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1 New Nutella +Cocoa is twice as chocolatey as the original spread
2 Nutella creates internet meltdown after claiming product 'not halal'
3 Nutella Turkey rejects ‘haram’ claims, showcasing production certificate | Daily Sabah
4 Two-ingredient Nutella palmiers are the easiest cookies you'll ever make
5 Nutella says they are ‘not halal’, Muslim fans try and convince themselves that they are not haram, just not halal certified
6 Offer Nutella® with your baked goods!
7 FitWaffle Kitchen's Eloise Head, 26, shares VERY simple recipe for five-ingredient Nutella brownies
8 Fall Inspiration with Nutella®
9 Nutella ‘not halal’, says company, then rectifies ‘error’
10 Make a Nutella pizza ring simply because you can
11 Famed NYC Chocolatier Launches Vegan Nutella
12 Bidets, Nutella and guinea pigs: What you bought in quarantine
13 Proud mum gives kids Nutella and honey pancakes for their packed lunch and gets absolutely blasted for
14 You Can Now Get Lindt Chocolate Spread At ASDA And We're Drooling
15 From Blairgowrie to the Black Sea – Strawberries and Nutella
16 Scavenger hunts, treats dangling from a tree and Covid-19 maps: Candy makers get creative to save Halloween
17 Disneyland Paris brings Heritage Days event online for guests
18 S'pore home baker sells NYC's Magnolia Bakery dessert, a cross between pudding & ice cream
19 Dolce Neve's Hazelnut Spread is a Healthier Nutella
20 Approximately 1.35 Million Pounds Of Nutella Are Produced Every Day (+18 More Facts)
21 Recent 11th Circuit Case May Impact COVID-19 Litigation | Daily Business Review
22 Hazelnut sourcing spreads discontent for Italy’s Nutella
23 Inside the Nutella Hotel in Napa Valley
24 Hotella Nutella: A First-Of-Its-Kind Weekend Getaway Breakfast Experience Unveiled To Nutella Fans
25 Oreo’s chocolate hazelnut flavor is the ultimate treat for Nutella lovers
26 To Celebrate World Nutella® Day, Nutella Gives Fans the Chance to Unlock 20,000 Coupons for a Free Jar of Nutella plus the Chance to Win a Trip to Italy
