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1 U.S.-European mission launches to monitor the world's oceans
2 Harsh Droughts Can Actually Start Over Oceans
3 Dead Fish Are Carrying Mercury To The Deep Ocean
4 One Planet: Plastic Pollution Is Choking The World's Oceans
5 World Trade Organization Is Negotiating New Agreement to Protect Our Oceans From Overfishing
6 Oceana: Plastics killing sea animals, half of them in Florida
7 Endangered animals get entangled in plastics that riddle US oceans – study
8 3 researchers in submersible park at bottom of Earth's deepest ocean trench
9 The Continued Fight over Farming the Oceans
10 It Happens Here: Scituate Nurse Creates Ocean-Inspired Art
11 Fleet of robotic probes will monitor global warming's impact on microscopic ocean life
12 Used masks and gloves are showing up on beaches and in oceans
13 Ocean County Board of Elections Expected to Certify Results by Wednesday
14 SECNAV Braithwaite Calls for New US 1st Fleet Near Indian, Pacific Oceans
15 The seaweed swamping the Atlantic Ocean
16 How investors are coming up with the green to save the ocean blue
17 The uncertain future of the oceans
18 As the Oceans Warm, Hurricanes Stay Stronger Longer
19 Why We Need to Protect 30 Percent of America's Ocean by 2030
20 World's Most Remote Island Creates Largest Atlantic Ocean Sanctuary
21 Could kelp help relieve ocean acidification?
22 Why the Indian Ocean is Earth's Clearing-house for Ocean Warming
23 As Ocean Downs eyes future expansion some in Ocean City object. Why?
24 Report sounds an alarm on ongoing decline of US coral reefs
25 Tiny Atlantic island takes giant leap towards protecting world's oceans
26 Americans May Add Five Times More Plastic to the Oceans Than Thought
27 PGA Championship's 'course whisperer' has eye on golf's big hitters at Ocean Course
28 Ocean Power Technologies Expands Commercial Team With Southern Europe-Based Representative
29 Ancient Dust From The Ocean's Depths May Have Helped Keep The Last Ice Age Cool
30 Entire Ocean Township school district goes all remote after more COVID cases
31 Supply Chains Latest: Port Snarls Draw Scrutiny on Ocean Carriers.
32 Ocean Infinity Adds World's Largest Marine Robotic Vessels to its Armada Fleet
33 Three-metre-long dinosaur may have swum across a wide ocean
34 Ancient fragment of the Pacific Ocean found buried 400 miles below China
35 Have You Seen This? The time the ocean froze solid in Cape Cod
36 Ocean Plastic Used To Make Dispensers
37 Brad Pitt Pranked George Clooney on 'Oceans 12' with Diva Lie
38 Which Countries are Mapping the Ocean Floor?
39 Video: A Look At Ocean Software's Cancelled SNES Game Green Lantern
40 FDNY responds to Ocean Breeze fire
41 Ocean learning kits available Saturday
42 DNA in seawater can reveal fish diversity in the deep ocean: eDNA metabarcoding provides comparable and new insights compared to those of conventional methods
43 Taking a Measure of Sea Level Rise: Ocean Altimetry
44 China's Belt and Road mega-plan may devastate the world's oceans, or help save them
45 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest Winners Announced
46 Even as sea ice dwindles, ocean around Bering Strait still captures bits of carbon
47 How much plastic is in the ocean and what we can do about it?
48 Real Estate Insider: Blue Ocean sells The Falls at Roland Park development in Baltimore
49 Why Seagrass Could Be the Ocean's Secret Weapon Against Climate Change
50 No, an 'Old Camera' from Titanic Wasn't Found in 'Deep Ocean'
51 Scientists discover bizarre hell planet where it rains rocks and oceans are made of lava
52 Fr. Glenn: The Ultimate Ocean
53 New fossil discovery suggests dinosaurs traveled across oceans
54 Love waves from the ocean floor: Study identifies the undersea origins of mysterious love waves, decoding some of Earth's continuous vibrations
55 Ocean County freeholders hold up $13 million in open space, recreation funding
56 A final farewell for beloved Wrightsville Beach Fire and Ocean Rescue Captain, Jeremy Owens
57 How a 'vast ocean of goodwill' between China and Australia turned sour
58 Research Offers New Insight on the Role Kelp Can Play in Fighting Ocean Acidification
59 Rivers melt Arctic ice, warming air and ocean
60 US-European ocean monitoring satellite launches | News |
61 New vessel signals start of 'long-term capital investment' at UK's Ocean Fish
62 The Crooked Tree Ale of Ocean Beach
63 Why our ocean holds the best solutions to climate change
64 Naval drills in the Indian Ocean give bite to the anti-China “Quad”
65 Strictly viewers cringe as Billy Ocean appears to sing off-key
66 Ocean research group says right whale entanglements hurt animals' reproductive health
67 Explained: What is the Atlantic Ocean’s largest protected marine reserve?
68 Organized crime in the fisheries sector threatens a sustainable ocean economy
69 Chuck’s Food Shack: Cooking seafood in foil packets makes for an ocean’s bounty of options
70 Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard | Beach formation takes more than sand
71 Scientists discover hell-like planet with oceans of lava, perpetual sunlight and rock rain
72 Digital board game Oceans Lite plumbs the depths of iOS and Android today
73 Ocean Springs groups hold 5th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
74 Ocean carriers 'really kicking us while we are down', say forwarders
75 Ocean Spray Partners with Massachusetts Restaurant United, Launches Ocean Spray Farmers for Chefs Alliance
76 Ocean Point
77 Deptford's Ocean State Job Lot is OPEN! Photos and Short Video
78 Tom Ford Timepieces makes first watch from plastic recovered from the ocean
79 Lady A Expand Ocean With a Thomas Rhett Duet, "Heroes"
80 After 9 months of recovery, gray seal returns to the ocean
81 World's First Ocean Hybrid Platform Converts Tidal Waves Into Energy
82 Girl Scout Troop helps put on adoption drive in Ocean Springs
83 Golden Ocean Group: Results Show That Shipping Is Much Stronger Than Most Think
84 How to improve your pitch deck #5
85 Ocean v3 Brings Wave of Data Monetization Tools to Ethereum
86 Ocean Bio-Chem authorizes $3M share repurchase program
87 Researchers Discover Fishing Reduces Carbon Sequestration in Ocean
88 Can kelp forests protect the coastal environment from ocean acidification?
89 'Let's Explore VR Oceans Pack' available now
90 Doctoral student contributes to global ocean-predator study | Cornell Chronicle
91 Aframax tanker adrift in Indian ocean UPDATE Nov 23 under tow
92 Five Books Featuring Alien Oceans
93 Fiancée's grief: 'The god of the ocean took my man'
94 Major milestone for the Ocean Reef Marina project
95 This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really is
96 Mystery beach find sparks emergency call in USA
97 India Foreign Minister to undertake 3-nation West Asia & Western Indian Ocean trip from Tuesday
98 TFG Marine USD 0.3 million loss reflected in Golden Ocean Q3 2020 financial report
99 Hawaii is the only state where virus cases aren't rising. The ocean helps.
100 How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground