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1 Oromia 11 creates new TV network for Oromo community in Minnesota—and beyond.
2 Analysis | Why Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Prize Winner Is Waging War
3 Hunger-striking Ethiopia politicians 'deteriorating' in jail
4 Ethiopia: Concern grows over health of jailed political leaders
5 'No way they'll back out': tensions rise amid Ethiopia opposition hunger strike
6 PRESS RELEASE: Furious Oromo locals curate a creative Covid Safe Campaign in solidarity with #StarvingFor Justice movement – Media Database
7 OLLAA Leads Rally to Demand U.S Government Action to Save the Lives of Oromo Political Prisoners on Hunger
8 The US embassy in Ethiopia did not suggest that jailed opposition leader would be released soon
9 Breaking: Court acquits woman who was one of the main suspects in the assassination of Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa
10 Breaking: Court acquits woman who was one of the four suspects in the assassination of Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa
11 News: Attorney General appeals at Supreme Court to block private hospital treatment for imprisoned Oromo opposition leaders on hunger strike
12 Court acquits woman who was one of the four suspects in the assassination of Oromo artist Hachalu Hundessa
13 News: As Jawar continue hunger strike Oromia region sees multiple protests demanding their release, justice for slain artist Hachalu
14 US Oromos Protest Singer Hachalu's Killing in Ethiopia
15 Ethiopia: Understanding Oromia’s mayhem after Hachalu’s murder
16 The Oromo of Eastern Africa: Ali Mazrui's Perspective
17 UN: Thousands flee Ethiopia violence, seek asylum in Sudan
18 Anger, fear run deep after months of ethnic violence in western Ethiopia
19 Minnesota's Oromo community demands justice after musician and activist Hachalu Hundessa is killed in Ethiopia
20 Hachalu Hundessa: charismatic musician who wasn't afraid to champion Ethiopia's Oromo
21 Ethiopia's Oromo Celebrate Tense Thanksgiving amid Tight Security
22 In Ethiopia, a musician's death and a transition in trouble
23 Ethiopia's Oromo tensions erupt in violence for Abiy
24 War biopic, political history and family memoir frame ‘Oromo Witness’
25 News: Medical team of prisoners on hunger strike quit over inability to transfer Bekele Gerba to private hospital
26 What Does it Mean to Be a Black, Muslim, Oromo Girl?
27 Ethiopia security forces killed 76 during protests following Oromo musician's assassination: state human rights body
28 Oromo community in Seattle call for freedom of 2 men held in Ethiopia
29 Jawar Mohammed: The Ethiopian media mogul taking on Abiy Ahmed
30 Oromos say Ethiopia has become a ‘dangerous country for us’ at Paris rally
31 UNPO: Oromo: OLF Denounces the Killings in Western Oromia
32 Ethiopia clamps down on journalists again as Oromo protests grow
33 Ethiopia's escalating federal political crisis with Oromo, Tigray
34 Ethiopia: At least 100 dead surge of violence against ethnic minorities
35 Ethiopia files terror charges against Jawar Mohammed, others
36 Two OMN Journalists Freed on Bail but Colleagues Remain in Ethiopian Jail
37 Hachalu Hundessa’s death exposed an unlikely anti-Abiy alliance
38 Unrest in Ethiopia Further Raises Suspicion, Division in Oromo Region
39 Ethiopia: Oromo Opposition Party to Boycott 2021 Elections
40 Ethiopia: Who and what is behind the Oromia crisis – a view from Abiy’s camp
41 Oromo leaders warn of violence over Ethiopia's postponed elections
42 What lies behind the war in Tigray?
43 How the Murder of an Ethiopian Singer Triggered an Uprising Against a Disintegrating Democracy
44 In step with the Oromo of Ethiopia | July 29
45 Tigray crisis viewpoint: Why Ethiopia is spiralling out of control
