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1 Who invented bread?
2 Scientists Find Evidence of Small-Scale Farming 23,000 Years Ago in Israel | Archaeology
3 Stone Age String Strengthens Case for Neandertal Smarts
4 Bottle of Wine, Fruit of the Vine | Jonathan Weinkle | The Blogs
5 Flint sickles prove grain cultivation in Galilee 23,000 years ago
6 Three New Companies Leverage Research to Launch Development at Startup Sandbox
7 Oldest ever piece of string was made by Neanderthals 50000 years ago
8 Fibre fragment strikes a chord
9 Archaeologists find possible evidence of earliest human agriculture
10 Were the first farmers in prehistoric Turkey?
11 These Bread-makers Predate Farming
12 What ancient seeds found in archaeological excavations in Israel tell us
13 The First Farmers
14 First evidence of farming in Mideast 23000 years ago: Evidence of earliest small-scale agricultural cultivation
15 Here’s the 22nd batch of 500 Startups companies
16 Green Thumbery: What Can the First Weeds Tell Us?
17 GDPR: How Europe’s new privacy law is creating big business opportunities
18 40,000-year-old yarn suggests Neanderthals had basic maths skills
19 Evidence for habitual climbing in a Pleistocene hominin in South Africa
20 Yes, You Can Trust Millennials to Make Good Choices
21 How the First Farmers Changed History
22 Oldest evidence for processing of wild cereals: starch grains from barley, wheat, on grinding stone
23 Platforms: Architecture and the Use of the Ground
24 Scientists discover the earliest known evidence of plant cultivation in the Levant
25 The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten
26 And then I threw it on the ground: first signs of farming come from the middle east, some 23,000 years ago
27 Innovation and Collaboration: the key to realising value from AI
28 LR Safety Accelerator showcases innovative safetytech solutions
29 Are Ancient Grains Nutritionally Better?
30 Mysterious ancient structure found under sea of Galilee
31 The "True" Human Diet
32 The Seeds of Civilization | History
33 Understanding Human Evolution: Neanderthal DNA Contributes to Genetic Diversity
34 Origins and insights into the historic Judean date palm based on genetic analysis of germinated ancient seeds and morphometric studies
35 Wine Talk: Seeking Balance Naturally
36 Unlikely rebel? Meet Yifat Shasha-Biton, the Likud MK defying Netanyahu’s orders
37 Nuclear DNA from two early Neandertals reveals 80000 years of genetic continuity in Europe
38 Muslim and Bedouin girls take to the road on motorcycles
39 Walk around water
40 Rare 3rd century Golan synagogue mosaics show shift in Jewish life post-Temple
41 UK cyber entrepreneurs meet world's experts in Silicon Valley
42 Czech, Israeli, Italian, Polish and Ukrainian Citizens Were Among Victims of Berlin Attack
43 5 Rules for the Paleo Diet from Actual Paleolithic Humans
44 Finding kinship on Kibbutz
45 Evidence for precision grasping in Neandertal daily activities
46 Finding sheds light on Stone Age
47 A&M: Bats make sound to find their way but don't 'talk over' each other
48 Meet the New MK: Kulanu's Shasha-Biton wants to narrow social gaps through education
49 Israeli researcher: Mikvehs show that Galilee cave dwellers were likely kohanim
50 22X Fund Offers Tokenized Opportunity To Invest In Startups
51 WINE TALK: The French connection
52 JPost Holy Land: Negev's rare 'Desert Kites' catch attention of archaeologists
53 Paleo diet not quite as thought
54 The evolution of modern human brain shape
55 Herzl, swords and the Nazi salute: The curious history of Jewish fencers
56 Stone 'sickles' suggest we were cultivating crops 23,000 years ago
57 Report: Most Israeli Universities Penalize Reservists
58 Stone Age people were eating porridge 32000 years ago
59 Israeli army incursion into Syria hits refugee camp
60 Seed savers: Heirloom seeds become a library of past plants
61 Israel’s oil drilling in Golan criticised
62 22X Fund is Here: 30 Companies, 1 Digital Token = A Whole New Way to Win at Startup Investing