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1 Vietnamese hacking group OceanLotus uses imitation news sites to spread malware
2 Facebook links notorious OceanLotus cyber gang with Vietnamese IT company
3 How Vietnam-based hacking operation OceanLotus targets journalists
4 Mac users warned of more Ocean Lotus malware targeted attacks
5 Vietnamese activists targeted by notorious hacking group
6 Vietnamese hackers spent years harassing human rights activists with spyware
7 OceanLotus adopts public exploit code to abuse Microsoft Office software
8 Android Campaign from Known OceanLotus APT Group Potentially Older than Estimated, Abused Legitimate Certificate
9 Fake or Fake: Keeping up with OceanLotus decoys
10 COVID-19 cyber espionage saw Chinese ministry targeted by Ocean Lotus: FireEye
11 OceanLotus: macOS malware update
12 Accellion FTA compromise spreads. Ocean Lotus is back. LazyScripter seems to represent a new threat group. Notes from the SolarWinds hearings. New ICS threat actors.
13 Human rights activists in Vietnam targeted by spyware
14 Vietnamese hacking group has a 'Swiss Army knife' of tools at its disposal
15 OceanLotus ships new backdoor using old tricks
16 Watering the OceanLotus: new watering hole attacks target Southeast Asia | SC Media
17 APT32 ramps up targeting of global car companies
18 MacOS users targeted with dangerous new malware
19 OceanLotus APT campaign debuts new backdoor that resembles old Korplug RAT | SC Media
20 OceanLotus Watering Hole Campaign Compromises 21 High-Profile Southeast Asian Websites
21 BMW and Hyundai hacked by Vietnamese hackers, report claims
22 OceanLotus APT Uses Steganography to Load Backdoors
23 How did OceanLotus aka APT32 hack BMW? Read to know the complete story
24 This $39 Tech Stock Opens a $304 Billion Opportunity
25 Cyberattacks Launch Against Vietnamese Human-Rights Activists
26 OceanLotus APT acting in accordance with Vietnamese interests, researchers report | SC Media
27 Vietnam Rises as Cyberthreat
28 5-Year-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Hid in Google Play
29 MacOS backdoor appears to be update of tool previously used by Vietnam-linked group APT32
30 APT Attack Injects Malware into Windows Error Reporting
31 This dangerous malware got around Google Play Store security
32 Kaspersky Research: APT Groups Eye New Platforms, Exploits in 2Q20
33 OVH Data Center Fire Impacts Cyber-criminals
34 Rights Group: Vietnamese Government-linked Group Is Hacking Activists
35 MacBooks under attack by dangerous malware: What to do
36 Did Vietnamese Hackers Target the Chinese Government to Get Information on COVID-19?
37 Vietnam's neighbors, ASEAN, targeted by hackers: report
38 Giant Datacenter Fire Takes Down Government Hacking Infrastructure
39 Vietnamese hackers appear to be researching an NSA backdoor tool
40 Report: Iranian hackers operating from server farm in France
41 Google Play falls victim to PhantomLace hacking campaign
42 Small Countries’ New Weapon Against Goliaths: Hacking
43 Phishing & Watering Hole Attacks Dominate the Cyber Threat Landscape in Singapore, Representing 84% o ...
44 Vietnam Tapping Hackers to Silence Critics, Experts Warn
45 How the APT32 Hacking Group Operates
46 22 Jun 2020 Vietnam's Rise in Cyberspace
47 New research highlights Vietnamese group's custom hacking tools
48 Hackers targeted BMW, Hyundai in hunt for trade secrets
49 Top 20 Adversary Techniques: Why 20?
50 Hackers exploit Windows Error Reporting service in new fileless attack
51 Details About Shadowy Hacking, Cyber Espionage Group Revealed
52 Malicious Software Infrastructure Easier to Get and Deploy Than Ever
53 Chinese malware used in attacks against Australian orgs
54 Cyber Week in Review: May 1, 2020
55 WAV audio files are now being used to hide malicious code
56 Strasbourg data centre fire disrupts online services
57 BMW And Hyundai Targeted By Hackers Attempting To Steal Trade Secrets
58 What is Operation Cobalt Kitty? Notorious hacker unit OceanLotus Group's inner workings revealed
59 New Entries in the CFR Cyber Operations Tracker: Q2 2020
60 Chinese Hackers Used Facebook to Hack Uighur Muslims Living Abroad
61 How Watering Hole Attacks Target the Financial Sector and Government Agencies
62 Hacking and cyber espionage: The countries that are going to emerge as major threats in the 2020s
63 Digitally Signed Bandook Trojan Reemerges in Global Spy Campaign
64 Vietnamese Hackers Compromised BMW and Hyundai: Report
65 Foreign govt-backed forces hack into Chinese agencies: report
66 BMW fought off cyber attack by APT32 aimed at stealing trade secrets
67 BMW and Hyundai Compromised by Vietnamese State-Backed Hackers
68 A stolen Trump-Duterte transcript appears to be just one part of a larger hacking story
69 Vietnam-linked Hacking Group Targets Toyota, Other Companies
70 News Wrap: Microsoft Sway Phish, Malicious GIF and Spyware Attacks
71 Pandemic, A Driving Force in 2021 Financial Crime
72 Fileless Malware Injected in Windows Error Reporting Service
73 Artificial Intelligence and ML in Cybersecurity: Is it Worth the Hype?
74 Cyber attacks on COVID-19 vaccine production are not quite a war crime
75 Vietnam’s 13th party Congress ensures continuity, stability in domestic and foreign policies amid geo-political flux
76 State-Sponsored Hackers Have Been Pushing Spyware Through Authorized Google Play Downloads for Years
77 Pardon the Intrusion #29: Ransomware gang turns Robin Hood
78 APT groups aren't all from Russia, China, and North Korea
79 The Cybersecurity 202: Biden's plan to boost U.S. chip production finds an ally in banned Chinese firm Huawei
80 Cybercriminals Batter Automakers With Ransomware, IP Theft Cyberattacks
81 Mandrake Espionage Platform Selects Android Devices for Exploitation
82 This hacking group with suspected ties to the Vietnamese government is wreaking havoc
83 Newsletter
84 Cyberespionage APT group hides behind cryptomining campaigns
85 Mobile malware and exploitation amongst biggest cyber threats for 2020
86 Instagram removes hundreds of stolen accounts as hacks escalate
87 Kaspersky says APT groups continue to update and diversify arsenal
88 Cyber Operations Tracker | CFR Interactives
89 AI is changing everything about cybersecurity, for better and for worse. Here's what you need to know
90 Cobalt Strike & Metasploit Tools Were Attacker ...
91 OVH fire destroys Rust game data, takes other sites offline
92 Smaller Nation State Attacks: A Growing Cyber Menace
93 What is MITRE ATT&CK and how is it useful?
94 ThreatList: Half of All Attacks Aim at Supply Chain
95 Toyota suffers second data breach in five weeks
96 27 May 2019 The Rise of Stegware
97 Spyware and Press Freedom
98 Will Developing Nations Turn to Cybercrime to Fuel Their Economy?
99 The Cybersecurity 202: Spiking ransomware attacks against schools make pandemic education even harder
100 Vietnam has no choice but to counter China’s cyber thuggery