46 Ethiopia files terrorism charges against leading opposition activist
48 Ethiopia: Account for all people arrested after Hachalu Hundesa's killing
49 Dozens Killed in Ethiopia in Schoolyard Massacre
50 'Please, we're bleeding': Protesters decry violent unrest in Ethiopia
51 Ethiopia: Police must account for missing Oromo opposition leader
52 Ethiopia: Justice Needed for Deadly October Violence
53 Oromo: OLF Emphasizes its Firm Commitment to Democracy and Nonviolence
54 Exploring sources of insecurity for Ethiopian Oromo and Somali women who have given birth in Kakuma Refugee Camp: A Qualitative Study
55 Ethiopia internet is back on but Oromo tensions remain
56 Oromo protests: Why US must stop enabling Ethiopia
57 Ethiopian Forces Should Show Restraint at Upcoming Festival
58 Ethiopia: Fears grow for thousands arrested after killing of Oromo singer
59 Protesters shot, 9 killed in Ethiopia clashes, say doctors
60 Ethiopia's flawed federal system fuels Oromo, Amhara tensions
61 Ethiopia's Oromia conflict: Why a teacher was killed 'execution-style'
62 HRW: Ethiopia: Opposition Figures Held Without Charge
63 A hidden war threatens Ethiopia's transition to democracy
64 Ethiopia's Ambo city: 'From freedom to repression under Abiy Ahmed'
65 University of Minnesota students learn the comfort of sharing comfort foods
66 Protest against Ethiopian government takes over Downtown intersection
67 Urban brawl
68 Ethiopian Rebel Group Denies Role in Singer’s Death
69 Ethiopia: Bachelet calls for de-escalation amid alarming developments in Tigray and Oromo regions
70 Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict explained in 500 words
71 Violence during Ethiopian protests was ethnically tinged, say eyewitnesses
72 Sharing Food: Cacabsa – The Minnesota Daily
73 Justice, not repressions, will break Ethiopia's waves of violence
74 Ethiopia's Jawar Mohammed: From Abiy ally to terror trial
75 Ethiopia adds Afan Oromo, Somali, Afar, Tigrigna languages to Amharic
76 Ethiopia falls into violence a year after leader's Nobel peace prize win
77 Ethiopian Democracy Veers Off Track: What's at Stake
78 How An Exiled Activist In Minnesota Helped Spur Big Political Changes In Ethiopia
79 UNPO: Oromo: Dr Geleta's Daughter Calls for Urgent Support of the German Government
80 Ethiopia's security forces accused of torture, evictions and killings – report
81 Ethiopia's Oromo protests grow over Jawar Mohammed, minorities
82 In pictures: Ethiopia's Oromos celebrate thanksgiving
83 The Social Dilemma For Representation in Oromia
84 Oromo armed rebel group denies involvement in shooting death of Hachalu Hundessa
85 Ethiopia: 'Halt the violence', resolve grievances peacefully – UN rights chief
86 Ethiopia: 2,000 charged over violence sparked by pop star’s death
87 A new TV network, Oromia 11 launches in Minneapolis
88 A look at Irreecha, the famous thanksgiving festival of Ethiopia’s Oromo people
89 How long is Oromo region of Ethiopia allowed to be a hell for non-Oromo?
90 {Ethiopia Insight} An imperial narrative gets recycled
91 Ethiopia urged to allow peaceful demonstrations, investigate protestor deaths
92 One year after Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia’s crises are multiplying
93 Dozens killed as protests erupt over the killing of popular Oromo singer
94 Is Ethiopia coming together or falling apart?
95 Ethiopians march in Seattle to protest unrest rocking their country
96 In-depth Analysis: The fracturing of the Oromo elite and return of Ethiopia’s law and order State
97 Guji Oromo need freedom from liberators
98 Ethiopia: Ethnic strife threatens church's unity
99 News: Opposition party Oromo Federalist Congress says it will find it “extremely hard” to take part in coming elections under existing conditions
100 The story of Oromo slaves bound for Arabia who were brought to South Africa