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1 Democrats criticized for wearing Kente cloth stoles in honor of George Floyd
2 Social and Political Activist Obianuju Ekeocha Visits PC
3 Pro-life speaker, scientist gives a voice to Africans
4 Murder Disguised as Care | Obianuju Ekeocha
5 From Nairobi to New York, human life should be respected, says African pro-life leader
6 Pro-Life in Africa: ‘What We Hold in Common Is This Value for Family’
7 The West Is Colonizing Africa With Abortion and Population Control, Obianuju Ekeocha Says
8 Nigerian scientist to MPs: Bringing abortion to Africa reeks of 'cultural imperialism'
9 An African pro-life activist's passionate resistance against a culture of death
10 Links for 6/11/20
11 Truth Depicted, Usual Folk Outraged
12 Pro-life activist explores how western aid hurts African women in new documentary
13 Abortion provider gets $8 million from Canada, banned in two African nations
14 African women don't want abortion, documentary reveals
15 Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Is Taking Heat for How Its Marketing Portrays Preteens Twerking
16 [The Sexuality Blog] Obianuju Ekeocha is the worst kind of woman, one who tries to deny women choice because she doesn't need it
17 Twitter Alleges Bill Gates Wants to 'Control Population' by 'Systematic Poison' of COVID-19 Vaccines, Trends
18 Controversies trail the Canadian Prime Minister's recent visit to Africa
19 The war on African women is supported by foreign activists, with no regard for our lives
20 Does new bank card show Harriet Tubman doing Wakanda Forever salute?
21 Backlash to Pete Buttigieg’s Christmas tweet and the religious divide it exposes
22 Dems Knocked for Kneeling Stunt
23 Secular missionaries spread their gospel abroad
24 U.S. women's national team star Ashlyn Harris says fellow soccer player is 'homophobic'
25 Outrage Ensues After French Doctors Suggest Deploying Experimental Coronavirus Treatment to Africa: 'They See Africans as Lab Rats'
26 Catholics bring pro-life voices to the UN Commission for Women
27 Explosion jolts Lebanese capital Beirut, over 70 killed, thousands injured
28 Clergy Abductions on the Rise in Nigeria
29 African pro-life advocate urges Canadians to stop funding ideological colonization
30 Gabon Greenlights Homosexuality
31 Pelosi Omits Christians as She Lists Religious Persecutions Around World
32 Abortion 'Life-Sustaining'?
33 Fifteen Things That Caught My Eye Today: Nigeria, Intercountry Adoption & More (June 9, 2020)
34 Did Pro-Choice Protesters Carry a Sign That Likened Fetuses to 'Parasites'?
35 That question I keep hearing: Why isn't slaughter of Nigerian Christians a news story?
36 Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today: Lebanon, Schools, Silence & More (August 12, 2020)
37 Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism
38 Africans Criticize Cardinal Kasper's Remarks | Matthew Schmitz
39 Body of African bishop who reportedly committed suicide found
40 Pro-life Victory in Colombia: High Court Rules Against Abortion
41 Thousands Aborted in Ireland
42 Tens of thousands rally at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco
43 Abortion: The West, UN trying to decapitate Africa, claim stakeholders
44 Tanzanian Cardinal: Better to Starve Than to Embrace Homosexuality
45 Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today: Pregnant in Louisiana & More (August 27, 2020)
46 Africans stand for life in UN battles over reproductive health
47 Jim Carrey's pro-abortion tweet backfires: 'You blessed the pro-life movement with this'
48 'I Don't Want to Stop Fighting for my Christian Values': Swiss Airline Drops Christian Chocolate Supplier
49 Video shows Nigerian soldiers at Eucharistic Adoration on the battlefield
50 As Cali AG, Kamala Harris Gave 'Mafia-Style' Defense of Abortion, Planned Parenthood
51 US Women's Soccer Team Are Fighters, and Sometimes the Opponent Is Right Here at Home
52 an online publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
53 Virtual March for Life will be 'something wonderful': chaplain
54 Bette Midler slammed for mocking Melania Trump's English accent during RNC speech: 'That's pretty xenophobic'
55 At the podium: Free public lectures this week
56 Planned Parenthood’s new president is a doctor, Chinese immigrant
57 Is Christian Unity Possible with So Much Disagreement?
58 Is there an 'unmet need' for contraception and abortion in Africa?
59 Bizarre State of the Union 'fact checks' fall flat, as media accused of nitpicking
60 Twenty-Five Things that Caught My Eye Today: China & NBA, Flannery O’Connor & More (July 29, 2020)
61 A Lesson for Planned Parenthood’s Pinup Girls
62 Melinda Gates Is Wrong: Birth Control Isn't Poverty Control
63 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mocked for new Twitter profile photo after blackface scandal
64 Millions travel to basilica shrine for Uganda Martyrs' Day
65 This pro-abortion ad is the most ghoulish thing you'll see today
66 London: March For Life
67 The U.S. Women's Soccer Team doesn't just tolerate religion, it embraces it
68 GoFundMe Backs Pro-Abortion Campaign: New Online Fundraiser Counters with Pro-Life Challenge
69 South African cardinal reveals tensions in hierarchy over Church's attitude to gay people
70 ‘Abortion is self-care’: Texas billboard’s message to black women sparks outrage
71 Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (May 13, 2019)
72 Leading Ladies Africa – 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria 2018
73 Franklin Graham says quitting your job because you're antigay isn't homophobic
74 From near and far, Catholic youth and young adults rally for life
75 Declan Somers: Having fun with fundraising
76 Review: Melinda Gates and her struggles with the Catholic Church
77 #NewCampaign: "Periods are normal, showing them should be too"
78 Thousands march for life in London
79 Chick-fil-A flip-flop? Chain won't rule out donating to Christian groups
80 Abstaining from Everything During the Pandemic, Except from...
81 Ruling forcing disabled mum to have abortion overturned
82 Controversial 'abortion is self-care' billboard asks Dallas to trust black women
83 'We deserve answers now': 35,000 Catholic women pen letter to pope
84 'Abortion is Self-Care' Billboard Targeting Black Women Sparks Outrage
85 UK to fund overseas abortion with £42m programme
86 Honoring 2017’s Bulldogs
87 Whistle-Blower: Multiple Abuses Happened at Marie Stopes International Facility
88 Nigerian women face their fears and start using contraception
89 Patricia Heaton shreds Women's March's 'white women' tweet: 'I know this is hard for you to grasp'
90 100K March for Life and Family in Slovakia
91 'Don't Take My Bible Away!': Shocking Arrest of Peaceful Street Preacher Caught on Video
92 5 Epic Pro-Life Smackdowns That Speak Truth To Abortion Power
93 The Catholic Culture Podcast
94 Twitter Banned Me For 'Hate Speech' When I Opposed Trans Troops
95 An Open Letter from Young Catholics | Various
96 Christian Leaders Decry Beyoncé's Ode to Pagan Fertility Cults at Grammys
97 Twitter Suspends Conservative Commentator Over Her Comments About Extreme Muslims, Transgender Troops
98 Courageous Pro-Life Women Who Fight for Real Equality
99 Black employees at NBC 'appalled' that Megyn Kelly is now playing the #MeToo card to get $69m payout after rac
100 Gov. Cuomo's Changing Standards of the Sanctity of Life