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1 Department of Energy to Provide $57.5 Million for Science Computing Teams | Department
2 How The Nuclear Industry Is Getting Past A Tough U.S. Power Market
3 US Ramps Up Planning for Space Nuclear Technology
4 China tensions raise doubts over UK nuclear projects
5 Energy Cast podcast: The future of next-gen nuclear technologies
6 NASA seeks to expand their nuclear energy systems
7 The Night A Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant
8 France's Revolutionary Nuclear Reactor Is a Leaky, Expensive Mess
9 Attorney General's Office was party to hearings on Eversource rate hikes but didn't get involved
10 TECHNOLOGY: Can a hydrogen makeover save nuclear power?
11 Contractor at nuclear regulatory office tests positive for coronavirus | TheHill
12 Powering Perseverance: NASA's Mars 2020 Mission Fueled by DOE National Labs
13 Where the Candidates Stand On Energy: Republican Nominee for US Senate from Georgia David Perdue
14 This Week in Washington IP: Federal Technology Investments, Advancing Clean and Nuclear Energy R&D, and Former Google CEO Schmidt on Innovation Policy
15 Viewpoint: The nuclear option in the UK's clean energy transition : Perspectives
16 AP: Ohio House Speaker arrested in bribery probe linked to nuclear power plants
17 US Department of Energy Launches $230 Million Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program | Department of Energy
18 Democrats Propose $23.5 Billion for DOE as Economic Recovery Measure
19 Nuclear Weapons: Action Needed to Address the W80-4 Warhead Program's Schedule Constraints
20 Argonne to explore how digital twins may transform nuclear energy with $8 million from ARPA-E's GEMINA program
21 Ohio Nuclear Power Scandal
22 ComEd slap-down gives Illinois chance to secure a terrific energy future
23 Department of Energy Invests $65 Million at National Laboratories and American Universities to Advance Nuclear Technology | Department
24 Building a Uranium Reserve: The First Step in Preserving the U.S. Nuclear Fuel Cycle
25 Group to Cities: Get Out of Nuclear Project While You Can
26 Scientists demonstrate a new experiment in the search for theorized 'neutrinoless' process
27 Nuclear Power Pack: 3 Can't Miss STEM Resources on Nuclear Energy
28 Could hydrogen bail out nuclear power?: Physics Today: Vol 73, No 8
29 Nuclear Power System Delivered to Florida for NASA's Perseverance Rover
30 75 years after Hiroshima, let's eliminate nuclear weapons
31 DOE/NNSA Los Alamos Field Office Approves Climate, Atmospheric Data Collection Project
32 5 Things Netflix Got Wrong about Nuclear Power in its History 101 Series
33 Nuclear Gulf: Is Saudi Arabia pushing itself into a nuclear trap?
34 Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Market 2020-2025 by Product, Carrier and Region
35 HB6: ‘The worst energy bill of the 21st century’ has to go
36 Duke Energy’s Crystal River deal needs more customer protections, advocates say
37 US Department of Energy Awards $15.2 Million for Advanced Nuclear Technology | Department of Energy
38 US Department of Energy Announces Education Awards for the Next Generation of Nuclear Scientists and Engineers | Department of Energy
39 Not guilty pleas for 4 indicted in $60M Ohio bribery probe
40 CT’s long road to replace nuclear power with wind and solar
41 US Department of Energy Awards $3.5 Million to New Gas Reactor Design | Department of Energy
42 Global Nuclear Steam Generators Market 2020-2025 by Design, Reactor Type and Geography
43 Nuclear power will improve our economy – The Manila Times
44 DOE invests $65M at national laboratories and US universities to advance nuclear technology
45 5 Fast Facts About Nuclear Energy | Department of Energy
46 America Just Made a Huge Investment in Next-Gen Nuclear Power
47 DOE Unveils $65M Funding Opportunity for Nuclear Technology Projects
48 Trump’s budget continues to boost nuclear energy
49 FirstEnergy's 'brazen arrogance' seen in Householder scandal too, critics claim
50 Energy Department Launches New Demonstration Center for Advanced Nuclear Technologies
51 Final FY20 Appropriations: DOE Applied Energy R&D
52 Following the Money: Householder's Funds May Reach into Geauga County
53 Russia to ship pipe spools for Kudankulam's main coolant pipeline
54 Department of Energy awards UC Berkeley engineering department $2M
55 DOE Nuclear Energy Chief Reaffirms Interest in Foreign Reprocessing for US Spent Fuel
56 US Department of Energy Further Advances Nuclear Energy Technology through Awards of $10.6 Million | Department of Energy
