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Result Content Idea Research
1 What's that smell? OpenJDK 15 lands with hidden classes, more garbage collection • DEVCLASS
2 US Department of Defense Selects Carahsoft and Red Hat to Provide OpenJDK Support to DoD, Intelligence Community and Related Agencies
3 Oracle moves OpenJDK to Git and GitHub
4 OpenJDK 15 Reaches GA With Garbage Collector Promotions, Tossing Out Solaris + SPARC
5 Microsoft to Contribute to Java on Windows and Mac ARM
6 An Update On Java for IBM i
7 Microsoft contributes to Java port for Apple silicon Macs
8 Java 15 Reaches General Availability
9 Return of the OpenJDK Developers' Guide
10 Oracle (ORCL) Announces Java 15
11 OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub
12 What to look for in an OpenJDK Distro
13 Carahsoft to Help DoD Procure Red Hat's Java Implementation Package; Natalie Gregory Quoted
14 OpenJDK Comes to Windows 10 on ARM
15 What's the point: Red Hat Marketplace, JDK version control, and Visual Studio Codespaces • DEVCLASS
16 Microsoft completes phase one of porting OpenJDK for Windows 10 on ARM devices
17 Enterprise Users Moving To Open JDK
18 Azul Systems Extends Open Source Java Offerings with a new Zulu Distribution of OpenJDK 14
19 OpenLogic by Perforce Expands Java Support Offering with Trusted Distributions of OpenJDK
20 BellSoft teams up with VMware to improve OpenJDK
21 Microsoft Furthers Big Java Push with OpenJDK Port
22 A hands-on tutorial on how to test against 12 different JVM's using TestContainers
23 Programming languages: Java developers flock to Kotlin and ditch Oracle JDK for OpenJDK
24 Java Flight Recorder Coming to OpenJDK 8
25 Microsoft announces it's ready to contribute to OpenJDK
26 Microsoft Ports OpenJDK For Windows 10 On ARM
27 Microsoft Formally Signs Up for OpenJDK Project -- ADTmag
28 Microsoft Will Contribute To OpenJDK
29 OpenJDK 8/11 vs. GraalVM 20 vs. Amazon Corretto JVM Benchmarks
30 BellSoft and VMware to Work Together on OpenJDK Evolution
31 Q&A with Martijn Verburg and Bruno Borges of Microsoft Regarding Contributing to the OpenJDK
32 XML External Entity (XXE) Pitfalls With JAXB
33 OpenJDK 15 To Have Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance
34 OpenJDK 14 Has Some Performance Improvements But OpenJDK 8 Still Strong
35 JDK's Move To GitHub Getting Close
36 GraalVM 20.1, OpenJ9 0.20, OpenJDK Java Benchmarks
37 BellSoft: SoftChalk chooses Liberica JDK to create a reliable and secure educational platform based on OpenJDK
38 Fedora 33 Plans To Default To OpenJDK 11 As The Default Java Version
39 Red Hat to maintain OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11
40 The OpenJDK Transition: Things to know and do
41 OpenJDK
42 Microsoft Announces First OpenJDK Port for Windows 10 on ARM
43 Goetz Updates OpenJDK With Valhalla Progress
44 POLL RESULTS: What's your take on OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11's transition to Red Hat
45 JDK 15: The new features in Java 15
46 Oracle JDK builds vs. OpenJDK builds: Understanding the differences
47 Still using Java 8? Red Hat will provide long-term maintenance and support for OpenJDK 8 and 11
48 OpenJDK 8 To Get JDK Flight Recorder
49 Microsoft ports open source Java to Windows 10 on ARM
50 OpenJDK repo migration to GitHub gains steam
51 Sweet SapMachine and the OpenJDK
52 Recent changes and what's next for Java: "OpenJDK is the future of Java"
53 Azul Systems Launches High-Speed Checkpoint/Restore For Embedded Java Applications
54 Java’s move to GitHub set for September
55 Red Hat replaces Oracle as OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11 steward
56 What is Amazon Corretto?
57 The Future of OpenJDK at Red Hat
58 All OpenJDK distributions are not created equal
59 Weekly Review: Java 14 news, cloud architects and chaos engineering
60 Red Hat and GraalVM Community Create "Mandrel" GraalVM Distro
61 New EC2 T4g Instances – Burstable Performance Powered by AWS Graviton2 – Try Them for Free
62 Java in Containers
63 Low Latency Profiling Now Available in Java 8
64 Android N switches to OpenJDK, Google tells Oracle it is protected by the GPL
65 Amazon Web Services promises to support OpenJDK through 2023 with release of internal tool as new open source project
66 Microsoft is porting Java for Windows 10 on ARM
67 Azul Systems Closes Strategic Growth Equity Investment With Vitruvian Partners
68 Oracle's release cadence opens door for Java support rivals
69 Pivotal Adds Support for OpenJDK to its Spring Runtime -- ADTmag
70 JavaFX 14: "There's no need to use an older version of JavaFX when doing mobile development any more."
71 OpenJDK Project Valhalla Releases LW2 Prototype
72 Amazon Releases Corretto: A Multiplatform Java OpenJDK Build with No-Cost Support
73 OpenJDK proposal: Dump Mercurial for Git
74 The OpenJDK Mobile project is back!
75 Microsoft to participate in open source Java
76 JavaFX 15: "The cross-platform capabilities of JavaFX should not be underestimated"
77 OpenJDK Planning to Bring Java to iOS Platform
78 Red Hat Gains Control of Openjdk 8 and Openjdk 11 Maintenance
79 Red Hat Steps in to Steward OpenJDK 8 and 11 -- ADTmag
80 OpenJDK Project Valhalla’s head shares how they plan to enhance the Java language and JVM with value types, and more
81 Azul Systems' Addressable Market Opportunity Increases to $2.5B as Oracle Moves Away from Free Java Support and Updates, Says Independent Analyst
82 Pivotal announces commercial support for OpenJDK, Spring, and Apache Tomcat
83 Project Leyden addresses Java pain points
84 Amazon releases a no-cost distribution of OpenJDK
85 Java Choices Explored
86 Red Hat adds long-term support for OpenJDK on Windows
87 TWC9: Python, Visual Studio Code Updates, OpenJDK 16, PC Builds, and more
88 Weekly round-up: Angular 8.0.0 beta.13, Red Hat taking over OpenJDK 8 and 11 & more
89 Amazon Releases Corretto 8 GA: A Downstream Distribution of OpenJDK
90 OpenJDK update: Early access Loom builds available
91 State of OpenJDK: Past, Present and Future with Oracle
92 Azul Systems Bridges Java Feature-Support Availability Gap
93 OpenJDK Docker Image Served Mis-Labeled Vulnerable JDK
94 Rebooting OpenJDK Mobile -- ADTmag
95 AWS debuts Amazon Corretto, a free version of the OpenJDK Java kit
96 Pivotal Announces Enhanced Java Support with Pivotal Spring Runtime
97 Java SE’s OpenJDK could be headed to GitHub
98 JDK 16: What’s coming in Java 16
99 Java License Fallout Continues Impacting IBM i Shops
100 Amazon announces Corretto, a *free*, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK with LTS