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1 The Two Paleontologists Who Had a Bone to Pick with Each Other | Detours | Prehistoric Road Trip
2 Benchmarks: April 1916: "Jingo the Stegosaurus" campaigns to keep the US out of World War I
3 NIAGARA DISCOVERIES: Othniel C. Marsh, famed paleontologist | Lifestyles |
4 'Othniel Charles Marsh and the Yale College Fossil Hunting Expeditions of 1870-1873'
5 Bone Wars: The Marsh-Cope Feud Led to Some Amazing Dinosaur Discoveries
6 How a feud between two paleontologists helped introduce Wyoming's dinosaurs to the world
7 Peabody Specimen Spotlight
8 O.C. Marsh, Before the Bone Wars
9 Travels in Geology: The wild east of Wyoming: Bone wars, outlaw hideouts and crack climbing
10 Bone Thugs-N-Disharmony
11 Michael Crichton's resurrected Dragon Teeth should've stayed preserved in amber
12 The Fossil Hunters Who Went to War Over Dinosaur Bones GREAT AMERICAN SCANDALS
13 How a fossil–finding competition ruined two paleontologists' lives
14 Brontosaurus and the Bone Wars › Dr Karl's Great Moments In Science
15 Bone wars chronicles race between paleontologists
16 Brontosaurus: reinstating a prehistoric icon
17 A Lost Michael Crichton Manuscript Revives a 19th Century Dinosaur War
18 The Brontosaurus Is Back
19 The “Westworld” Echoes of Michael Crichton’s Posthumous “Dragon Teeth”
20 Big Bones in the Badlands, Lies, and A Promise Kept
21 Battle for the “Bone Wars” Beasts
22 Signed Edward Drinker Cope Stock Certificate. ... Natural History | Lot #72022 | Heritage Auctions
23 Forget Extinct: The Brontosaurus Never Even Existed
24 Return of the Brontosaurus: Q&A with the Peabody's Jacques Gauthier
25 The Myth of the Eight-Spiked Stegosaurus | Science
26 Cowboys and Dinosaurs
27 The Time 19th Century Paleontologists Punched it Out
28 Bone Wars: Steve Carell and James Gandolfini to Play Battling Paleontologists
29 Yale Daily News – Peabody Museum prepares for renovations
30 The Brontosaurus never existed: A tale from the Bone Wars
31 14 most unusual dinosaurs that lived in what is now Russia
32 Ed Bass names new lecture hall for Yale's O.C. Marsh
33 Dinosaur (bones) star in Michael Crichton's gripping 'Dragon Teeth'
34 When Triceratops Was a Giant Bison | Science
35 Significant Sights: The National Park discovered by a minister who collected fossils and taught evolution
36 The Oldest Toothache
37 Benchmarks: September 1, 1957: Fossil Cycad National Monument is dissolved
38 The Children's Museum is digging for dinosaurs in Wyoming. They've found amazing things.
39 How the cataclysm that obliterated the dinosaurs gave rise to humans
40 Peabody digitization project facilitates 'time travel' to Cretaceous period
41 Skeleton of an Allosaurus that prowled for prey around Wyoming set to fetch £1m at Paris auction
42 Dragon Teeth, Michael Crichton’s dinosaur thriller, is unevenly paced
43 Steve Carell & James Gandolfini To Star In HBO Movie About Feuding Paleontologists
44 See Peabody dinosaurs before year-end; museum closing for 3 years in June
45 A mystery dinosaur in the nation's basement
46 The "Sistine Chapel of Evolution" Is in New Haven, Connecticut
47 Graham Yost, Bruce C. McKenna To Adapt Michael Crichton Manuscript ‘Dragon Teeth’ For Nat Geo
48 Those Old Bones? It Really Is A Brontosaurus
49 Yale Peabody's dinosaurs head to Canada for some TLC
50 Perspective | The Smithsonian's new dinosaur hall is a marvel. But its ties to David Koch are a problem.
51 Michael Crichton's 'Dragon Teeth' has bite, lands at No. 4
52 Book Review: Dragon Teeth
53 3-D Skull of Dinosaur-Era Bird Ichthyornis Found in Kansas
54 6 Vicious Rivalries
55 Makeovers for two popular dinosaurs
56 A Truly Exceptional Allosaurus | Science
57 Students' hands-on access to Yale Library's collections inspired exhibits
58 Titanosaur: The technology behind paleontology
59 Book review | Dragon Teeth: Old West dino-bones rivalry intrigued Crichton
60 Fossil Bird Had Tough Teeth
61 A South Dakota mystery: Who stole the fossils from Fossil Cycad National Monument?
62 Experience sights, sounds of pre-historic past – Fort Carson Mountaineer
63 Brontosaurus: what's in a name? › Dr Karl's Great Moments In Science
64 ‘Dragon Teeth’: Michael Crichton’s Soon-to-Be-Published Manuscript Will Be Adapted for TV by National Geographic Channel
65 Yale Peabody Museum marks 150 years of scientific discovery
66 Shaking the Dinosaur Family Tree
67 Rifling through the 'wastebaskets' of palaeontology reveals surprises
68 How Dinosaur Poop Got Its Name | Science
69 See 500 Years of Artful Nature Illustrations
70 How do you make a predatory dinosaur relatable? Show it as a parent.
71 Mystery dinosaur to stay in the basement
72 The Rise of Paleoart, and the Artist’s Role in Our Visions of Dinosaurs
73 GeoQuiz: Hoodoos, badlands — and a dinosaur hunter?
74 Campus ambassador creates online self-guided tour for K-5 kids
75 The Double Dinosaur Brain Myth | Science
76 U is for Uteodon
77 The Torosaurus Identity Crisis Continues | Science
78 Edward P. Bass '68 makes lead gift toward renovating Yale Peabody Museum
79 Brontosaurus and Pluto ready for triumphant return?
80 Hidden Dinosaurs and Confusing Teeth | Science
81 Here's What We Used to Think Dinosaurs Looked Like
82 The skeleton articulated
83 A Smithsonian Dino-Celebrity Finally Tells All | Smithsonian Voices | National Museum of Natural History
84 How to say: Diplodocus
85 Peabody Museum engages Yale undergrads in scientific discovery
86 Paleo Profile: The Smoke Hill Bird
87 Newest addition at Pacific Museum of Earth is Elasmosaurus skeleton
88 The Verge Review of Animals: the Apatosaurus
89 Dinosaur Museums Entertain Kids With Indoor And Outdoor Activities
90 Beards and Gore-Tex: does palaeontology have an image problem?
91 Tweaking the beak: Retracing the bird's beak to its dinosaur origins
92 How you actually pronounce 'diplodocus'
93 Jurassic World: meet the dinosaurs
94 Hot Summer Books: Kevin Hart's Memoir, a Discovered Michael Crichton Novel and 8 More Must-Reads
95 Baby Mosasaurs Were Born Out at Sea
96 Read an excerpt from Michael Crichton's 'Dragon Teeth'
97 Fossils of new dinosaur have been found in outback of Australia
98 The Biggest Dinosaur In History May Never Have Existed
99 Massive 65-Million-yr-old Triceratops Skull Found by College Student
100 How to buy your own T. rex