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1 Trump taps HUD appointee to be new OPM director
2 Federal human capital — including OPM — need a sweeping overhaul, affinity groups say
3 OPM stonewalls probe of hiring practices, watchdog says
4 OPM Delays Annual Workforce Survey Again Four Days Before Kickoff
5 Connolly, Maloney Seek Transcripts on OPM Elimination Talks
6 Trump nominates controversial new candidate to lead OPM – Government & civil service news
7 Administration’s reopening plans ‘unsafe’ for federal employees, senators say
8 OPM to create a new locality pay area, expand another
9 Senior execs group pushes OPM re-org
10 White House Objects to Language Preventing OPM-GSA Merger and Other Workforce Provisions in House 'Minibus' Spending Bill
11 OPM Moves to Implement Protections for Feds During Shutdowns
12 OPM Continues Launching Workforce Tools in Line With PMA
13 Federal health and retirement benefits are a draw for many, but for how long?
14 Workforce training takes on new focus in Trump administration’s 2020 priorities
15 VERIFY: Are federal employees eligible for hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic?
16 Survey Shows Value of Federal Employees Benefits
17 New civil service report meant to bring people together has driven them apart
18 Trump officials made 'misleading' statements about changes to federal worker management, watchdog says
19 Maximus Awarded $13 Million OPM Contract for Retirement and Insurance Services Assistance
20 Trump's pick to head Office of Personnel Management spread 'satanic' conspiracy theory, called Democrats party of 'Islam' and 'gender-bending'
21 One agency helps prevent politicizing the federal workforce – and the White House wants it abolished | TheHill
22 MAXIMUS Wins $13M OPM Deal for Benefits Services Assistance
23 Senators Warn Against 'Unsafe' Federal Office Reopenings – MeriTalk
24 Senator Asks Agencies How They Are Protecting Federal Employees When Reopening
25 House Appropriations Bill Keeps Trump's 1% Raise for Feds, Blocks other White House Priorities
26 OPM Implements New Locality Pay Area, and More
27 Thousands of feds apply for coronavirus workers’ compensation
28 Watchdog to Review Return-to-Office Plans for Federal HR Agency
29 House Panel Okays FSGG Bill That Blocks OPM-GSA Merger
30 Despite Coronavirus, Federal Workers Head to the Office
31 OPM Proposes New Protections for Federal Employees' Health Benefits During Future Shutdowns
32 Freedom from Union Dues for Some Federal Employees
33 New Senate bill requires agencies to brush up diversity and inclusion plans
34 House appropriators put protections for federal workers into FY21 funding bill
35 Not Yet: Senators Say Federal Employees Shouldn't Return to Work in Their Offices
36 Federal workers are returning to the office. Some members of Congress say they shouldn’t be.
37 FMLA is the Best Option for Federal Employees Facing a Premature Return to the Office
38 Surge in Coronavirus Cases Raises New Questions About Agencies' Office Reopenings
39 4% Drop in OPM's Retirement Backlog in June
40 AFGE renews legal effort to secure hazard pay for frontline feds
41 Key House Panel States Position on Range of Federal Personnel Issues
42 Federal Hiring Executive Order
44 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Right Now
45 OPM offers up its own take on reopening its facilities
46 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey helps civilians voice their opinions
47 Defense Sec. bans photographs being used when considering promotions
48 OPM looks to its own reopening
49 Latest OPM telework data reveals leaps and bounds agencies had to make during pandemic
50 With the contract finalized, NAPA’s congressionally-mandated OPM study is underway
51 Cabaniss resigns as OPM director
52 OPM offers up more telework guidance amid growing coronavirus concerns
53 OPM-GSA merger may be on hold, but administration wants to spend $70M on it next year
54 Stalled MSPB nominee to lead key workforce policy shop at OPM
55 GAO looked for more details on the OPM-GSA merger but came up mostly empty-handed
56 OPM will allow certain federal employees to hold on to unused annual leave during pandemic
57 Agencies should ensure employees are ‘telework ready’ amid coronavirus concerns, OPM says
58 Administration signals continued desire for OPM-GSA merger with 2021 budget request
59 Why can’t OPM just order me to telework during the coronavirus pandemic?
60 Trump’s original pick to lead OPM is now a senior agency adviser
61 Senate Democrats ask OPM for more agency guidance
62 Citing ‘unnecessarily complex’ coronavirus guidance, senators seek more assurances from OPM
63 General Schedule is the ‘single greatest obstacle’ for agency CHCOs, OPM says
64 OPM Launches COVID-19 Response Program for Fed Agencies
65 OPM Highlights 'Evacuation Pay' Authority As a Way Agencies Can Expedite Telework
66 OPM details its return from maximum telework in guide
67 Longtime HR Solutions leader retiring from OPM after 37 years
68 OPM directs agencies to hire, administer oath with digital tools
69 Lawmakers want transcript of Trump administration call on eliminating OPM
70 OPM Abandons Effort to Make It Easier for Feds to Transfer and Re-Enter Government
71 Congress to formally block OPM-GSA merger with defense authorization bill
72 For many federal employees, health and retirement benefits are what’s keeping them on the job
73 New federal paid parental leave benefits will be ready without delay, OPM says
74 Let’s talk about those reopening plans
75 OPM lifts caps on hazard pay for COVID-19
76 Federal retirement claims remained largely stable during May
77 OPM’s Rigas to take on second position as OMB acting deputy
78 OPM Offers Distancing Guidance for new Fed Employee Onboarding
79 OMB, OPM Preparing to Send Feds Back to the Office – MeriTalk
80 OPM reopens Combined Federal Campaign to support coronavirus response
81 After pandemic delay, the FEVS are on their way back
82 House Lawmakers Accuse GSA of Breaching Ban on Implementing OPM Merger
83 House Committee Investigates Whether Officials Misled Congress on OPM-GSA Merger
84 New retirement claims up in April but OPM backlog down amid coronavirus slump
85 OPM recommends paid parental leave corrections, new employee benefits in 2021 budget
86 Lawmakers Urge Mandatory Telework, and OPM Highlights Defense Policy Act Pay Provisions
87 Dark cloud over OPM leaves employees fearing long-term damage
88 OPM has yet to fix issues with contracts to help 2015 data breach victims
89 OPM employees voiceless as administration ramped up merger efforts
90 OPM closes DC-area federal agencies at 1 PM due to snow threat
91 Democrats blast Trump team's handling of federal workers in coronavirus crisis
92 Trump to tap senior HUD official to run Office of Personnel Management: report | TheHill
93 Inside the White House Plan to Plant Cronies All Over
94 Agencies Identify Human Capital Management Concerns in OPM Report
95 HUD Official John Gibbs Nominated to Lead Office of Personnel Management
96 A top HHS aide’s last job was ‘Labradoodle breeder.’ He’s one of many unqualified appointees.
97 OPM is eliminating dozens of occupational series deemed unnecessary
98 Shutdowns, relocations and mergers defined a whirlwind 2019 for the federal workforce
99 OMB’s Weichert leaving for the private sector
100 OPM and Defense Dept. Issue Guidelines for Civilian Employees on Coronavirus