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1 Listen: Control of U.S. Senate Could Hinge on Obamacare Positions
2 The future of Obamacare is at risk again. Here's what's at stake
3 Obamacare: Everything You Need to Know About the ACA Before Voting
4 What's at stake if the Supreme Court rules against ObamaCare | TheHill
5 Obamacare Returns as Galvanizing Issue After Ginsburg Death and Barrett Nomination
6 Obamacare Support Hits Record High as Supreme Court Faces Ideological Shift
7 Inside Georgia's new attempt to change access to Obamacare
8 An Open Supreme Court Seat Puts Obamacare on the Ballot
9 KC’s largest healthcare insurance provider will return to Obamacare exchange in 2021
10 Letter: Let’s remember how we got Obamacare
11 The Supreme Court’s Obamacare case was high stakes before Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Here’s why it’s even more important now
12 Trump Court pick Amy Coney Barrett's past critiques on Obamacare face scrutiny
13 Republicans Killed the Obamacare Mandate. New Data Shows It Didn’t Really Matter.
14 Would Invalidating ObamaCare Cause 20 Million Americans to Lose Coverage?
15 Trump 'Affirms' Preexisting Condition Protections Enacted By Obamacare
16 Sally Pipes: Supreme Court and ObamaCare – here's what to expect if law is not upheld
17 What Obamacare? Republican candidates go mum on health care law
18 Senate Democrats promise 'major focus' on Obamacare in Supreme Court fight
19 Justice(s) on Obamacare
20 Wall Street Has an Obamacare Problem
21 Insurers Want Full Federal Circuit Look at Obamacare Damages
22 The real danger Amy Coney Barrett poses to ObamaCare | TheHill
23 Georgia Governor Wants Out of Obamacare Health Exchange
24 Pelosi Can Save Obamacare With a One-Line Amendment
25 Obamacare could be doomed if Trump fills another Court seat
26 Obamacare Choices Grow Even As Trump Tries To Kill Them
27 Five Problems with Democrats' "Preexisting Conditions" Strategy
28 Obamacare Boost Expected From New Trump Administration Health Plans
29 Obamacare In Greater Judicial Jeopardy After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death
30 Azar blasts ObamaCare as 'not affordable health care' as Supreme Court battle over 2010 law looms
31 Obamacare Co-Ops Down From 23 to Final '3 Little Miracles'
32 The Health 202: Congress could easily make the Obamacare lawsuit go away. It probably won't.
33 Judge Barrett and the Obamacare Case
34 Obamacare health insurance co-ops down from 23 to 3
35 The Health 202: Coronavirus could be considered a preexisting condition if Obamacare is struck down
36 Obamacare may be doomed if 8-member Supreme Court presses ahead with fall cases
37 How Obamacare Might Survive—Even if Trump Gets His New Justice
38 Trump Says Obamacare 'Essentially Gone' After Ending Mandate
39 Cory Gardner wants to get rid of Obamacare. But it's not clear what he plans to replace it with.
40 Trump Reneges On Promise To Produce ‘Phenomenal’ Replacement For Obamacare
41 Gardner wants to dump Obamacare
42 Only three of 26 Obamacare-era nonprofit health insurance co-ops will soon remain
43 Study: Obamacare cut out-of-pocket costs, but many still struggle
44 Georgia Governor Applies To Opt Out Of Obamacare Exchange
45 GOP has workable health plan: Obamacare | Letters |
46 Is Obamacare in Danger?
47 What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death means for Supreme Court’s Obamacare case
48 AARP: Obamacare Attack, Threat To FTC Powers Highlight Supreme Court’s Coming Term For Seniors
49 Obamacare Cut Out-of-Pocket Costs, But Many Families Still Struggle: Study
50 The Trump Administration’s Obamacare Punt
51 Obamacare vs Texas: Washington has skin in the game at the next ACA Supreme Court challenge
