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1 Oliver Cromwell gold coin sells for world record £471k at auction
2 Stunning 10-bed country home where Oliver Cromwell built Civil War army & with 70ft library on sale for
3 Scarborough collector sells Oliver Cromwell gold coin for world record £471,000
4 Gold coin of Oliver Cromwell struck in 1656 is to be auctioned for an estimated £150,000
5 LETTER: 'Warrington's Oliver Cromwell statue should be removed and melted down'
6 Why is there an Oliver Cromwell statue in Warrington town centre?
7 Floods in Cambridgeshire highlight shape of English Civil War fort
8 How 'Wolfwalkers,' One of the Most Stunning Animated Movies of 2020, Got Made
9 The Cadaver Senate – Ricochet
10 Covid didn't cancel our Christmas in London. Boris Johnson's lack of leadership did.
11 It took the people to dispatch Trump | Letters To Editor |
12 Will strong reviews push ‘Wolfwalkers’ to the front of the Oscar pack?
13 Watch Meghan McCain Call Trump a ‘Mad King’ on The View
14 Tragedy? How about no St. Patrick's Day | Letters To Editor |
15 George Washington Resisted the Siren Call of Absolute Power
16 The U.S. Capitol raid was a failed self-coup previously seen in dying regimes
17 Two statues in London to be removed over links to slavery in light of BLM movement
18 Mayor of Basingstoke launches English Civil War themed art competition for students
19 LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus NI
20 Every Year About 186 Million Pies Are Sold In Just US Grocery Stores
21 Which royals are buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle?
22 Oliver Cromwell: African American Hero of the American Revolution
23 Oliver Cromwell did it but will Boris Johnson? Why MPs might sit on Christmas Day
24 Explore Windsor Castle, the Longest Occupied Castle in the World
25 Chequers
26 Letter: Timely advice from Oliver Cromwell
27 From Oliver Cromwell to Donald Trump: Here's how to stop a slide into despotism | Tom Brier
28 The chilling story of the sorcerer locked in the Tower of London for cursing an English noble
29 Boris Johnson says London's Oliver Cromwell statue should stay
30 Hazel V. Carby · The Limits of Caste · LRB 21 January 2021
31 Oliver Cromwell Cox and the Capitalist Sources of Racism
32 The Earith Bulwark fort highlighted in drone flood pictures
33 Oliver Cromwell – The siege of Clonmel
34 Katherine of Aragon Peterborough Cathedral: Famous royals with ties to the city's grand cathedral
35 Oliver Cromwell, the man who wouldn't be king
36 Scenes and Traces of the English Civil War
37 Oliver Cromwell statue has ‘racist’ graffitied on it for the second time
38 'Cromwell is a cockroach'
39 Cromwell statue at Westminister should stay, says Irish vice-chancellor of Oxford
40 Should statues of Oliver Cromwell be torn down? » MercatorNet
41 UK minister says controversial statues should be put in context
42 The Original Grinch: How Oliver Cromwell Cancelled Christmas 1646
43 Fresh calls in Ireland for statue of Oliver Cromwell to be removed from outside UK parliament
44 Oliver Cromwell Cox's Marxism
45 Curator of Museum asks did Oliver Cromwell cancel Christmas | Hunts Post
46 Oliver Cromwell letter in which he talks about his depression put on display for the first time
47 The strange story of how Oliver Cromwell's head was owned by a Kettering doctor
48 'Vaccine Apartheid' – blatant blood libel, but too good to resist
49 Boris Johnson and Oliver Cromwell have both managed to cancel Christmas
50 Royal history debunked: Religious parties 'cancelled Christmas NOT Cromwell'
51 MP likens government to Oliver Cromwell over Christmas restrictions
52 Wolfwalkers review – wolves take on Cromwell in bold Irish history tale
53 When Christmas was cancelled: a lesson from history
54 How Oliver Cromwell's doctor pioneered the use of statistics History
55 An Oliver Cromwell statue in Wythenshawe has been vandalised with the words 'cockroach' and 'f*** racist'
56 Investigation launched after Oliver Cromwell statue in Wythenshawe daubed with graffiti AGAIN
57 Now Labour peer demands iconic statue of CROMWELL is torn down
58 Oliver Cromwell statue vandalised in Manchester as all monuments are reviewed
59 Johnson: Cromwell statue will stay despite killing of 'thousands of people in Ireland'
60 Tories didn’t start the culture war, but they have found a way to win it
61 No dancing, no pubs, no zoos, no Christmas: this pandemic is heaven for puritans
62 A Day With 70013 Oliver Cromwell
63 Cromwell's Head
64 Why British Lawmakers Are Fighting Over a Bust of Oliver Cromwell
65 Wolfwalkers review: Animated storytelling at its finest
66 Wind and rain led to Cromwell's remarkable victory
67 Why Oliver Cromwell may have been Britain's greatest ever general – new analysis of battle reports
68 Theatre show based on Oliver Cromwell's would-be killer
69 Providence Lost by Paul Lay review – the rise and fall of Oliver Cromwell’s Protectorate
70 Britain has its own vexed history of civil war monuments
71 The top 10 historical metaphors for Brexit: rated! | News Review | The Sunday Times
72 Oliver Cromwell by David Horspool review – Britain’s chance to be a republic
73 It’s true, we ignore parts of our history – and not just about our colonial past
74 The year that Christmas was cancelled in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
75 An update on steam locomotive 70013 Oliver Cromwell and 7027 Thornbury Castle
76 LETTER: Should Warrington's statue of Oliver Cromwell be taken down?
77 Royal horror: Charles I 'should have been rescued from evil' ‒ not beheaded by Cromwell
78 Cromwell’s invasion cost the lives of 4000 Scots
79 Elizabeth: Oliver Cromwell's 'queen'
80 Stolen statues of King Billy and Oliver Cromwell found
81 Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, PM Johnson says
82 The history behind Cromwell's Cottage on Church Street
83 For UM, doctor believes he has solved the mystery of Oliver Cromwell's death
84 What’s So Great About a Written Constitution?
85 Cromwellians divided over town's murderous namesake
86 Boris is cavalier about Christmas, but he's a reluctant Roundhead
87 Oliver Cromwell’s head was buried 300 years after the rest of him
88 Statues are a mark of honour. Like Edward Colston, Cecil Rhodes and Oliver Cromwell have to go
89 Ferdinand Mount · You are a milksop · LRB 7 May 2020
90 LETTER: 'Removing town's Oliver Cromwell statue would be rewriting history'
91 Thomas Cromwell Facts: Your Guide To Henry VIII's "Faithful Servant"
92 Owners of a manor reputedly home to Cromwell's remains are accused of 'sacrificing' nearby village
93 In defence of Oliver Cromwell, the man who saved England from tyranny
94 Oliver Cromwell’s war crimes, the Massacre of Drogheda in 1649
95 Boris Johnson under 'extreme pressure' to not be first since Cromwell to cancel Christmas
96 ‘Wolfwalkers’ Review: An Irish Enchantment
97 Surprise leader who ‘helped cement Queen’s constitutional monarchy’
98 What Really Killed Notorious English Leader Oliver Cromwell?
99 WEIRD NORFOLK: Did one of Norfolk's lost villages house a Puritan's shameful secret?
100 The year Christmas was banned in Ireland and Britain 17:26