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Result Content Idea Research
1 There's an App (But Maybe Not a Copyright) for That | The Legal Intelligencer
2 BellSoft Kicks Off Bundled Offer with Karakun for Better Software Security and Simpler Migration
3 Oracle Announces Java 15
4 What We Know about Java 16 and 17 So Far
5 Report: 80% of Oracle JDK users considering alternative support options
6 Oracle extends Extended support for Java 8
7 Java JDK: Users Flee from Oracle Support
8 Programming languages: Java developers flock to Kotlin and ditch Oracle JDK for OpenJDK
9 Payara Services and Azul Agree to Extend Contract to Secure Java Builds of OpenJDK for Payara Enterprise Clients
10 Oracle Announces Java 14
11 Oracle: Programming language Java 14 is out with these 16 major feature improvements
12 Oracle's Java 15: New features aim to keep millions away from languages like Rust, Kotlin
13 Enterprise Users Moving To Open JDK
14 Java 15 Reaches General Availability
15 JDK 15: The new features in Java 15
16 Java Choices Explored
17 Azul Systems' Addressable Market Opportunity Increases to $2.5B as Oracle Moves Away from Free Java Support and Updates
18 Java programming language celebrates 25 years
19 Oracle JDK builds vs. OpenJDK builds: Understanding the differences
20 Oracle's release cadence opens door for Java support rivals
21 Oracle's March Madness-Style Java Bracket -- ADTmag
22 JDK's Move To GitHub Getting Close
23 BellSoft teams up with VMware to improve OpenJDK
24 Oracle now requires a subscription to use Java SE
25 IBM Clarifies Java Options Following Oracle License Crackdown
26 Java’s move to GitHub set for September
27 Oracle moves OpenJDK to Git and GitHub
28 Open Source JavaFX 14 Arrives with Bug Fixes and a Few Enhancements
29 Java Crypto Catchup
30 Oracle Introduces Java 14
31 A hands-on tutorial on how to test against 12 different JVM's using TestContainers
32 Java 11 Is Here: Oracle Releases JDK 11 -- ADTmag
33 Oracle sets date for end of Java 8 updates
34 Can you still use the Java programming language for free? What you need to know
35 What to look for in an OpenJDK Distro
36 Apache NetBeans Update Adds JDK 14 Support, Java EE Features, New Dark Looks
37 Microsoft completes phase one of porting OpenJDK for Windows 10 on ARM devices
38 Java SE Development Kit 8
39 Oracle: Programming language Java 13 is out, it'll make you more productive
40 OpenJDK 8 To Get JDK Flight Recorder
41 Oracle extends Java JDK 8 updates to 2019
42 End of the line for Java 8 public updates
43 Shenandoah in JDK 11
44 The Java Gang at Oracle Talks Java 14 -- ADTmag
45 Microsoft Ports OpenJDK For Windows 10 On ARM
46 AdoptOpenJDK to Become Eclipse Adoptium
47 OpenJDK 8/11 vs. GraalVM 20 vs. Amazon Corretto JVM Benchmarks
48 Oracle's Project Leyden uses static images to ease Java pain
49 Oracle: It's A Mixed Picture But Not That Bad
50 Project Leyden to bring static images to the Java platform and JDK
51 Microsoft Will Contribute To OpenJDK
52 OpenJDK 15 To Have Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance
53 OpenJDK 15 Reaches GA With Garbage Collector Promotions, Tossing Out Solaris + SPARC
54 Proposed Project Addresses Long-Term Java Pain Points -- ADTmag
55 A Year with Java 11 in Production!
56 Java InfoQ Trends Report—September 2020
57 Oracle releases open source and commercial licenses for Java 11 and later
58 Java 16: Migration to Git and GitHub gets closer
59 Taboola, the Leading Digital Advertising Platform, Switches from Oracle to Azul Java for Superior Performance, TCO & Support
60 An Update On Java for IBM i
61 JavaFX 14: "There's no need to use an older version of JavaFX when doing mobile development any more."
62 JDK 14: The new features in Java 14
63 Oracle Java updates have become easier to ignore
64 Removed from JDK 11, JavaFX 11 arrives as a standalone module
65 Don't ever put a non-Java LTS release into production
66 JEP 372: Remove the Nashorn JavaScript Engine
67 Oracle unveils Helidon 2.0 for Java microservices
68 Java At 25
69 Goetz Updates OpenJDK With Valhalla Progress
70 Alive and kicking: Java-IDE Apache NetBeans hits 12.0 • DEVCLASS
71 Java Web Start is dead, long live Java Web Start!
72 Oracle Announces New Support Pricing Structure for Java
73 Oracle Releases Java 13 with Remarkable New Features
74 Java 15 is here! Text Blocks & Shenandoah GC drop test status
75 GraalVM
76 How to Install Java on Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 & Linux Mint
77 JavaFX will be removed from the Java JDK
78 Report: Java 8 remains the most dominant version of Java
79 Oracle Reviews the Java Rapid Release Cadence: So Far, So Good
80 Decide if Amazon Corretto is the best fit for Java devs on AWS
81 Apache NetBeans 11.3: JDK 14 preview features & dark mode
82 JavaScript creator Eich: My take on 20 years of the world's top programming language
83 Amid 25 year celebrations, what's next for Java programming?
84 Java 14 generally available with a bagful of new features
85 OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub
86 Weekly Review: Jakarta EE 9 release plan and JDK 14 enters Rampdown Phase Two
87 OpenJDK
88 Oracle's CPU Includes Only 12 Security Patches for Java SE
89 Project Leyden addresses Java pain points
90 Java retrospective #1 – community highlights of 2019
91 Java Champions untangle the Java releases and support confusion
92 How is Java Doing?
93 5 steps for an easy JDK 13 install on Ubuntu
94 Amazon now has its own version of Java: Corretto
95 Microsoft contributes to Java port for Apple silicon Macs
96 Java 14: All the new features of JDK 14 as it hits GA
97 Java Flight Recorder Coming to OpenJDK 8
98 Pivotal answers Oracle with supported Java distribution
99 Where's Java Going In 2020
100 How do we define Java?