52 Pelosi accuses Trump of rushing to fill Supreme Court vacancy to repeal ObamaCare
53 Obamacare no longer a winner for Republicans
54 Why Trump stopped talking about Obamacare
55 Pelosi: Trump hurrying to fill SCOTUS seat so he can repeal ObamaCare | TheHill
56 Donald Verrilli Once Again Will Defend Obamacare at the US Supreme Court | National Law Journal
57 Presidential debate: Insults fly as Trump, Biden tussle at first showdown, moderator works to keep order
58 Trump fans who took hydroxychloroquine could be denied health insurance if SCOTUS kills Obamacare
59 Up is down: Trump lies that Biden would 'destroy' Obamacare's protections for pre-existing conditions
60 Mitch McConnell May Have Accidentally Saved Obamacare
61 Fact Checker: PAC ad attacks Mariannette Miller-Meeks over Obamacare
62 Trump Claims Long-Promised Obamacare Replacement Is 'All Ready'
63 Republican senators in tough races obscure their position on pre-existing conditions
64 Sen. Harris accuses Judge Barrett of wanting to do away with Obamacare after she cosponsored a replacement plan
65 2020 Presidential Election: Live Updates, News for Sept. 29
66 'Cases and Controversies' Podcast: RBG Memorial, Obamacare
67 Gardner mum on Trump's Obamacare replacement | 2020-election
68 How Justice Ginsburg's Passing Will Impact Obamacare and Other Issues
69 Tracing the Money Behind the Supreme Court Case Against Obamacare
70 Trump keeps promising an overhaul of the nation’s health-care system that never arrives
71 If Trump's new Supreme Court kills Obamacare, here are eight ways your life will be affected
72 A Dangerous Moment For Obamacare – InsuranceNewsNet
73 Thousands of Obamacare Enrollees Couldn't Pay and Lost Coverage
74 Viewpoints: Lessons On The GOP's Latest Stance Against Obamacare; No Time To Weaken Safety Of Vaccine
75 Pelosi: Trump wants SCOTUS to undo Obamacare | National
76 If Obamacare goes away, 8 ways your life will be affected | New Orleans' Multicultural News Source
77 House Democrats seek to enhance Obamacare ahead of Trump push to dismantle the law
78 Planned Parenthood CEO: Trump's SCOTUS Pick Could Overturn Roe v. Wade & Kill Obamacare
79 Obamacare lawsuit heading to Supreme Court would slash taxes for top 0.1%
80 Obamacare Faces Unprecedented Test as Economy Sinks
81 Obamacare Turns 10. Here’s a Look at What Works and Doesn’t.
82 Ten years later, Obamacare is as popular as it's ever been
83 Trump administration asks Supreme Court to invalidate Obamacare
84 In a time of COVID-19, Obamacare still part of the action
85 How the Trump administration accidentally insured over 200,000 through Obamacare
86 Trump is trying to end Obamacare during the pandemic. That puts us all at risk.
87 Opposition to Obamacare Becomes Political Liability for GOP Incumbents
88 Obamacare's unexpected bonus: How the Affordable Care Act is helping middle-aged Americans during the pandemic
89 Trump's trying to end Obamacare but there's emerging evidence it could undo him
90 Obamacare, Trump and the Supreme Court, explained
91 Supreme Court Says US Must Pay Obamacare Insurers $12B
92 'Pennie'-Pinching States Take Over Obamacare Exchanges From Feds
93 Obamacare saved health insurance for millions during Covid-19
94 Nearly half a million people flocked to Obamacare after losing coverage this year
95 Obamacare's health care protections face first true test in coronavirus crisis
96 Obamacare Back At The High Court — With Billions For Insurers On The Line
97 Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Appeal
98 Coronavirus drives health insurers back to Obamacare
99 Trump's disdain for 'Obamacare' could hamper virus response
100 Trump administration won't reopen Obamacare enrollment for uninsured as coronavirus spreads