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1 Learn to analyze and visualize data with Python during this $30 training
2 Working With PyTorch Tensors
3 How to master Machine Learning during lockdown?
4 Getting Started with PyTorch 1.5 on Windows
5 How Self-Taught ML Expert Agnis Liukis Became A Kaggle Grandmaster
6 SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: COVID notebooks
7 Numpy Comes To Micro Python
8 AWS And Facebook Launch PyTorch Tools
9 Top 10 Courses to Learn AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
10 NumPy 1.17.0 is here, officially drops Python 2.7 support pushing forward Python 3 adoption
11 Key Numpy Functions You Should Know When Learning Python
12 Lead Python Developer
13 Data Scientist
14 Machine Learning Engineer
15 NumPy slithers to v1.16, prepares to shed skin of Python 2.7
16 Fast Fourrier Transform
17 Python is great, but stop using it for every damn project
18 Top 8 Extensions For Your Jupyter Notebook
19 Top 10 Python Tutorials to Learn in 2020
20 Alibaba Open-Sources Mars to Complement NumPy
21 Startup’s Free Online Courses Help You Master The Career Skills Companies Look For
22 Top Data Science Courses That Fit Your Budget Right
23 Create your own websites, apps, and more with this Python training bundle for $40
24 GitHub: Numpy and Scipy are the most popular packages for machine learning projects
25 New Repository Provides NumPy Implementation of ML Models
26 Big Data Analysis with Numpy, Numba & Python Asynch Programming
27 Top 7 Image Processing Libraries In Python
28 How to install Numpy in Python 3.7 in Windows 10
29 Beginner's Guide to NumPy: A Must Have Python Library in Data Scientist Toolkit
30 NumPy drops Python 2 support. Now you need Python 3.5 or later.
31 NumPy Is Awaiting Fix for Critical Remote Code Execution Bug
32 Python libraries for finance: Six of the best
33 DeepMind says RLax..or try Haiku(s) • DEVCLASS
34 Simplify your Spark dependency management with Docker in EMR 6.0.0
35 A Lightning-Fast Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow 2.0
36 Bag this Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle for only $29.99
37 Pandas hits 1.0, opening up to new engines and dtype experiments
38 DeepMind Releases New JAX Libraries for Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning
39 5 free Government certified AICTE courses with certificate to learn coding
40 Importance of Using TensorFlow Eager Execution For Developers
41 Google Introduces Flax: A Neural Network Library for JAX
42 6 Python libraries for parallel processing
43 Hands-On Guide to Understand and Implement Q
44 NumPy 1.16 is here and it’s the last release to support Python 2.7
45 Scikit-Learn Latest Update (with Python Implementation)
46 Google researchers introduce JAX: A TensorFlow-like framework for generating high-performance code from Python and NumPy machine learning programs
47 Deploy machine learning models to Amazon SageMaker using the ezsmdeploy Python package and a few lines of code
48 NumPy and SciPy for .NET
49 Save 97% off this Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle
50 New Python Programmer? Learn These Concepts First.
51 Pyforest– Importing Python Data Science Libraries in One Line of Code
52 How to Create a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network in Python
53 Top 9 Libraries You Can Use In Large-Scale AI Projects
54 Boost Your Programming Skills by Learning to Code With Python
55 DeepMind's Newly Released Libraries For Neural Networks & RL
56 Cython: Python at the speed of C
57 Python for Financial Markets
58 How Does a 20X Speed-Up in Python Grab You?
59 What's in a data analyst? Survey suggests Python user base mainly devs
60 Why Intel® Distribution For Python Is A Game Changer For Deep Learning
61 Introducing Weld, a runtime written in Rust and LLVM for cross-library optimizations
62 Spatiotemporal (Timelapse) Visualization of Covid-19 with Python
63 Pandas Reaches 1.0
64 Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle Is Up For A Massive Discount For A Few Days – Avail Now
65 9 Austin Python Training Courses & Bootcamps to Know
66 What's New In Pandas 1.0?
67 Artificial Intelligence for Beginners (2)
68 CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Papers 2020: New & Old
69 Top 10 Python Open Source Projects On GitHub: 2019
70 Machine Learning Python Plugins For GIMP
71 Here’s how I used Python to build a regression model using an e-commerce dataset
72 Advanced Python Arrays
73 Which version of Python should you learn for finance jobs?
74 Learning About Data Science The “Scientists” Way
75 Achieving Parallelism in Intel Distribution for Python with Numba
76 Stuck Inside? learn Python and Jumpstart Your Career With This $30 Training Bundle
77 PyTorch
78 Circuit Simulation In Python
79 Mozilla brings Python data science to the browser
80 This Open Sourced Python library 'audit-AI' does Bias Testing for Generalized Machine Learning Applications
81 Getting Started With Pytorch In Google Collab With Free GPU
82 PyTorch tries keeping up with research interest in 1.3 release
83 Here's Why Python Continues To Be The Language Of Choice For Data Scientists
84 Simple Python Performance Tune-Ups You Shouldn't Ignore
85 How To Visualize COVID-19 in An Effective Way
86 Master the art of face swapping with OpenCV and Python by Sylwek Brzęczkowski, developer at TrustStamp
87 10 Most Popular Machine Learning & Data Science Packages On Github
88 Detailed guide to using Dask for data science and machine learning
89 How Fast Can You Number Crunch In Python
90 Tidelift and NumFOCUS partner to support essential community-led open source data science and scientific computing projects
91 Quansight Tackles Support Gap in Python Data Community
92 This PyTorch Library 'Kaolin' is Accelerating 3D Deep Learning Research
93 Video: High-Performance Computing with Python
94 Basic Linear Algebra for Deep Learning
95 A Guide to Logistic Regression With Tensorflow 2.0
96 Gurobi Optimization Releases New, Groundbreaking Version of its Industry-Leading Mathematical Programming Solver
97 IBM i Gets An Influx Of Machine Learning Tooling
98 Recognizing Malaria Cells Using Keras Convolutional Neural Network(CNN)
99 Why You Should Use Dask If You Are Into Data Science & ML
100 Writing Faster Python with Functions, Lists, and More