27 Nutella + Cocoa Is Coming And It's Going To Change Your Toast Forever
28 Love Nutella? World's Hazelnut Supply Faces Climate Threat
29 'Hotella Nutella' hosts super fans in Napa Valley
30 There's going to be a Nutella-themed pop-up hotel in January
31 Nutella Turns to Alexa to Promote Hazelnut Spread Over Maple Syrup for Pancakes
32 The first ever Nutella hotel in Napa Valley's Wine Country
33 Ferrero creates Hotella Nutella for one January weekend
34 Nutella swaps syrup for hazelnut spread at NYC pop-up
35 Longtime country-club chef opens eatery in Bethpage
36 Lindt v Nutella: what is the best chocolate hazelnut spread in Australia?
37 Nutella Mania Takes Over Napa with a Pop-Up Called Hotella Nutella
38 A Stinkbug Invasion In Turkey Threatens Your Nutella. Here's How.
39 Nutella to open “syrup swap” pop-up to promote hazelnut spread on pancakes
40 Recipe: These Easy Banana Muffins are Filled with Nutella
41 Nutella Becomes Target of Sourcing Debate
42 Your Nutella Sandwich Is Missing Something ... and It's Blue Cheese
43 Italy Is in a Hazelnut Cream-Filled Civil War
44 Nutella Brand Continues to Grow
45 Nutella Spreads Voice App to Google Assistant
46 Meet Nutella billionaire Giovanni Ferrero, Italy's richest man
47 Whipped strawberry, chocolate, and Nutella milks are the new, easier dalgona coffee
48 Ferrero Scion Builds $3 Billion Side Bet to Nutella Fortune
49 Hotella Nutella pop-up is happening in California — for a few hazelnut-spread-loving superfans
50 WXYZ Bar, Patrick's Rooftop, Fresh Catch Poke elevate food options at 500 Pearl
51 Hotella Nutella: What it's like to stay at the hazelnut spread-themed pop-up
52 I made 4 whipped drinks at home including dalgona coffee and ranked them all from worst to best
53 The Cake With the Jar of Nutella on Top!
54 Upgrade Popular Pancake Cereal With Nutella Pancakes
55 Baker Eloise Head, 26, shares viral recipe for red velvet brownies
56 Hotella Nutella Opens in Napa Valley for Nutella Lovers
57 Nutella, Warner Bros. Rolling Out Themed Hotels
58 The Race to Redesign Sugar
59 Nutella opens its first pop-up hotel in Napa Valley for its biggest super fans
60 Today is World Nutella Day. Here are 5 ways to enjoy it
61 Did You Know that the World's FIRST Nutella Cafe Opened in Chicago?
62 SLIDESHOW: Offer a side of Nutella with your baked goods!
63 'It's war': World's largest Nutella factory cuts production as workers strike in France
64 Best Peanut Butter + Nutella Magic Shell Recipe
65 Nutella Obsessed Food Checklist Quiz
66 Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Gianduia: how are they related?
67 Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies for All You Nutella Lovers
68 Mozzarella and Nutella: ‘clever’ or ‘an abomination’?
69 Recipe of the Week: Cinnamon Nutella Banana Bread
70 Omg A Nutella Hotel Actually Exists And That's Our Holiday Sorted
71 Company behind Nutella and other chocolate treats to hire 50 for metro Phoenix distribution center
72 Nutella Loaf Cake Recipe With Photos | POPSUGAR Food
73 Is Nutella Vegan?
74 Now Casting: Star in a Social Media Video for Nutella + 3 More Gigs
75 Nutella Wants to Give One Chocolate Lover a Dream Trip to Italy (Video)
76 Is Nutella made with nuts picked by children?
77 The world's biggest Nutella factory is temporarily shut down. (Relax. There are others still making it)
78 Offer a side of Nutella with your baked goods!
79 Giada De Laurentiis talks World Nutella Day, what never to cook for your Valentine
80 Wonton wrappers defy traditional uses with a sweet strawberry-Nutella dessert
81 Is Nutella Healthy? Ingredients, Nutrition and More
82 Enter Nutella Heaven With These Easy 3-Ingredient Brownies
83 Green Dog of the Week. Nutella! | News |
84 Nutella Admits It Changed Its Recipe – and People Are Not Happy
85 Italy’s Richest Family Gets $714 Million From Nutella Maker
86 The Sweet Italian Civil War: Nutella Vs Pan Di Stelle
87 Nutella Takes Aim at Syrup, Declares Itself the Superior Pancake Topping
88 Cicala pastry chef Angela Cicala's 3-minute Nutella Cannoli recipe
89 Ferrero expands 'best seller' Nutella Biscuits to Italy
90 Nutella And Banana Stuffed Croissant French Toast Casserole
91 Hazelnut-planting bothers the Italians
92 Win a Free Trip to Napa Valley’s Pop-Up Nutella Hotel
93 Nutella Heir Adds Nearly $10 Billion To Chocolatey Net Worth In 2019
94 A Nutella-Themed Hotel Is Opening in 2020 So Alert Your Bachelorette Party
95 6 Minute Meal: Cicala's Nutella cannoli
96 What does Serverless have in common with Nutella?
97 Nutella under fire over Turkish child labor claims
98 Battle of the biscuits as Ferrero aims to take a bite out of Barilla
99 Bite of the Week: Nutella Budino at Columbia's Il Focolare
100 Salvini's U-turn on Nutella exposes flaws in his 'nationalist' food policy