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Result Content Idea Research
1 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Receives $11.75M in Funds from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
2 Justice Department awards $144 Million to improve services for crime victims
3 US Attorney Robert K. Hur announces over $9 million in DOJ grants to protect children in Maryland
4 W. Va. Sen. Capito, Manchin announce $8.2 million for opioid addiction relief
5 Department of Justice Awards More than $92 Million to Support Offenders Returning to Communities
6 Department of Justice announces more than $341 million in grants to combat addiction crisis
7 Justice Department funds target addiction – Homeland Preparedness News
8 Youth Justice Under the Coronavirus: Linking Public Health Protections with the Movement for Youth Decarceration
9 Warner and Kaine announce more than $600,000 in funding to support The Up Center in Norfolk
10 Sen. Brown announces $600,000 for youth mentorship services in Ohio
11 Sen. Brown Announces Grant for Youth Mentorship Services in Ohio – WKTN- A division of Home Town Media
12 SCCPSS campus police awarded grant for opioid training for officers, nurses
13 Control trial of repurposed COVID-19 drugs reveals conclusive evidence on effectiveness
14 Cheatham County welcomes new drug endangered response team coordinator
15 Juvenile Justice Grants: DOJ Should Take Additional Actions to Strengthen Performance and Fraud Risk Management
16 Capito, Manchin Announce $2.5 Million to Prevent Violence in Schools, Crimes Against Children in West Virginia
17 OJJDP's New Direction Is Juvenile Justice Policymaking By Erasure
18 Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami Valley Receives $40000 award from OJJDP
19 Augusta County substance abuse program receives $600K federal grant
20 Space Force satellite passes initial design review – Homeland Preparedness News
21 DHS proposes rule to enhance the H-1B nonimmigrant visa program
22 MENTOR Vermont seeks applicants for grants to support youth mentoring agencies serving rural communities affected by the opiate epidemic
23 New committee forms in Washington to improve pandemic preparedness
24 $163 million in crisis grants from DOJ to Nebraska
25 Bipartisan lawmakers seek ports reopening plan – Homeland Preparedness News
26 TSA, CBP extend Preclearance program invitation – Homeland Preparedness News
27 MENTOR Vermont awards nearly $175000 in Covid-19 Response Grants to youth mentoring agencies serving rural communities affected by opiate epidemic
28 OJJDP's Actions in Removing Data, Guidance About Girls Speaks Volumes
29 OJJDP Administrator's Words on Racial Disparities Shock Us
30 OJJDP's New Definition of DMC Raises Many Questions for Harp at Conference
31 OJJDP Head Caren Harp Wants to Rebalance System From Focus on 'Therapeutic Intervention'
32 CIA launches lab mechanism to drive technology innovation
33 BARDA, Luminex form public-private partnership dedicated to new COVID-19 serology test
34 OJJDP Is Simplifying Title II Work to Focus on DMC Reduction, Not Process
35 Juvenile Arrests 70 Percent Below Peak-Adult Arrests Decline
36 Clear OJJDP Guidance Needed By States in Order to Implement JJDPA Updates
37 Juvenile Injustice: OJJDP Dismantles Protections for Youth of Color in the Justice System
38 Latinx youth are nonexistent in juvenile justice data
39 How Parents Can Recognize Children Affiliated With MS-13 Gangs
41 United States Attorney William M. McSwain Announces More Than $159 Million Available to Fight Drug Addiction Crisis
42 Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami Valley receives $40000 grant
43 Local mentoring non-profits at risk of losing federal funding
44 Recidivism Is Not Enough to Track How Juveniles Are Doing, Multistate Project Shows
45 Public Safety Harmed in Reality By Excessively Targeting Youth of Color
46 In Feds' Juvenile Justice Agency, 'Reform' is a Four-Letter Word
47 DOJ: Over $55 Million Available To Fight Human Trafficking
48 Vermont DCF and MENTOR Vermont receive $1.25 million grant to provide mentoring services in communities affected by opiate epidemic
