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1 RX 6900 XT Goes Up Against GeForce RTX 3080 In OpenCL Tests
2 The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti posts strong performances in CUDA, OpenCL and Vulkan benchmarks
3 Radeon RX 6800 Series Has Excellent ROCm-Based OpenCL Performance On Linux
4 More OpenCL 3.0 Bits Merged For Mesa 20.1
5 Microsoft releases OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack for Windows 10 PCs
6 OpenMP 5.1 Released With Better Interoperability For CUDA / AMD HIP / OpenCL
7 Mesa Moves Closer To Having OpenCL 3.0 Support In Clover Gallium3D
8 Microsoft Announces OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack for Windows 10 on ARM
9 Upcoming RTX 3060 Ti GPU beats RTX 2080 SUPER in OpenCL & CUDA benchmarks
10 POCL 1.6-RC1 Released With Better CUDA Performance
11 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Within Striking Distance Of Radeon RX 6800 In Newly Leaked Benchmarks
12 Apple Silicon M1 Strengths & Weaknesses Revealed In MacBook Pro Benchmarks
13 AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT And RX 6800 OpenCL Performance Measured In Fresh Benchmark Leak
14 AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT performs extremely well in OpenCL benchmark score
15 Khronos Announces OpenCL 3.0: Hitting the Reset Button on Compute Frameworks
16 DXGI Winsys Comes To Mesa For Better Performance Atop Direct3D 12
17 Microsoft Begins Landing Changes For Cross-Platform Support With Their Mesa D3D12 Code
18 New Apple MacBook Pro with M1 chip can deliver GTX 1050 level graphics
19 CoreAVI Releases New Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution
20 Snapdragon 888 vs Snapdragon 865 Specs Appeal
21 OpenCL 3.0 Kicks Off With a Huge Step Backwards
22 OpenCL 3.0 Specification Released With New Khronos Open-Source OpenCL SDK
23 All M1 Mac Models No Longer Support eGPU Solutions via Thunderbolt Connection
24 OpenCL 3 Takes Step Back
25 OpenCL 1.2 Support Merged For Mesa's Gallium3D Clover While OpenCL 3.0 Is Being Tackled
26 Google claims TensorFlow’s OpenCL can double inference performance
27 Intel's Latest Compute Code Is Enabling OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Since Broadwell
28 OpenCL Spec reaches 3.0, gets SDK to up adoption rates
29 South Korea Funds First Supercomputing CPU Designed for AI, HPC
30 Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 powered by AMD Renoir Surface Edition shows up on Geekbench with 2x the multi-core performance compared to Picasso, Surface Pro 8 powered by Core i7-1185G7 also seen
31 NVIDIA 24-Way GPU Comparison With Many OpenCL, CUDA Workloads
32 Intel Compute Runtime 20.41.18123 Flips On OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Back To Broadwell
33 Intel Has Been Working On OpenCL C 3.0 Support For Clang
34 TensorFlow Lite Now Supports Tapping OpenCL For Much Faster GPU Inference
35 Mesa 20.3 Is Near With Lavapipe Vulkan, Raspberry Pi V3DV, Better AMD RDNA2 Support
36 POCL 1.5 Released With Performance Improvements, Fixes For OpenCL On CPUs
37 AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M1
38 Andes RISC-V Vector Processor NX27V Is Upgraded to RVV 1.0
39 Progress Being Made On OpenCL+OpenGL Over Direct3D 12
40 TensorFlow Lite pulls throttle, adds speed as it puts OpenCL in the sidecar
41 Mesa 20.3 Can Now Consume SPIR-V Binaries Generated By LLVM's libclc
42 OpenCL and OpenGL support coming to all Windows and DirectX 12 enabled devices
43 Intel Xe Graphics' Incredible Performance Uplift From OpenCL To oneAPI Level Zero To Vulkan
44 NVIDIA 450 Series Linux Driver OpenCL/CUDA/OptiX Performance On Pascal/Turing
45 New 3U VPX Fully Managed Ethernet Switch with Alignment to SOSA™ Technical Standard
46 Intel Compute Runtime Update Adds OpenCL + oneAPI Level Zero For DG1
47 ROCm 3.7 Has Open-Source OpenCL Image Module Included
