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Result Content Idea Research
1 Marine Reserves Can Help Oceans, and People, Withstand Climate Change
2 How volcanoes explode deep under the ocean
3 Scientists find first direct evidence of ocean mixing across the Gulf Stream
4 How humans are altering the tides of the oceans
5 Canada's oceans getting a funding boost from Ottawa
6 Life inside Pluto? Dwarf planet's hot birth may have created internal ocean | Space
7 Why we need sharks: the true nature of the ocean's 'monstrous villains'
8 Expert working group appointed for Future Earth Australia's Strategy on Sustainable Oceans and Coasts
9 How Trump Marked Nat'l Oceans Month: Axing Ocean Protections
10 Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet's Land and Ocean Outweigh the Costs at Least 5-to-1
11 More evidence that Europa’s ocean is habitable
12 Earth's final frontier: the global race to map the entire ocean floor
13 10 interesting facts about Earth's oceans | Daily Sabah
14 The Trump Administration Is Advancing Ocean Exploration
15 How a hidden ocean circulates beneath the Antarctic ice
16 Shark finning: why the ocean's most barbaric practice continues to boom
17 One-fifth of Earth's ocean floor is now mapped
18 Seabed 2030 Project announces that nearly a fifth of the world's ocean floor has now been mapped
19 First direct evidence of ocean mixing across the Gulf Stream: A single protein may determine how much scarring occurs
20 8-foot sea scorpions swam the ocean 500M years ago had massive claws to catch prey
21 Ocean Water Is Hurricane ‘Fuel’
22 Greenpeace Oceans Campaign | Multimedia |
23 Coronavirus PPE is starting to pollute our oceans
24 Under the sea: 50 breathtaking images from our oceans
25 The Search For Earth's Underground Oceans
26 N.J. election results 2020: Ocean County primary
27 'Blob' in the ocean is only place on Earth getting colder with global warming all around it
28 Can the forests of the world's oceans contribute to alleviating the climate crisis?
29 Salmar to convert Ocean Farm licences
30 Ocean Planets Could be Common in Galaxy
31 Surprise! Pluto may have had an underground ocean from the very beginning
32 Cosco Strikes Blockchain Pact for Ocean Cargo With Alibaba, Ant
33 How Many Oceans Are There In The World?
34 Deep-Sea Biologist Says Ocean Conservation Should Unite People
35 Giant whirlpools of the northern oceans
36 Ocean Acidification Threatens Bivalve Industry | Environment
37 Microplastic pollution harms lobster larvae, study finds: Microplastic fibers in the ocean impact larval lobsters at each stage of their development
38 Strange new species discovered in Pacific Ocean 'abyss'
39 Second Woman to Make Challenger Deep Ocean Dive
40 Mariana Trench: Don Walsh's son repeats historic ocean dive
41 Deep Down in Ocean Worlds, it's Difficult to Tell Where the Oceans End and the Rock Begins
42 7 Seas
43 In Pictures: Migrants leave Ocean Viking ship in Italy's Sicily
44 Delray Beach bystander spots body in ocean
45 Cristina – Eastern Pacific Ocean – Hurricane And Typhoon Updates
46 Turning On the Lights in the Ocean's Twilight Zone
47 Glass Ocean release lockdown video for Bolero
48 Body found in ocean identified as Boynton Beach fisherman
49 Ocean Conservation, Management And Protection | WWF.CA
50 | COVID-19 offers opportunity to save our ocean
51 Our Best Reads for World Oceans Day
52 New opportunities for ocean and climate modelling: GEOMAR introduces flexible and modular system FOCI
53 BRIEF-Salmar's Ocean Farm converts 8 licenses to ordinary production
54 Bristol Seafood adds office in New England Ocean Cluster
55 Deep-sea currents are behind the ocean's thickest piles of microplastics
56 Tiny plankton tell the ocean's story – this vast marine mission has been listening
57 Drewry Supply Chain Advisors provides overview of ocean carrier industry: Part I
58 Caring for Our Ocean in Crisis
59 Why I'll Always Be an Ocean Person
60 Moving Forward: Ocean Prosecutor Hosts Virtual Town Hall On Community Policing
61 Congratulations, Ocean Point Colony
62 World Oceans Day: New study finds deep ocean waters warming at a faster pace
63 Ocean Power Technologies Unveils Autonomous Surface Surveillance Solution for Offshore Territorial Applications
64 Unknown currents in Southern Ocean have been observed with help of seals
65 Ocean Yield Sells Chemical Tanker To Navig8
66 Miami Beach Ocean Drive Reopens to Cars After Pedestrian Trial
67 Protecting bays from ocean acidification: Research shows that submerged vegetation helps to offset Chesapeake Bay acidification
68 EMS, Police Respond As Motorcyclist Hits Tree Near Ocean County Airport
69 Scientists have now mapped one-fifth of world's ocean floor
70 Ocean Beach To The Golden Gate: Walk On San Francisco's Wild Side
71 Arctic Ocean acidification worse than previously expected
72 'More masks than jellyfish': coronavirus waste ends up in ocean
73 How face masks, gloves and other coronavirus waste is polluting our ocean
74 Police body cams show confrontation with unarmed Black man in Ocean Township
75 Hawaiian Groups Collects Ocean Trash for Recycling
76 Thailand is recycling its ocean plastic to fight COVID-19
77 Ocean Warming Dooms Most Fish, Study Says
78 Motorcyclist Sought for Hit-And-Run in Ocean Beach
79 China sees Indo-Pacific idea in terms of balance of power, not for advancing common interests
80 Research finds fishing gear a major source of ocean microplastics in Atlantic Canada
81 North Myrtle Beach police charge man with indecent exposure at S. Ocean Blvd resort
82 Pacific Whale Foundation Offers Discounts on Virtual Ocean Camp Sessions Through July
83 Nomad, Ocean Beauty's US market roll-out of Findus brand hampered by COVID disruptions
84 Canada leads push to safeguard world's oceans
85 Your Sunscreen Is Probably Hurting the Ocean. Here's What to Do About It.
86 Eco-friendly ocean drones to patrol Australian waters for illegal vessels
87 6 ways to make sure your sunscreen is eco-friendly
88 Human Mercury Pollution Discovered in the Deepest Ocean Trenches
89 This Is the United States’ Most Important Island in the Pacific Ocean
90 What an ocean hidden under Antarctic ice reveals about our planet's future climate
91 6 Women Pioneers of Ocean Exploration
92 SalMar's Ocean Farm 1 granted permanent, 'normal' salmon farming licenses
93 Norman sailor is aboard USS Donald Cook in Atlantic Ocean
94 Volcanic island in Pacific Ocean is having 'growth spurt'
95 The Ocean program is one of our core community science programs and we're h...
96 Planets With Large Oceans are Probably Common in the Milky Way
97 New Models Now Open at Nobility Crest in Ocean Township
98 Ocean County GOP schism threatens harmony on Board of Freeholders
99 'I raised hell': how people worldwide answered the call of World Oceans Day
100 Vila Vita Parc's Ocean restaurant reopens with new menu celebrating Portuguese cuisine