49 Our New Data on Dual System Youth Show Deep Collaboration, More Info Is Crucial
50 Officer in Breonna Taylor shooting indicted for firing into neighbors' homes
51 No Time Like the Present: Congress approves JJDPA
52 Why Did This Agency Stop Tracking the Juvenile Justice Race Gap?
53 Penn State helps state agency identify its most successful prevention programs
54 Ex-OJJDP Leader Listenbee to Join Philadelphia DA's Office
55 Thousands of Children On Probation Are Incarcerated Each Year for Nonviolent, Noncriminal Behaviors
56 OJJDP Bulletin Analyzes Long-Term Impact On Serious Juvenile Offenders Transferred To Adult Court
57 Law Professor Jon Powell joins DOJ's Restorative Justice working group | News
58 Pandemic crime spike met with tough-on-crime-legislation
59 More Than $83 Million School Grants Now Available for School Security
60 Grants Available for Tribal Crime Prevention
61 We Need Stronger, Not More Simplified, Approach to Reducing Racial Disparities
62 Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center, which serves Livingston Parish, receives national award
63 OJJDP New Int'l Child Kidnapping Guide for Law Enforce & Resources
64 Lansing police at least 4.5 times more likely to arrest Black kids than white peers
65 Juvenile Justice Experts Scrutinize OJJDP's Role
66 Juvenile Programs and Projects
67 After Decades of Spending, Minority Youth Still Overrepresented in System
68 Where to Search for Evidence of Effective Programs
69 Girls' Involvement in Justice System Dropped to Record Low Levels, Study Finds
70 More than $65M available to fight human trafficking and help trafficking victims
71 Wisconsin Seeks Restoration Of Funds For Juvenile Justice Programs
72 $500,000 Grant to Help San Bernardino County Fight Youth Opioid Crisis
73 Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Inc.'s Community-Based Alternative to Incarceration Recognized as “Promising” by Federal Evaluators
74 Federal Juvenile Justice Funding Declines Precipitously
75 Under Trump, juveniles are 'offenders' and aren't 'healthy and educated'
76 Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
77 Report Looks at Mentoring Needs of Kids with Parents in Lock-Up
78 U.S. Attorney Keefe announces DOJ grants available to help reduce recidivism
79 Former Justice Department Official Joins Drexel's Juvenile Justice Research and Reform Lab
80 Sessions' Withdrawal of Justice Department Manuals on DMC Leaves States 'Directionless'
81 DCF, MENTOR Vermont awarded $1.25 million for mentoring | News |
82 Number of Juveniles Held for Status, Technical Offenses Shown By State in Pew Graphic
83 Youth First Initiative: New Findings Show Sharp Decline in Girls in Juvenile Justice System
84 Tribes hear from Navajo mother at AMBER Alert in Indian Country Symposium
85 In Benton, Washington Co., jailing youth increasingly used as last resort
86 DOJ Appointee Accused Of Using Politics To Shape Grant-Awarding Process
87 Youth Mentoring Initiatives to Prevent/Reduce Juvenile Delinquency Grants
88 US Attorney for Rhode Island Announces $60 Million in Grants to Support Prisoners' Reentry
89 SU AgCenter educator appointed to federal committee
90 Justice Department upgrades Amber Alert website, adds resources for tribes
91 DOJ grants 500,000 to local youth organizations to help detect, curb youth opioid abuse
92 Juvenile Arrests, 2017
93 2019 Missing Children's Poster Contest Winners Announced – WBIW
94 National 4‑H Council Awarded $4.85 Million to Support 4‑H National Mentoring Program and 4-H Health Rocks!® Mentoring Program
95 Why child pornography complaints have soared in San Diego County during the pandemic
96 Report: Certainty, Not Severity, Key in Deterring Juvenile Crime
97 Campaign Says Juveniles Need Better Access to Quality Legal Counsel
98 Serial child predator sentenced to more than two decades in federal prison for attempted sexual coercion of a minor
99 Coalition for Juvenile Justice Conference Featured Listenbee, Others
100 Youth Residential Placement Population Reaches New Low Point in 2014