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1 Andela shuts offices, expands across Africa by going remote
2 State of the Octoverse 2019: Python outranks Java for the first time
3 Octoverse 2019: Python slithers past Java to become GitHub's second most popular language
4 10 Fastest-Growing Languages According To Octoverse report by Github
5 GitHub: Over 80% of repository contributions come from outside the U.S.
6 GitHub Octoverse 2018 Highlights
7 Weekly Review: Java ValueType, State of the Octoverse & latest JEP news
8 GitHub Rolls Out New Developer Tools, Octoverse Report
9 Python becomes the second-most popular programming language on GitHub
10 GitHub 2019 report reveals the most popular language (for the 6th year running)
11 10 Fastest-Growing Programming Languages on GitHub
12 Kubernetes by the numbers, in 2020: 12 stats to see
13 The 10 most popular programming languages, according to the Microsoft-owned GitHub
14 GitHub Octoverse: The top programming languages of 2018
15 GitHub's Latest State Of The Octoverse
16 GitHub gets new features to help developers build apps faster and identify security issues at the beginning
17 GitHub Octoverse: top machine learning packages, languages, and projects of 2018
18 GitHub launches Arctic Code Vault to preserve open source software for 1,000 years
19 Python Beats Java On GitHub
20 The 10 fastest-growing programming languages, according to Microsoft-owned GitHub
21 Top 10 Fastest-Growing Open Source Projects By Github Contributors
22 GitHub Octoverse Reveals The State Of Open Source
23 GitHub report: Developers remain productive during quarantine
24 GitHub Report: JavaScript, Java and Python Repeat as Top Languages
25 GitHub and pals call on Indian government to junk proposed platform liability rules • DEVCLASS
26 GitHub Details Year's Most Popular Programming Languages, Active Projects, More
27 The Curious Rise of C#
28 Top 10 Java stories of November: Quarkus 1.0.0.Final, Java's new ValueType & more
29 GitHub: Singapore ranks 2nd for the highest growth of open source contributors globally
30 Top 11 languages Which Can Fetch You Good Salary In 2020
31 GitHub says 80 percent of repository contributions come from outside the U.S.
32 Hail To Open Source: The 10 Most Popular Github Repos From 2019
33 GitHub: All open-source developers anywhere are welcome
34 Python Outranks Java As The 2nd Most Popular Language On GitHub
35 GitHub: Facebook’s PyTorch and Microsoft’s Azure have the fastest-growing open source projects
36 Microsoft's GitHub: 'Kotlin for Android now fastest-growing programming language'
37 Africa is the fastest growing continent for developers globally
38 Australia is 12th largest open source user outside US
39 GitHub: Numpy and Scipy are the most popular packages for machine learning projects
40 GitHub launches iOS app, Android app coming in 2020
41 Top 10 Languages Used By GitHub Repo Contributors in 2019
42 Kenya Has One of the Fastest Growing Software Developer Communities on GitHub
43 Python most popular programming language In India
44 Microsoft-owned GitHub Inc launches India operations
45 Python is Key to the Future of Data Science
46 Python Learning Video Courses Expand to Data Tools
47 GitHub Universe 2019 Announced Github For Mobile and Much More
48 GitHub launches Android app in beta
49 Python: Top Programming Language of 2019?
50 GitHub enters the next phase of storing code at the Arctic Code Vault
51 TypeScript: Quiet Winner Among Programming Languages
52 Kubernetes' success confirmed: The love affair continues
53 The programming languages that will get you a banking job now
54 Python jumps past Java, JavaScript is still most popular language for GitHubbers
55 Kotlin in 2020: 'A Better Java' Continues to Mature
56 TensorFlow, Python, and Julia helped make 2018 the year of machine learning on GitHub
57 CodinGame 2020 developer survey: Python is the most loved programming language
58 Coders, Software Engineers Find Work with Right Skills
59 Kotlin, HCL, TypeScript Top GitHub's Fastest-Growing Languages
60 How is Java Doing?
61 Top 10 most popular programming languages of 2019
62 GitHub: 3 Features Make Programming Languages Popular
63 Microsoft releases two Python video courses which help aspiring AI developers
64 The coding languages that will get you a job at Google. And the coding languages that won't
65 JavaScript on top, Python ties with Java in RedMonk rankings
66 GitHub Universe 2018 zeros in on the future of software development
67 Python is on its way to become the top programming language of 2019
68 OpenAI goes all-in on Facebook’s Pytorch machine learning framework
69 10 Fastest Growing-Projects On GitHub You Can Contribute To
70 Top 10 Statically Type Languages One Must Know
71 Kotlin 1.3.70 adds experimental features and new color schemes
72 Open source is a heavily interdependent community, which is good and bad for security
73 TypeScript: Should You Spend Time Learning It?
74 The Masakhane project wants machine translation and AI to transform Africa
75 Rust 1.39.0 stable update adds async-await
76 Java Closes 2019 as Most Popular Language, Python Still Hot
77 TensorFlow 2.1.0: First release candidate available
78 GitHub Makes Core Features Free for All Teams
79 Flutter 1.17 and Dart 2.8: New packagement tool & improvements
80 Top 10 Fastest Growing Programming Languages According to GitHub
81 Google Announces Flutter 1.12, Adobe XD Support, Big Plans
82 Surprise! Microsoft has the most Open Source contributors on GitHub
83 7 Programming Languages Vital to Learn in 2020
84 5 Programming Languages You Won't Use by 2030
85 JavaScript and Web Development InfoQ Trends Report 2020
86 Facebook’s chief AI scientist: Deep learning may need a new programming language
87 What is HCL (Hashicorp Configuration Language), how does it relate to Terraform, and why is it growing in popularity?
88 Kotlin Accelerating in Usage, Buzz: RedMonk Rankings
89 Programming languages: Kotlin rises fastest but JavaScript lures millions more developers
90 10 Most Used Python GitHub Repositories To Look Out For In 2019
91 GitHub Acquires Pull Panda
92 GitHub passes 100 million repositories
93 15 most popular development languages, according to GitHub
94 Why the next big enterprise startup will be made in India
95 Facebook launches PyTorch 1.1 with TensorBoard support
96 Microsoft 'Quietly' Announced an Edge Location in Nairobi Months Ago
97 Bullish Fund Manager Bets on Ethereum after Stunning 112% Spike in 2019
98 Google launches TensorFlow 2.0 alpha with fewer APIs
99 Dart 2.7 adds support for extension methods & null safety preview
100 2019: Java's last year on top?