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1 Mars 2020 will be the first NASA mission that uses ORNL-produced plutonium-238, the first U.S.-produced Pu-238 in three decades. ORNL's Pu-238 will help power Perseverance across the Red Planet's surface.
2 Horizon31 startup licenses ORNL global communication system for drones
3 Story tips: Pandemic impact, root studies, neutrons confirm, lab on a crystal & modeling fusion
4 Poison control: Chasing the antidote
5 Shared infrastructure powers federal COVID research
6 ORNL researchers could hold key to unlocking coronavirus solution
7 Ultrafast lasers probe elusive chemistry at the liquid-liquid interface
8 Discovery: ORNL scientists map out structure of critical protein in COVID-19
9 Senior R&D Staff Member-Fusion Public-Private Partnerships in Oak Ridge, TN for Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10 Senior R&D Staff Member-Plasma Material Interactions (PMI) Science Lead in Oak Ridge, TN for Oak Ridge National Laboratory
11 Computational gene study suggests new pathway for COVID-19 inflammatory response
12 Computing Nuclei Properties at Lightning Speed
13 Quantum Computing for the Next Generation of Computer Scientists and Researchers
14 Tapping Y-12 expertise to power ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor
15 Summit Now Offers Virtual Tours
16 Amentum-Jacobs JV to Continue Nuclear Hazard Cleanup at DOE's Oak Ridge Complex
17 Oak Ridge Lab chemist creates CO2 strainer that could help power plants
18 Updated: Former DOE research director, CROET founder dies at 91
19 Oak Ridge, Tennessee, The Secret City: State played a vital role in ending World War II
20 Hybrid Inverter Integrates Distributed EnergySources
21 DOE extends UCOR contract two years for environmental cleanup in Oak Ridge
22 GE secures supercomputer access for offshore wind research
23 Shape-Shifting Selenium; Abrupt Change Found Between Selenium-70 and Selenium-72
24 Aug. 2020 Science Snapshots
25 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
26 Alumni Duo to Develop Entrepreneurial Idea as Innovation Crossroads Fellows
27 Revamping nuclear reactor technology with 3D printing and AI
28 Magnum Venus Products licenses ORNL co-developed AM technologies
29 Energy Department Extends Amentum-led Joint Venture Contract
30 Watch now: $13 million grant to benefit pennycress studies at Illinois State University
31 Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, Plutonium-238, and SuperCams, Oh My!
32 Closing down coal: new issue of Future Power Technology out now
33 Wayne State receives DOE grant to develop catalysts for renewable energy generation
34 Three Departments Form Agreement for Covid Research
35 Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2019
36 Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab Tap into Supercomputing to Help Combat Coronavirus
37 ORNL is in the fight against COVID-19
38 Oak Ridge National Laboratory welcomes 6 new research fellows to Innovation Crossroads
39 The Latest News and Data About Biodiesel Production
40 GE plans to give offshore wind energy a supercomputing boost
41 GE Research Uses Summit Supercomputer for Groundbreaking Study on Wind Power
42 Our Trucks Won't Need No Batteries! Electric Trucks Look To Overhead Wires For Power
43 More than 60 percent of ORNL staff working remotely
44 Interface of Advanced Materials Key to Safer, Longer-Lasting Energy Storage
45 Department of Energy unveils blueprint for quantum internet in event at University of Chicago
46 ORNL launches rapid access licensing program to speed up COVID-19 solutions
47 National Lab Takes On Manufacturing Techniques | SIGNAL Magazine
48 Oak Ridge wins $20 million prize to propel research, training in East Tennessee
49 ORNL involved in early research on coronavirus
50 ORNL in limited operations, seeks quotes for PPE, cleaning supplies
51 DOE Offers New Industrial Opportunity to Work With Oak Ridge National Laboratory
52 UT-Battelle gets five-year extension to manage ORNL
53 ORNL: Staff who can working from home. No travelers from foreign countries allowed for now.
54 FROM THE OPINION PAGE — The War on Coal couldn't erase industry's history or its future
55 Fusion research: ORNL chosen for plasma materials experiment facility
56 TVA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to jointly study small modular reactor project at Oak Ridge
57 GE Researchers Granted Access to the Summit Supercomputer
58 ORNL's advanced manufacturing innovation helps industry in COVID-19 fight
59 About 600 experiments affected by HFIR shutdown
60 Simulations forecast nationwide increase in human exposure to extreme climate events
61 ORNL researchers advance performance benchmark for quantum computers
62 MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Join In Consorted Efforts To Address COVID-19
63 Story tips: Shuffling atoms, thinning forests, fusion assembly and nuclear medicine
64 Story tips: Mining for COVID, rules to grow by and the 3D connection
65 ORNL, TVA sign agreement to collaborate on advanced reactor technologies
66 With key isotopes depleted, DOE plans production center at ORNL
67 ORNL Scientists Leverage Supercomputer to Understand Solvent and Water Relationship
68 ORNL Develops Advanced Software Framework That Expedites Quantum-Classical Programming
69 Story tips: Fusion squeeze, global image mapping, computing mental health, Na+ batteries
70 HPE Keeps Cray Brand Promise, Reveals HPE Cray Supercomputing Line
71 ZEISS and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Partner for Advancement of Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing
72 Team suggest bradykinin system could be targeted by COVID-19 drugs
73 ORNL making molds to help produce COVID-19 test tubes
74 ORNL team developing 3D-printed nuclear reactor core; Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR)
75 Ramaco Carbon Forms Partnership with U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
76 Supercomputer Models Coronavirus Vulnerabilities | SIGNAL Magazine
77 Police hand over data about bike fines to board, but missing details makes figures' value a puzzle
78 Lest we forget: Mark 75 years of the atomic bomb with the Ars watch list
79 Trump silent as OPEC raises oil output
80 Collaboration to Develop Advanced Carbon Fiber for Hydrogen Storage Tanks
81 Oak Ridge National Laboratory uses supercomputer in fight against COVID-19
82 Oak Ridge National Laboratory supercomputer, Summit, used to research COVID-19 virus
83 US Oak Ridge Lab to collaborate with TVA on advanced reactors
84 Successful delivery: ORNL demonstrates bi-directional wireless charging on UPS truck
85 ORNL researcher helps discover new species of cave snail
86 Polymer expert Advincula named ORNL-UT Governor's Chair
87 Oak Ridge National Laboratory is developing a 3D printed nuclear reactor core
88 Mining medical isotopes from nuclear waste
89 ORNL supercomputer used to identify drug compounds that could help fight coronavirus
90 ORNL researchers develop 'multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time
91 The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has licensed a novel method to 3D print components used in neutron instruments for scientific research to the ExOne Company, a leading maker of binder jet 3D printing technology.
92 From the Manhattan Project, a legacy of discovery and a national burden
93 Section Head, Fusion Nuclear Science, Technology, & Engineering in Oak Ridge, TN for Oak Ridge National Laboratory
94 40 Under 40: ORNL scientist Catherine Schuman hopes to make computers more like human brains
95 Oak Ridge Cybersecurity Expert to Present Thursday | University of Arkansas
96 Work starts to increase power of SNS proton beam
97 A Quintillion Calculations a Second: DOE Calculating the Benefits of Exascale and Quantum Computers
98 New GE Simulations on Summit to Advance Offshore Wind Power
99 DOE's Oak Ridge lab licenses technology to startup Sparkz to reduce cobalt in lithium-ion batteries
100 ORNL, U-Toledo to collaborate on advanced materials, manufacturing research for vehicles