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1 Sudan's last democratically elected PM dies from COVID-19
2 Omar Hassan al-Bashir Goes on Trial in Sudan Over 1989 Coup
3 Omar al-Bashir: Sudan agrees ex-president must face ICC
4 Omar Hassan al-Bashir Is Gone, but the Killing Goes On in Darfur
5 Former Sudanese ruler Omar Hassan al-Bashir is convicted of corruption, money laundering
6 Sudan to host Russian military base
7 The Fall of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the ‘Spider’ at the Heart of Sudan’s Web
8 Trial of ex-Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir trial postponed for a week
9 In Darfur, Displaced Hope Bashir Faces ICC Trial
10 Ousted Sudanese President al-Bashir Moved to Prison
11 Sudan still struggles under Omar al-Bashir’s shadow
12 Trial of ex-Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir delayed at request of defence
13 Al-Bashir Is on Trial in Sudan. He’s Not the First Dictator to Land in Court.
14 Al-Bashir to Appear in Court to Face Graft Charges
15 ICC trial in The Hague one option for Sudan's al-Bashir, says minister
16 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Charged in Connection With Killing of Protesters
17 Sudan General Steps Down as Transitional Leader a Day After al-Bashir’s Ouster
18 Sudan says 3 jailed members of ousted Bashir regime have coronavirus
19 While Ousted President Faces ICC, Sudan's AG Reconsiders Country's Ties to Islamist Groups
20 Al-Bashir Trial in Sudan Opens with Claim of $90 Million Payment From Saudis
21 ICC: Sudanese Fugitive in Custody
22 Abandoned by the UAE, Sudan's Bashir was destined to fall
23 Coronavirus spreading through Sudan prison holding Bashir and his allies
24 Sudan opens Darfur investigation into crimes by Bashir regime
25 Al-Bashir trial over 1989 coup to begin in Khartoum
26 Omar al-Bashir exploited Sudan’s ethnic division for decades. Now Sudan is united against him.
27 Sudan committee seizes Bashir's bank account, closes FX bureaus
28 Sudan's Ex-President Bashir Charged With Corruption
29 ICC delegation to visit Sudan to discuss case against Bashir
30 Omar al-Bashir, Leaving South Africa, Eludes Arrest Again
31 Sudan agrees to turn in ex-leader to face charges over Darfur conflict
32 Omar al-Bashir on trial over 1989 Sudan coup
33 Sudan: Al Bashir Questioned About Darfur War Crimes in Court Today
34 Sudan's Bashir kept key to room with millions of euros, court hears
35 Ignoring International Warrants, Sudan’s Leader Says He’ll Visit Moscow
36 Sudan Sentences 29 Intelligence Officers to Death for Teacher’s Killing
37 WORLD Archives
38 International Women's Day: Sudan's women lead uprising against Omar Hassan al-Bashir, and suffer for it
39 Bombing at ice cream shop in Somali capital kills at least 7
40 Stacks of cash shown at trial of Sudan's toppled leader Bashir
41 Omar al-Bashir Charged With Undermining Sudan's Constitution in The 1989 Coup
42 Omar al-Bashir Fast Facts
43 Sudan to Return Remains of Officers Executed by Bashir Regime
44 Omar al-Bashir has ruled Sudan for 30 years. His latest crackdown could be his last.
45 Q&A: Justice for Serious International Crimes Committed in Sudan
46 U.S. Lags in Efforts to Rein In Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, Critics Say
47 The downfall of Omar Bashir
48 Russia’s First Overseas Military Base in Sudan
49 'Suspect still at large': Why Sudan hasn't handed Omar Bashir over to the ICC
50 South Africa Should Have Arrested Sudan’s President, I.C.C. Rules
51 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir jailed these protesters. They’re back on the street with new demands.
52 After 13 Years on the Run, a Sudanese Militia Leader Appears in Court
53 Sudan Coalition Wants Bashir Turned Over to ICC
54 Sudan's Bashir Seeks Support Abroad as Protests Heat Up
55 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir faces court reckoning
56 Omar Bashir: What to know about Sudan's dictator accused of genocide
57 Sudan Announces Intention to Send al-Bashir to the ICC (Kind of)
58 Ousted Leader Of Sudan To Face War Crimes Charges In The Hague
59 Sudan’s president was indicted. Why isn’t he paying any price?
60 Washington Post interview with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir
61 Sudan will normalise ties with Israel, Trump announces
62 Sudan Will Scrap Alcohol and Apostasy Laws, and End Flogging
63 Sudan moves to dissolve ex ruling party, repeals public order law
64 Sudan has made amends. Let’s take it off the terrorism list.
65 Concerns of a Coup Stir in Sudan as Capital Braces for a Virus Lockdown
66 Sudan removed from US terror list ahead of possible Israel normalisation
67 Bashir now faces death over 1989 coup that brought him to power
68 Sudan's Bashir slams U.N. peacekeepers, demands they leave
69 Sudan's toppled Bashir refusing food in prison – Middle East Monitor
70 On Sudan’s Streets, Young Professionals Protest Against an Autocrat
71 Sudan’s government seems to be shifting away from Islamic law. Not everyone supports these moves.
72 Sudan's Bashir questioned over 1989 coup that brought him to power
73 China welcomes accused war criminal Omar Hassan al-Bashir to a parade lambasting Japanese war crimes during WWII
74 Sudan jails artists for gender-mixed theater workshop, echoing Bashir-era repression
75 Sudan's Bashir defies arrest warrant with trip to Uganda
76 Generals overthrew Sudan’s president, Bashir, but they can’t agree on what comes next
77 Sudan President, Charged With Genocide, Is Invited to Saudi Summit with Trump
78 Sudan: Trial of ex-President Omar al-Bashir over 1989 military coup postponed on request
79 Sudan dismisses allegation Bashir has billions abroad
80 Facing Protests, Sudan’s Leader Declares Yearlong State of Emergency
81 Sudan’s President Seized Power in 1989. Now Protesters Have a Simple Demand: ‘Just Fall, That’s All’
82 Why the ICC's Judgment in the Al-Bashir Case Wasn't So Surprising
83 Enough 101: Who is Omar al-Bashir?
84 ICC prosecutor says Bashir and other suspects must face justice over Darfur
85 Iran health ministry reports slowing of virus infections
86 Deposed Sudan president to face corruption charges in court
87 Women of Sudan — ‘suppressed by any means’ — are protesting for equal rights in the post-Bashir era
88 The Georgetown student who became justice minister of Sudan
89 Al-Bashir's handover decision to ICC divides Sudanese
90 Sudan's Bashir trial adjourned
91 Bashir's state of emergency fails to end Sudan protests
92 100 Killed in Sudan and Dozens of Bodies Are Pulled From Nile, Opposition Says
93 Arrest Is Sought of Sudan Leader in Genocide Case (Published 2008)
94 Sudanese ex-Dictator Sentenced to 2 Years for Graft
95 Rival Security Forces Clash in Sudan Amid Anti-Government Protests
96 Sudan's Opposition Calls for More Protests Against Al-Bashir
97 Omar Al Bashir To Be Handed Over To Icc
98 Sudan Power-Sharing Deal Reached by Military and Civilian Leaders
99 Sudan's Bashir visits Damascus, meets Assad: Syrian presidency
100 Sudan Has a Window of Opportunity. The West Shouldn't Squander It.