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1 University of Oxford's Oriel College recommends removal of Cecil Rhodes statue amid protests
2 Baroness suggests Nelson Mandela statue next to Cecil Rhodes one
3 Pickup from Oxford to Birmingham
4 Statue Debate Engulfs British Archimperialist and Benefactor Cecil Rhodes
5 Let there be no doubt, Britain's got racism
6 Oriel College, Oxford, statement on Rhodes statue
7 Oxford college officials backed plans to protect Rhodes memorial
8 Fact check: Letter criticising calls to remove Rhodes statue was not written by Oxford University
9 Future of Oxford's Cecil Rhodes statue to be decided by January
10 Tech entrepreneur says he'll 'make up for every penny' any donors pull from Oxford college
11 Cecil Rhodes statue should stay and be joined by Nelson Mandela, peers told
12 Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford’s Oriel College should NOT be taken down, says poll
13 Oxford college is blasted for charging international students £700 for two-week Covid quarantine
14 Cecil Rhodes: Delay over statue removal 'heightening tensions'
15 Colin Mayer, Author at Pro Market
16 Oriel College votes in favour of removing Rhodes statue
17 Rhodes House to undergo major redevelopment
18 Oriel College, Oxford Uni, accept six black students in three years
19 Oxford's Eyesores: Brutalism's Place among the Dreaming Spires
20 UK Activists Call for Removal of Monument to 19th-Century Imperialist Cecil Rhodes
21 'Rhodes may not fall after all' says head of inquiry into Oxford statue's removal
22 POLL: Should the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford's Oriel College be taken down? VOTE HERE
23 Saint of the day: John Henry Newman
24 Cecil Rhodes statue to STAY in Oxford until next year
25 A police officer guards Rhodes statue at Oxford's Oriel College
26 Lord Nelson’s Heroic Status Under Review by National Maritime Museum
27 Oxford City Council celebrates Black History Month
28 Oxford college wants Rhodes statue removed
29 Misremembering the British Empire
30 Disillusioned black Oxford students unwilling to help attract others
31 Boarding school renames house honouring Clive of India after Black Lives Matter protests
32 Oriel College's plans to build student flats refused for third time
33 Oxford University Will Keep Statue of Cecil Rhodes
34 Oriel announce quarantining students will face £400 food bill
35 Revealed: Oriel's £28.57 a day meals
36 Who was Cecil Rhodes? Why councillors and protestors are calling on statue of imperialist at Oxford University’s Oriel College to be removed
37 Oxford Faces Pressure to Change as Universities Confront Racism
38 Rhodes Must Fall: Oxford's Institutional Response | Practical Ethics
39 Six men fined for toppling Edward Colston statue in Bristol during Black Lives Matter protest
40 I'm certain that Rhodes will fall. This is why
41 Oxford’s position on Rhodes Must Fall is bad politics — and even worse history
42 Cecil Rhodes statue will not fall for at least a year as Oxford college asks public's opinion
43 Boris Johnson criticises Oxford decision to remove Rhodes statue
44 Activists criticise council’s decision to approve upgrade to memorial building for Cecil Rhodes
45 Newspaper headlines: 'End of the Rhodes' as fears grow over shut schools
46 Self-isolation for international students: How has your college responded?
47 Black history is not steel bands and jerk chicken
48 Oxford Faces New Pressure Over Statue as Colleges Confront Racism
49 Rhodes must fall: Oxford protesters call for removal of statue – video report
50 Councillors who signed Rhodes statue letter may be excluded from deciding its future
51 Oxford students accused of treating social groups with 'patronising disdain' in their essays
52 Oxford college heads stand with black students to fight against systemic racism
53 As it happened: Oxford's Rhodes Must Fall protests
54 One in five 2019 Oxford undergraduates from BAME backgrounds
55 Oriel College Provost Neil Mendoza becomes UK’s first Culture Commissioner
56 Oxford vice-chancellor 'delighted' to see students engage in BLM debate
57 Here are the top 10 billionaires donating to Oxford University
58 Meander through Oxford's dark past is more than a woke walk
59 'People thought I was too young to protest': the rise of student activism
60 Oxford students clear to appeal grades after trauma of George Floyd's death
61 Natalya Din-Kariuki | After Rhodes Falls · LRB 29 June 2020
62 U.K. Firms Apologize for Slavery Links, BOE to Remove Pictures
63 Jamaican Rhodes scholars share mixed views on 'Rhodes Must Fall'
64 Covid will reinforce race inequality at Oxbridge, warn experts
65 In Britain, these Oxford walking tours focus on often-glossed-over parts of the city’s history
66 EXCLUSIVE: University advisor explains why Oxford WON'T offer in-college testing
67 UK should 'retain and explain' controversial statues, says minister
68 UK universities have been silencing sexual assault survivors with NDAs
69 Beyond the Bullingdon: A closer look into Oxford's Secret Societies
70 Cecil Rhodes statue demo chief works for charity guarding 'racist's' legacy
71 Admissions 2020: How has each college responded?
72 Universities criticised for 'tokenistic' support for Black Lives Matter
73 Oxford students campaign to remove 'racist' Rhodes from college
74 UK protests: statue of 18th-century slave owner Robert Milligan taken down in London — as it happened
75 Oxford tops world university rankings as it pulls away from Cambridge
76 How have British universities grappled with links to the slave trade?
77 Black students at Oxford University unhappy with handling of racism on campus
78 Not Set In Stone: Statues Fall As Europe Reexamines Its Past
79 Decolonising the university: a new student's guide to campus activism
80 UK colonialist Rhodes has fallen in his home town
81 Talking Point: Rhodes scholarship signals prestige but honours a dark force
82 Oxford students’ fight to topple Cecil Rhodes statue was the easy option
83 Margaret Thatcher's Oxford college orders students to take an anti-bias course to tackle racism
84 PETER YOUNG: Removing reminders of a country's past will do nothing to address genuine social injustice
85 Off his pedestal, by Gemma Tidman
86 Oxford releases statement on why 'world events' mean admissions statistics postponed
87 PICTURES: Oxford's Rhodes Must Fall Protests
88 Removing the statue of Cecil Rhodes would be cowardly and anti-intellectual
89 Oxford head resists 'rewriting history' over Rhodes statue
90 Rhodes' colonial demons follow him to his grave, 126 years later
91 Yes, the George Floyd video is distressing. But allowing ‘traumatized’ students who’ve seen it to get better exam grades is a joke
92 Universities must be decolonised to address ‘silent crisis’ on campuses – report
93 Rhodes must not fall
94 Overcoming this scourge starts with ourselves
95 Oriel College, Oxford, plans student block for Bartlemas nursery
96 Torpidoed: winter rowing faces rules upheaval
97 ADEKEYE ADEBAJO: Rhodes University stubbornly clings to arch-imperialist’s name
98 In Quest To Fell Rhodes Statue, Students Aim To Make Oxford Confront History
99 First transgender woman Rhodes scholar named in diverse 2020 class
100 Statue of Cecil Rhodes to stay as Oriel College fears losing £100m in donations