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1 It Began as an AI-Fueled Dungeon Game. It Got Much Darker
2 Exclusive: Will Hurd joins OpenAI's board of directors
3 SpaceX General Counsel Exits as Elon Musk's Legal Teams Shuffle
4 OpenAI's GPT-3 Is Powering These Industries With Unique Abilities
5 OpenAI Founder Sam Altman Chalks Out A “Wealth For All” Plan
6 This Is the Most Powerful Artificial Intelligence Tool in the World
7 Elon Musk's Research Firm Built an AI-Powered Game Changer for Marketers
8 Reptile: OpenAI's Latest Meta-Learning Algorithm
9 Machine-learning text adventure AI Dungeon is now being censored and users are furious
10 Now for AI’s Latest Trick: Writing Computer Code
11 Artificial Intelligence Products Market 2026 Insights Analysis and 9 Company Profiles (Open AI, Google, Nuance's, IBM, More) – The Courier
12 Lightmatter’s photonic AI ambitions light up an $80M B round
13 People Caught Using AI to Role-Play Sexual Abuse of Children
14 Quantum Computing: Is IonQ Worth The Leap?
15 AI Is Harder Than We Think: 4 Key Fallacies in AI Research
16 Why everyone is talking about an image generator released by an Elon Musk-backed A.I. lab
17 OpenAI’s state-of-the-art machine vision AI is fooled by handwritten notes
18 AI And Creativity: Why OpenAI’s Latest Model Matters
19 OpenAI’s text-generating system GPT-3 is now spewing out 4.5 billion words a day
20 Huawei trained the Chinese-language equivalent of GPT-3
21 OpenAI's Sam Altman: Artificial Intelligence will generate enough wealth to pay each adult $13,500 a year
22 ‘OpenAI should be renamed ClosedAI’: Reaction to Microsoft’s exclusive license of OpenAI’s GPT-3
23 OpenAI’s new language generator GPT-3 is shockingly good—and completely mindless
24 The untold story of GPT-3 is the transformation of OpenAI
25 Artificial intelligence researchers rank the top A.I. labs worldwide
26 OpenAI proposes using reciprocity to encourage AI agents to work together
27 OpenAI Turns Five: Take a Look Back
28 Researchers are peering inside computer brains. What they’ve found will surprise you
29 Elon Musk criticizes OpenAI exclusively licensing GPT-3 to Microsoft
30 Why GPT-3 is the best and worst of AI right now
31 Microsoft exclusively licenses OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT-3 text generation model
32 Artificial Intelligence Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Growth And Change to 2030
33 Young Vic Announces New Season Of Work For 2021
34 OpenAI Introduces DALL·E: A Neural Network That Creates Images From Text Descriptions
35 OpenAI is open for business
36 OpenAI and Microsoft Work to Balance Open Ideals With Complex Realities
37 Researchers At Uber AI And Open AI Introduce Go-Explore: Cracking The Challenging Atari Games With Artificial Intelligence
38 The implications of Microsoft’s exclusive GPT-3 license
39 OpenAI's GPT-3 Speaks! (Kindly Disregard Toxic Language)
40 As concerns rise over forest carbon offsets, Pachama’s verified offset marketplace gets $15 million
41 Why Most AI Writing Can’t Get Its Facts Straight
42 Open AI Business Assurance Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends, 2021–2027 | Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Open Text Corporation
43 The IEEE Trusted Data and AIS Playbook for Financial Services (IEEE Finance Playbook)
44 OpenAI and Stanford researchers call for urgent action to address harms of large language models like GPT-3
45 OpenAI image recognition software can be fooled with a hand-written note | The Burn-In
46 London's Young Vic to Make Live Stream Performances a Permanent Fixture Post-Pandemic
47 OpenAI's Artificial Intelligence Strategy |
48 LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Why most AI writing cannot get its facts straight
