihad: Karim Khan sent 4,000 messages to 11-year-old in Rotherham to convince her he ‘loved her’, jailed for 4 years
65 South Korea bans year-end parties as coronavirus case spike again
66 Chief Rabbi 'alarmed' by claim 44 percent of Muslims embrace antisemitism
67 Al-Quran: a concise introduction
68 YOURSAY | Kudos to general for gumption to question liquor sale ban
69 Alcohol ban goes against Rukun Negara
70 The new team in Washington surveys West Asia Trump leaves behind
71 Love Jihad, Conversion: Five Asymmetries That Hindus Must Come To Terms With
72 No intention to recognise Israel, says PM aide
73 At least 13 dead in fiery Pakistan road crash: police
74 Help minimise threat to society
75 Home
76 Divorces up by 12%, marriages down by 1.2% in 2019 | Free Malaysia Today
77 Who are the 'Islamists' at the gate?
78 India’s Prime Minister, his international ‘friends’ and his tweets
79 Bangladesh radical Islamist leader threatens to pull down statues
80 Malaysian employers shocked, angry over fines ruling for overcrowded migrant workers' lodgings
81 Is Saudi Arabia pressing Pakistan to recognize Israel?
82 No more room for fresh views on BBI, Raila tells Muslim leaders
83 First non-Muslim youth to top the Islamic studies in India
85 Exposed: UK Daesh cell fundraising for jailed jihadi brides
86 BJP is taking on AIMIM in Hyderabad Municipal Polls
87 United Arab Emirates hopes easing of restrictions around alcohol, gender help boost global image and economy
88 'Stop the madness' Ethiopia PM urged by Tigray leader, Pompeo calls for end to hostilities
89 Emirates Islamic reveals 2020 findings of ISLAMIC BANKING INDEX by EMIRATES ISLAMIC™
90 Sudan to allow drinking alcohol for non-Muslims, ban FGM
91 India, Sri Lanka strengthen trade, security ties
92 Standing up to religious violence around the world — Jason Loh
93 Suspected extremists abduct 3 non-Muslims in Kenya’s north
94 EU aims to “renew and reinvigorate” US ties after Trump
95 Palestinians in quandary about new visitors from Gulf
96 30 troops killed in attack as Afghan violence surges
97 Australia cancels citizenship of Muslim cleric in local first
98 Indian police agree to allow protesting farmers into capital
99 Indian farmers defiant against reform as Modi tries to calm anger
100 Islamic Seminary Declares Construction of New Places of Worship for Non-Muslims in Pakistan is Unlawful