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1 Missing those deep-fried delights you get at the fair? Here's how to make them at home
2 Deep fried oreos, twinkies, other fair favorites coming to 'Carnival Eats Syracuse'
3 Toronto's Rare Snacks Store Sells The Wildest Treats You Never Knew Existed
4 Oreo Builds Asteroid-Proof Vault to Protect Its Cookies
5 Fat Shack sandwiches open soon in southeast Las Vegas
6 Drive-Thru Fair Food Festival brings a taste of the fair back to the Valley
7 Fire up your fryer and make these fair foods in your own kitchen
8 Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds
9 A Twinkie diet? It comes down to calories
10 15 Must-Try Fall Treats Worth Tasting
11 For Stocks & Bonds, Upside Surprise of Inflation and Interest Rates “Could Prove Nasty”: Dudley
12 Kettle corn, deep-fried Oreos, free milk added to this week’s Pizze Fritte drive-thru lineup
13 Oreo built a doomsday bunker containing cookies guaranteeing they survive potential apocalypse The cookie company shared
14 Java Chip-Flavored Oreos Are Apparently Coming Out Soon, And They Sound Like A Coffee Lover's Dream
15 Hostess Teased 'Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich Twinkies'—Were They For Realsies?
16 Reclaiming the Oreo, the Twinkie, and other iconic American desserts with BraveTart
17 Arizona State Fair hosting drive-thru state fair food event
18 54. Will The Real Mr. Oreo Please Stand Up?
19 Overthinking It: Using Food As A Racial Metaphor
20 Festive Red, White, And Blue Oreos And Chips Ahoy Cookies Are Out For July 4
21 Jerry's Burger Co.: Are you up for the challenge?
22 Funnel cake, anyone? How to recreate your favorite fair foods at home
23 Twinkies Cereal Is America’s Next Great Stoner Food
24 Last call for deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos at Mermaids
25 No State Fair? No worries! How to deep-fry sweets at home
26 Where to find fair food at metro Atlanta restaurants, pop-ups
27 Dark Chocolate Oreo Thins Are Coming To Stores Soon And We Can't Think Of Anything We Need More
28 Tiger-Themed Twinkies Filled with Orange Creme Are Coming to Walmart
29 Scientists Are Examining Some Long-Expired Twinkies to See What's Wrong With Them
30 Twinkies cereal is here and it looks really funny
31 County Fair hosts drive-thru food fest at Bolado Park
32 Best Bites: Twinkies Cereal
33 Restaurant roundup: The Original Hot Dog Factory, Miss Mini Donuts of reality TV fame hit Houston
34 Fair for All: Finding fair food around the state
35 Things We Saw Today: Let’s Survive the Apocalypse in the Global Oreo Vault
36 Walmart Just Released Deep-Fried Oreos, So You Don’t Have to Hit Up Your State Fair for a Fix
37 No fair this year, but Arkansas State Fair offers a little taste
38 CT's Preferred Junk Food is Oreo's + The Other 49 Favorites
39 Walmart holiday candy gifts are a sweet twist to nostalgic favorites
40 Original Hot Dog Factory comes to SoMa
41 'Rival’ NY State Fair food drive-thru draws crowds to Syracuse Inner Harbor
42 Seattle Finally Got Its First-Ever ‘Shark Tank’ Shack With Mozzarella Stick Stuffed Sandwiches
43 Grab Your Glass of Milk — A History of Oreos in Hoboken
44 Mint Chocolate Twinkies are here — just in time for the holiday season
45 This Map Reveals the Most Popular Snacks in Every State
46 8 Fried Foods You Can Find in Las Vegas
47 Las Vegas: Say goodbye to mermaids, deep-fried Twinkies on Fremont Street
48 Professor's Weight Loss Secret: Junk Food
49 15 Best Consumer Staples Stocks for 2021
50 Walmart is selling deep-fried Oreos so you don't have to wait for the state fair
51 State Fair food isn’t going away: Madness continues on the Orange lot (Oswego, too)
52 Best Fried Food in Atlantic City
53 Yummy Fair Food at Robison Elementary School | Macaroni Kid Erie
54 ‘Rival’ State Fair food drive-thrus are back for the coming weekend
55 Deep-fried Oreos debut at Sonic Drive-In
56 Deep-Fried Nutella Twinkies
57 The Dirty Bird 815: Family-owned fried chicken food truck coming to Sycamore
58 Fair food event planned at Putnam County Fairgrounds
59 America's unhealthiest snacks: Website lists 10 worst packaged junk food
60 [UPDATE] Oreo's New Cookie Is Better Than A Deep Fried Oreo
61 OC Fair gears up for weekend two of its festival food drive-thru
62 You Can Buy Lip Balms That Taste Just Like Twinkies And Hostess Donettes
63 Deep-Fried Oreos Answer Nation's Call, Finally Hit Retail Shelves
64 You Need This Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm In Your Purse
65 Fort Worth, here’s your new Fat Shack: fried cookies, fried Twinkies, fried anything
66 Recreating Snack Cakes, Cookies and Chips at Home
67 "Tales of an Oreo and a Twinkie" | Opinion
68 Food truck vendors find creative ways to stay in business
69 K-State nutrition expert: Many dieting theories are just junk (+video)
70 Twinkie's Latest Flavor Has A Mystery Moonberry Cream Filling
71 Best Bites: Tastes of new grocery items
72 5 Milkshakes You Must Try This Summer
73 WTF: Deep Fried Twinkies Are Now a Thing
74 Chocolate Twinkies Are Back For A Limited Time This Fall And They've Gotten A Halloween Makeover
75 How Deep Fried Twinkies came to be
76 Hostess shocks the internet with pickle and peanut butter Twinkies
77 Arizona State Fair adds another weekend to its drive-thru fair food event
78 High Calorie News Feed Serves Scoops on Junk Food
79 Professor loses weight on junk food diet
80 Amid Obesity Epidemic, the Twinkie Diet?
81 From Lucky Strikes to tapeworms: 7 of the oddest weight-loss schemes of the past were also unhealthy
82 Here is each state's favorite snack according to Google
83 11 Halloween Candy-Inspired Desserts and Drinks at Boston Restaurants
84 Fall 2020 Restaurant Openings in and Around Boston
85 Food and Fall fun at Madera Fair
86 Eat your heart out: Carnival Eats Harborfest heads to Oswego this weekend
87 65th Annual Poke Sallet Festival underway this weekend in Harlan
88 Hot Dog Stall The Original Hot Dog Factory Is Opening at the Halcyon Food Hall in Alpharetta, Georgia
89 Waterford Elementary PTO Fair Food Drive-Thru | Macaroni Kid Erie
90 The 14 Best Places to Find Fried Seafood Around Boston
91 International Delight Has 2 New Sweet Iced Coffees That Come Ready To Drink In Cans
92 Carnival-styled restaurant debuts in South Charleston
93 A new family-owned Charlotte hot dog spot is opening in University City
94 Quarantine baking projects for home cooks without yeast (or patience)
95 Hold Up, Space Cowboys — Blue "Moonberry" Twinkies With a Mystery Filling Have Arrived!
96 Healthy Diet of Twinkies?
97 Hostess Is Debuting A Line Of Iced Lattes And We Can’t Wait To Try The Twinkie Flavor
98 Are frozen deep fried Twinkies any good? We tested them out
99 The Mississippi Valley Fair may be canceled, but the food will go on
100 Twinkies and tapeworms: 7 quirky (and risky) diets you probably shouldn't try