49 Here's how OpenAI's magical DALL-E image generator works
50 DeepMind extends hunt for the world’s best A.I. researchers to Toronto
51 OpenAI Could Give $13,500 For Every American Adult Annually; Sam Altman Says The World is Going to Get Phenomenally Wealthy
52 OpenAI’s latest breakthrough is astonishingly powerful, but still fighting its flaws
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54 As Its GPT-3 Model Wows the World, OpenAI CEO Suggests 'the Hype Is Way Too Much'
55 OpenAI Announces GPT-3 Model for Image Generation
56 OpenAI’s text-to-image engine, DALL-E, is a powerful visual idea generator
57 GPT 3: Behind the Hype
58 OpenAI releases commercial API for multi-purpose AI
59 The messy, secretive reality behind OpenAI’s bid to save the world
60 Fusion Is The Future: OpenAI Co-founder Bets On Language Models
61 DALL-E: OpenAI's new neural network wonder
62 AI Weekly: Meet the people trying to replicate and open-source OpenAI's GPT-3
63 Elon Musk-backed OpenAI to release text tool it called dangerous
64 Elon Musk-founded startup OpenAI discovers artificial neuron only ever seen in the human brain
65 Silicon Valley leaders think A.I. will one day fund free cash handouts. But experts aren’t convinced
66 OpenAI Introduces CLIP: A Neural Network That Efficiently Learns Visual Concepts From Natural Language Supervision
67 OpenAI shocked to discover system can be fooled
68 OpenAI's GPT-3 Algorithm Is Now Producing Billions of Words a DaySingularity Hub
69 Is OpenAI Creating Threats or Opportunities for the Human Race?
70 GPT-3 Is an Amazing Research Tool. But OpenAI Isn’t Sharing the Code.
71 The GPT-3 economy
72 What is GPT-3? Everything your business needs to know about OpenAI’s breakthrough AI language program
73 May | 2021
74 Top 8 Resources To Learn Self-Supervised Learning In 2021
75 Is OpenAI’s GPT-3 API Beta Pricing Too Rich for Researchers?
76 OpenAI 'GPT-f' Delivers SOTA Performance in Automated Mathematical Theorem Proving
77 Microsoft and OpenAI propose automating U.S. tech export controls
78 Elon Musk's OpenAI reveals human brain-like working of artificial neuron
79 OpenAI begins publicly tracking AI model efficiency
80 Human Feedback Improves OpenAI Model Summarizations
81 OpenAI has published the text-generating AI it said was too dangerous to share
82 OpenAI Wants Diversity in Its Scholars Program for Fall 2020
83 This GPT-3 Powered Demo Is The Future Of NPCs
84 OpenAI reveals the pricing plans for its API — and it ain't cheap
85 Here's DALL-E: An algorithm learned to draw anything you tell it
86 GPT-3, explained: OpenAI’s new language AI is uncanny, funny- and a big deal
87 OpenAI teaches its language model to classify and generate images
88 Developer shows off future of NPC by connecting OpenAI’s GPT-3 with a voice synthesizer (video)
89 Google, OpenAI & DeepMind: Shared Task Behaviour Priors Can Boost RL and Generalization
90 The Computers Are Getting Better at Writing, Thanks to Artificial Intelligence
91 is built on top of GPT3, based on Elon Musk’s OpenAI
92 These virtual robot arms get smarter by training each other
93 OpenAI debuts gigantic GPT-3 language model with 175 billion parameters
94 Brain-computer Interface System Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast to 2026 – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
95 OpenAI’s GPT-3 is the Future We’ve Been Waiting For
96 Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence
97 OpenAI’s supercomputer collaboration with Microsoft marks its biggest bet yet on AGI
98 OpenAI Announces GPT-3 AI Language Model with 175 Billion Parameters
99 OpenAI Said Its Code Was Risky. Two Grads Re-Created It Anyway
100 AI Weekly: The promise and shortcomings of OpenAI's GPT-3