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Result Content Idea Research
1 Vulnerability to exploitation is created by law
2 Under Biden, the US will push for a 'EU-goslavia'
3 Erasmo Theófilo: Amazon defender in danger
4 UK government running 'Orwellian' unit to block release of 'sensitive' information
5 In a year of pandemic and pain, women fight back with mass protests
6 Is the government's secretive 'Clearing House' lawful? An expert explains
7 Thatcher's poisonous television legacy is still being felt
8 Why the G20's failure on debt cancellation is bad news for women
9 A Muslim and a fascist walk into a bar in Vienna
10 The Cuban church opening its doors to LGBTIQ worshippers
11 What would a state-owned Amazon look like? Ask Argentina
12 How Ukraine's gender quotas work in practice
13 Latest in "coronavirus"
14 Digital misinformation not only threatens Brazil's 2020 municipal elections, it undermines democracy
15 Deloitte's COVID 'bonanza': this is how much the British public has paid so far
16 Conservative Party 'racially profiled' 10 million voters
17 Open letter: a response from the '100' French scholars
18 A feminist blueprint for saving democracy in the US – and beyond
19 Trump lost the election, but he won the online disinformation war
20 Whistleblower Maria Efimova fears for her safety amid threats and new arrest warrants
21 Pioneering FOI peer calls for investigation into 'Orwellian' Cabinet Office unit
22 US groups linked to COVID conspiracies pour millions of 'dark money' into Latin America
23 What it means to be a teacher in protest-struck Belarus
24 US election 2020: Live
25 Revealed: Boris Johnson's controversial policy chief leading secretive NHS task force
26 Revealed: Former Tory chairman was secretly appointed as COVID advisor
27 INTERVIEW: Why the AFL-CIO both sits at the table and marches in the streets
28 What a Biden presidency means for the rest of the world
29 Replacing rentier capitalism is one of the defining challenges of our age
30 US election podcast: Can Biden deliver?
31 Scottish Labour must return to its radical roots
32 Politically connected firms were given 'high priority' for government COVID contracts, official report finds
33 US elections 2020 in video
34 Who should pay for the COVID crisis?
35 How Paris's public water supply is beating Covid
36 Australia confronts its war crimes in Afghanistan: Britain should do the same
37 Open Democracy: What awaits Belarusian protesters in prison | KyivPost
38 Pesticide companies are climate-washing their brands
39 Trump started a war against safe spaces, but then pledged to 'Make America Safe Again'
40 France's 1984
41 COVID-19 has deepened the 'pandemic of poverty' for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
42 France: the flea becoming the boss
43 How Syria's Afrin became hell for Kurds
44 'The worst mistake of my life': how COVID-19 trapped Europe's asylum seekers in lockdown limbo
45 The dirty side of development finance
46 Revealed: Trump's top lawyer funds Putin-linked religious lobbyists in Russia
47 The social media platform that welcomes QAnon with open arms
48 Less time in school, more time in prison: children during Coronavirus
49 Zimbabwe's odious debts
50 Open Democracy: What it means to be a teacher in protest-struck Belarus | KyivPost
51 Macron's populism and Islam
52 France: when police intimidation is in the frame
53 Racist murder in Brazil: Little has changed in the 325 years since Zumbi's killing
54 Illegal Chinese fishing in the Galapagos: a threat to the biodiversity of the Latin American Pacific
55 What the US election means for Puerto Rico's fight for democracy and dignity
56 Europe must open up to new ideas about the secular state
57 Lilia: preserving the Amazon river's fauna is preserving Planet Earth
58 Anti-trafficking is an inside job
59 Nuclear disarmament : from 'open-ended talks' to ratification and beyond
60 Hong Kong legislature opens; democracy bloc set to resign
61 The future of international students in Australia hangs in the balance
62 Government ‘secret Orwellian unit’ takes blacklisting journalists to a new level
63 Trump's racist attacks on democracy open Pandora's box for future suppression
64 New report from Transparency International uses…
65 Six things the U.S. needs to do to stamp out Trumpism
66 Interactive: Explore US Christian right 'dark money' spending globally
67 Revealed: $280m 'dark money' spent by US Christian right groups globally
68 Why a populist Left should rally around a green democratic transformation
69 We lost because we weren't big enough
70 World after COVID
71 With democracy under threat, GOP silence draws scrutiny — and censure
72 German democracy under 'open attack,' says SPD chief
73 Letter: Reluctance to accept the election is bad for democracy
74 It started as £1. Now it's £1 million. Where's the mandate for letting Palantir into our NHS?
75 Freedom of Information Act undermined | News
76 Four ways to redesign democracy for future generations
77 Is the Coronavirus Catalyzing New Civic Collaborations for Open Government?
78 Sign up to our coronavirus DemocracyWatch newsletter
79 How to dismantle a democracy: the case of Bulgaria
80 Apply for a 2020 US investigative journalism fellowship [CLOSED]
81 US Withdraws from Open Skies Treaty
82 DemocracyWatch: Pandemic power grabs all over the world
83 Lessons from an open global economy: My long-read Q&A with Philip Coggan
84 Splinters: October – short essays on the here & now
85 Remembering John Weeks
86 To solve the climate crisis, we need more democracy, not less
87 Why journalism isn't saving democracy — but still can
88 Creating the digital commons after COVID-19
89 Hannah Arendt and the politics of truth
90 Why uncertainty requires a new politics
91 How Kyrgyz social media backed an imprisoned politician's meteoric rise to power
92 Repaying the debt owed to Black people requires a democratic and reparative economy
93 How to stop a coup in America
94 Progressives must rally together to demand democracy
95 We must defeat the US trade deal
96 Political trials and electoral bans: the battle for democracy in Ecuador
97 Free European cities in democratic alliance
98 Job: US Investigations Editor
99 "Belarus will never be the same"
100 DemocracyWatch: People are organising against the assault on democracy across the world