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Result Content Idea Research
1 NowSecure Announces API Security Testing
2 How to install common security tools via Homebrew on a Mac
3 APIs: Securing the Stitching Connecting Applications
4 More Attackers Using Zero Day Exploits
5 AppSecCali 2020 – Jim Manico’s ‘From The OWASP Top Ten(s) To The OWASP ASVS’
6 OWASP Top 10 Overview
7 Write Code That Protects Sensitive User Data
8 6 ways to address the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
9 Product showcase: AppTrana
11 OWASP TOP 10: APIs Take Center Stage in Latest List of Priorities
12 AppSecCali 2020 – Sam Stepanyan’s ‘Introducing The OWASP Nettacker Project’
13 AppSecCali 2020 – Jonathan Marcil’s ‘Lightning Talk: OWASP Project Showcase: Threat Model Cookbook’
14 ModSecurity maintainers contest denial-of-service vulnerability claims
15 Understanding OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks with Real-world Cases
16 Breaking Down the OWASP API Security Top 10 (Part 2)
17 OWASP SAMM Framework Simplifies Analyzing and Improving Organizational Security Posture
18 Introduction to the OWASP API Top Ten
19 Threat Dragon: OWASP launches desktop version of popular threat modeling tool
20 Contrast Labs: Mapping Risk Profiles for Select OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to Understand Their AppSec Risk
21 What you need to know about the new OWASP API Security Top 10 list
22 OWASP SAMM version 2: Analyze and improve organizational security posture
23 Prune the Sprawl. Get Better AppSec.
24 OWASP security projects showcased at All Day DevOps conference
25 10 Tips for Defending Against the OWASP Top 10
26 OWASP API Security Top 10: Get your dev team up to speed
27 Keep Calm and Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline
28 Under pressure: Managing the competing demands of development velocity and application security
29 DevOps Assurance with OWASP SAMM
30 Libinjection’s SQL injection defenses cracked
31 Best of 2019: Breaking Down the OWASP API Security Top 10, Part 1
32 Leverage Conformance Testing to Make Your Product Compliant with Industry Standards
33 Credential stuffing is just the tip of the iceberg
34 OWASP Chapters All Day conference reunites security community in wake of Covid-19
35 How to Scale Your AppSec With Security Champions Program
36 OWASP Projects Advance Application Security
37 XML External Entity (XXE) Pitfalls With JAXB
38 Threat Modeling Application Released By OWASP: Threat Dragon 1.0
39 Alpine Security Offers Their OWASP Top 10 Course (valued at $397) at No-Cost for Anyone That Registers for Live Cybersecurity Training
40 NIST SP 800-53 Gets One Step Closer to Becoming a Standard
41 Put OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls to work
42 Security pitfalls to avoid when programming using an API
43 OWASP Top 10: What's missing for enterprise app sec
44 OWASP Top 10 web application security risks
45 Advice for Complying with the OWASP Top Ten
46 AppSecCali 2020 – Eva Galperin’s ‘Thursday Closing Keynote’
47 OWASP reveals top 10 security threats facing API ecosystem
48 SonicWall vulnerability fixed, but researchers say the patch took 17 days
49 New OWASP List Highlights API Security Holes
50 BSides Knoxville 2020 – Hardik Parekh’s ‘Navigating DevOps Security Journey With OWASP SAMM v2.0’
51 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
52 OWASP: Application Security is Everyone's Responsibility
53 5 Penetration Testing Methodologies and Standards for Better ROI | EC-Council Official Blog
54 SAMM v2 – OWASP releases revamped security assurance framework
55 BSidesSLC 2020 – Adam Fisher’s ‘BOLA, IDOR, MA, BFLA. Welcome To The OWASP API Top 10!’
56 ShiftLeft Inc. Named SINET 16 Innovator Award Winner
57 StackHawk, the Denver-based bug-detecting service, hires developer of open-source project Zed Attack Proxy
58 OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls 2018: How it makes your code more secure
59 What You Think You Know about the OWASP Top 10 May Be Wrong
60 Contrast Security responds to OWASP Top 10 controversy
61 OWASP ZAP's new version of its ZAP Project now includes a Heads Up Display
62 DevOps Industry Veterans Team Up with ZAP Founder Simon Bennetts to Deliver AppSec to Developers
63 OWASP Top 10: Top Web App Security Vulnerabilities Persist
64 SQL Injection, XSS, and RCE Top List of Vulnerabilities in Internet-facing Applications
65 AppSecCali 2020 – Christian Folini’s ‘Practical OWASP CRS In High Security Settings’
66 OWASP releases the Top 10 2017 security risks
67 Our top software security stories from 2019
68 Are OSINT methodologies important when pen-testing? | EC-Council Blog
69 3 OWASP Web Application Firewall (WAF) Resources Available to VARs and MSPs
70 Understanding cyber threats to APIs
71 Cybersecurity Basics: The OWASP Top 10 Critical Web Application Security Risks
72 OWASP Top 10 Security Risks – Part III
73 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Itsik Mantin’s & Ori Or-Meir’s ‘How NLP Can Help Us Understand Web Attackers’
74 Latest OWASP Top 10 looks at APIs, web apps
75 New OWASP Top 10 Reveals Critical Weakness in ...
76 OWASP Top Ten: Surviving in the cyber wilderness
77 OWASP ‘ServerlessGoat’: A Vulnerable Demo Serverless Application
78 OWASP Global AppSec Tel Aviv 2019, OWASP Leaders Meeting
79 Modshield SB application firewall now available in the AWS Marketplace
80 APIs Get Their Own Top 10 Security List
81 Counting Down the Top Ten IoT Security Threats
82 HTTP-based Vulnerabilities
83 OWASP Top 10 Security Risks – Part I
84 OWASP Top 10 comes to serverless
85 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Astha Singhal’s ‘The Evolving Community Of Appsec’
86 What's New In The OWASP Top 10 And How TO Use It
87 Comparing the OWASP Top 10 to the Real-World Top 10
88 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Katy Anton’s ‘Injecting Security Controls In Software Applications’
89 Four Years Later, We Have a New OWASP Top 10
90 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Liran Tal’s ‘Black Clouds And Silver Linings In Node.Js Security’
91 Top 10 IoT vulnerabilities
92 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Tash Norris’ ‘Are We Making Our Engineers Blue?’
93 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Izar Tarandach’s ‘What Do You Mean Threat Model Every Story’
94 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Inon Shkedy’s ‘Testing And Hacking APIs’
95 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Amichai Shulman’s & Yuval Ron’s ‘Alexa and Cortana in Windowsland’: Hacking An Innovative Partnership And Other Adventures’
96 The #AppSec 50: Top application security pros to follow on Twitter
97 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Elena Kravchenko’s ‘Three Levels Of Complexity: Threat Modeling Of Containerized Application’
98 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Yoram Golandsky’s ‘Protecting A High Profile Enterprise’
99 OWASP Appsec Tel Aviv 2019, Pedro Fortuna’s ‘Rhyming With Hacks: The Ballad Of Supply Chain Attacks’
100 Nearly 50 Percent of Organizations Knowingly Push Vulnerable Software, According to New Research from ESG and Veracode