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1 How the airline industry recovers from COVID-19 could determine who gets organ transplants
2 Drone carries human kidney over Las Vegas desert in what could be the future of organ transportation
3 After Successful Test, Drones May Be the Future of Organ Delivery
4 How Human Organs Are Flown For Transplants
5 COVID-19 Has Taken a Toll on Organ Donation
6 The Medical Minute: How COVID-19 has affected organ donation
7 Patients are dying unnecessarily from organ donation policy failures | TheHill
8 Students win scholarships for raising awareness about organ and tissue donation
9 Shortsighted CMS rule change could endanger our organ transplant system | TheHill
10 Is there an age limit for organ donation?
11 He died when he got the wrong lungs. It wasn't the only organ error in SC that day.
12 Secretary of state encourages organ and tissue donations
13 Mark Rosenker, Washington Metrorail Safety Commission official and former NTSB head, dies
14 3-D Printing inside the Body Could Patch Stomach Ulcers
15 A new heart for Liberty
16 Organ Donor foundation names Marlon as chair
17 ‘We’re still looking:’ Family continues search to find kidney for son
18 A look at kidney disease and ways to help Toby Chess
19 The gift of life
20 Scripps Launches Region’s First Centralized Organ Recovery Center
21 CareDx Launches AlloCare at Virtual Transplant Festival
22 Yale succeeds with a more inclusive approach to heart transplants
23 Fresenius grants $106,000 to United Network for Organ Sharing
24 Minnesota veteran of business and Vietnam War is grateful for gift of life
25 Lora Weliky | Local Obituaries |
26 Stepping down, after 60 years of worship through music at Southside church
27 Organ procurement and transplantation during the COVID-19 pandemic
28 Fresenius Medical Care Foundation Announces Grant to United Network for Organ Sharing to Improve Organ Transportation, Tracking, and Logistics
29 How is COVID-19 impacting organ donation and transplantation in the United States? UNOS provides latest data and updates
30 Fewer Organs For Transplant As Stay-At-Home Rules Decrease Traffic Deaths : Shots
31 The Big Number: 39,717 organ transplants in the U.S. last year
32 Review: 12 Hour Shift Is a Well-Oiled Organ-Harvesting Farce That’s Short on Style
33 UNOS urges blood and organ donation for National Donate Life Month
34 World Heart Day: Read Dil Se! Pick these books for a heart-healthy life
35 Today in Henrico – Lisa Schaffner, UNOS | The Henrico Citizen
36 Some hospitals wary as new liver transplant rules begin
37 COVID-19 has transformed the business of organ transplants
38 Senate Republicans seek probe of organ transplant system
39 Organ Transplants Plummet During New York’s Coronavirus Crisis
40 Organ Transplant: 'Essential' Surgery in a Time of Pandemic
41 First organ donations from McAllen to San Antonio occur in spite of pandemic
42 Texas organ sharing alliance to host virtual presentation
43 Organ donations during COVID-19
44 How Lifesaving Organs For Transplant Go Missing In Transit
45 Lost luggage: How lifesaving organs for transplant go missing in transit
46 The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Led To A Decrease In Organ Transplants
47 Heart Transplant Activity Plummets Across US During COVID-19
48 Organ donation rate, transplants set new record
49 National societies recommend ways to improve safety in organ transportation
50 Pandemic Takes Toll on Patients Waiting for Organ Transplants
51 Rep. Reed says organ procurement system needs an overhaul
52 Organ donation again sets record in 2019
53 When Transplant Organs Go Missing in Transit
54 Vanderbilt doctors worried about new organ transplant distribution map
55 Organ Donations Have Decreased Significantly During Coronavirus Pandemic
56 New specialized facility at University Hospital to help increase organ transplants
57 Number of organ transplants drops drastically during coronavirus pandemic
58 More Hospital Complications and Fewer Traffic Collisions Mean Longer Waits For Organ Donations
59 Federal judge allows new liver transplant policy to take effect
60 Record number of Central and South Texas organ donors saved lives in 2019
61 Minority Donor Awareness Month encourages minorities to become organ donors
62 'Minorities are in great need of organ transplants'
63 The lifesaving transplant organ you're waiting on may go missing in transit
64 Waiting out a pandemic | WORLD News Group
65 The gift of a lifetime: Organ, tissue donation turns tragedy of loss into a miraculous 'spark of life'
66 Thoracic Organ Transplantation Options for Eisenmenger Syndrome Treatment
67 VERIFY: Coronavirus victims cannot donate organs
68 Cleveland Clinic Reaches New Organ Transplant Record in 2019
69 Organ Transplantation Needs More Organs
70 COVID-19 increases importance of implementing reforms to organ donation system | TheHill
71 How One Hospital Continued Performing Organ Transplants During COVID-19
72 Op-Ed: New Liver Organ Policy Should Be Stopped Before It's Too Late
73 Organ transplant sees a spurt
74 Connecting donated human lungs to pigs repaired damage, scientists say
75 This Richmond woman needs a kidney transplant, so she's using billboards to reach donors
76 FM Kirby Foundation supports UNOS Labs
77 Shannon Medical Center Holds Memorial for Organ Donor
78 Peoria man says lack of hospital beds put a stop to his kidney transplant surgery
79 Months before she died suddenly, a Frankfort teen decided to be an organ donor. Her parents are sharing that message with the world.
80 UC Health expands organ transplant capability with rare procedure
81 Life lost, life given, life shared: stories of organ donation
82 Secretary of State to host virtual national minority donor awareness month
83 COVID-19 Put How Many Heart Transplants on Hold?
84 NJ Sharing Network awards scholarships to high school students who support organ donation
85 Donated organs fly on commercial airlines. Sometimes, they get lost.
86 Organ transplants in the Chicago area are at a virtual standstill due to COVID-19. Recipients are anxiously waiting their turn.
87 COVID-19 delaying lifesaving treatment for non-COVID-19 patients
88 Liver transplant allocation rules are changing. Here's what you need to know.
89 The organ transplant aftershock
90 Organ donation: 'Mum said we don't do it. So we don't'
91 Support organ donation through NJ Sharing Network 10th anniversary walk on May 17
92 Medical professionals, organizations work to make life-saving transplants available and quicker
93 Judge rules in favor of Vanderbilt in lawsuit against new organ sharing policy
94 How to Become an Organ Donor: What You & Your Family Need to Know
95 Tragic Drop in Life-Saving Organ Transplants Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
96 Coronavirus pressures 'put organ transplants at risk'
97 Rep. Reed and Rose lead push for accountability and oversight for organ donations
98 Some hospitals wary of new liver transplant rules
99 An Examination of Nursing Students' Knowledge About Organ Donation
100 Giving to the living: Organ donations saved local man's life