48 Google Launches An OpenCL-based Mobile GPU Inference Engine
49 Intel Tiger Lake OpenCL Support On Linux Now Considered Production Ready
50 Collabora & Microsoft to Bring OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 to DirectX 12 enabled Windows Devices
51 OpenCV 4.5 Released With Support For Multiple OpenCL Contexts, OpenVINO Backend
52 Shared Virtual Memory Lands In Mesa Gallium3D's "Clover" OpenCL Implementation
53 news digest: GitLab 12.9, DirectX and Collabora collaborate on OpenCL and OpenGL, and Acquia announces new low-code tools for Drupal
54 Nvidia RTX 3080 offers 68% more CUDA and OpenCL performance than the RTX 2080 Super
55 Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2-11 While Still Waiting For OpenCL-Next
56 11 Myths about OpenCL
57 Apple’s A12Z Bionic GPU Running macOS 11 Through Rosetta 2 Beats Both Ryzen 5 4500U, Core i7-1065G7 iGPUs in OpenCL Test
58 Windows 10 PCs: Why the new key to faster desktop applications is your GPU
59 Intel Xe DG1 GPU Tested in OpenCL Benchmarks – Chipzilla’s First Discrete-Tier GPUs For Mobility & Desktop Platforms
60 Intel Compute Runtime Adds OCLOC Multi-Device Compilation
61 Mesa 20.0's LLVMpipe Now Supports Running OpenCL On The CPU
62 48 thoughts on “Java On GPUs And FPGAs”
63 Accelerate Your Applications with ROCm
64 Apple Defends Killing OpenGL, OpenCL as Developers Threaten Revolt
65 Programming In The Parallel Universe
66 Radeon ROCm 3.5 Released With New Features But Still No Navi Support
67 GM No Longer Building Nikola Electric Pickup, Nixes Equity Stake
68 RTX 3070 results appear on Geekbench, suggest it will outperform the RTX 2080 Ti
69 Microsoft Brings GUI Support and GPU Acceleration to Windows Subsystem for Linux
70 POCL 1.3 Released For OpenCL On CPUs As The Portable Computing Language
71 A Deep Dive Into The AMD/Intel CPU + NVIDIA GPU Performance With Blender 2.90
72 Khronos Announces OpenCL 2.1: C++ Comes to OpenCL
73 Benchmarking The Current Intel OpenCL NEO Driver Compute Performance On Ubuntu 19.04
74 NanoPi R4S SBC launched with optional metal case for $45 and up
75 OpenCL 2.2-10 Released With Fixes
76 LuxCore Open-Source Renderer v2.4 Released With CUDA Support, Better Windows Scaling
77 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OpenCL Benchmarks, 14-Way NVIDIA/AMD GPU Compute Tests
78 Nouveau Finally Lands SPIR-V Support As Part Of OpenCL Push
79 POCL 1.4 Released For Advancing OpenCL On CPUs
80 CLVK Is Piping OpenCL On Top Of Vulkan
81 Intel Continues Improving Its SYCL Stack
82 Intel Compute-Runtime 20.43.18277 Brings Alder Lake Support
83 Possible NVIDIA Ampere GPUs with up to 7552 CUDA Cores and 48 GB VRAM rip through Geekbench 5 OpenCL tests, nearly 39% faster than a Titan RTX
84 AMDGPU-PRO 18.50 vs. ROCm 2.0 OpenCL Performance
85 Intel Xe not really convincing? First Intel Xe DG1 dGPU Geekbench 5 OpenCL score sees it trailing behind six-year old laptop GPUs
86 Codeplay Open Sources a Version of DPC++ for Nvidia GPUs
87 Tested: The new 13-inch MacBook Pro delivers a big graphics upgrade
88 OpenCL: What you need to know
89 LLVM’s Clang 9.0 to ship with experimental support for OpenCL C++17, asm goto initial support, and more
90 pretty sure my network is hacked
91 A Gentle Introduction to OpenCL | Dr Dobb's
92 OpenGL, OpenCL deprecated in favor of Metal 2 in macOS 10.14 Mojave
93 Intel OpenCL NEO Driver Becoming Available For Ubuntu 19.04 & Debian
94 Lczero Neural Network Chess Benchmarks With OpenCL Radeon vs. NVIDIA
95 Microsoft Has A Large Presence At This Year's X.Org Conference
96 PlaidML Deep Learning Framework Benchmarks With OpenCL On NVIDIA & AMD GPUs
97 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Offers Up Incredible Linux GPU Compute Performance Review
98 Intel Compute Runtime / IGC Shifts To LLVM Clang 10
99 TornadoVM: Accelerating Java with GPUs and FPGAs
100 NVIDIA Appears To Finally Be Prepping OpenCL 2.0 Driver Support