57 Has COVID-19 struck a fatal blow for Ukraine's green energy drive?
58 The Need for Testing Advanced Nuclear Power
59 Energy Dept. Starts 'Small' Used-Fuel Reprocessing Effort
60 Dividing lines: Where candidates for the top two offices stand on the issues
61 Newsmakers: Week of Aug. 3, 2020 | Texas Lawyer
62 POLITICS: Electricity to EPA: Where 7 veep contenders stand on energy
63 NELA or Not, Congress Funds Reactor Demonstrations at DOE
64 Q&A: Assistant Secretary Rita Baranwal Lays Out Her Vision for the Future of Nuclear Energy | Department of Energy
65 Our National Security Requires a Stronger Nuclear-Energy Industry
66 Energy Department Invests Nearly $50 Million at National Laboratories and Universities to Advance Nuclear Technology
67 DOE launches Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program – Daily Energy Insider
68 Nuclear Energy: Clean, Constant, and Cool | Department of Energy
69 Nuclear Power Supports Clean Energy Transition with Secure and Flexible Electricity Supply
70 Ralph Nader and Colleagues Call on Nancy Pelosi to Revive Office of Technology Assessment
71 US increases budget for nuclear energy security and research
72 DOE Awards $111 Million to U.S. Vendors to Develop Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuels
73 DOE Announces Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement to Examine Building a Versatile Test Reactor in the U.S.
74 BYU students aided in nuclear energy research efforts by national scholarship awards
75 Householder directs dirty Ohio campaign to save bailout as millions flow
76 FY21 Budget Request: DOE Applied Energy R&D
77 USA plans revival of uranium sector : Uranium & Fuel
78 COVID-19 impacts nuclear industry worldwide
79 Small reactors feasible in Puerto Rico, study concludes : Nuclear Policies
80 DOE Nuclear Energy Chief Commits to Studying Use of Advance Reactors for Nuclear Recyling
81 Department of Energy Invests $64 Million in Advanced Nuclear Technology | Department
82 DOE announces funding for nuclear energy R&D : Nuclear Policies
83 Making nuclear energy cost-competitive
84 Pentagon awards contracts to design mobile nuclear reactor
85 Nuclear power system delivered for Mars rover launch : New Nuclear
86 3D-printed nuclear reactor promises faster, more economical path to nuclear energy
87 Three More Nuclear Plant Owners Will Demonstrate Hydrogen Production
88 So ... What Actually Happens Inside a Hot Cell?
89 Nuclear technology innovation and regulatory transformation are essential to meeting climate goals
90 US Advanced Nuclear Technology Projects to Receive $18 Million from the US Department of Energy | Department of Energy
91 US Department of Energy Launches Energy Storage Grand Challenge | Department of Energy
92 US Department of Energy Provides Nearly $20 Million for Domestic Advanced Nuclear Technology Projects | Department of Energy
93 GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and TerraPower Announce Collaboration to Support Versatile Test Reactor Program
94 Entergy closes Indian Point unit 2 : Corporate
95 How strong are Britain and China's economic ties?
96 US development bank proposes end to nuclear finance ban : Nuclear Policies
97 What is a Radioisotope Power System? | Department of Energy
99 It's Time for the World to Recognize Nuclear as a Clean Energy Source
100 3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor Core Promises Faster, More Economical Energy