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1 Trudeau plan could 'exhaust' Canada's fiscal room: PBO
2 Excess profit tax would have generated $7.9B in 2020: PBO
3 High Hensile Strength of PBO keeps the demands driven in thePoly-p-phenylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole (PBO) Market – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
4 Federal infrastructure bank can't meet funding plans without spending spree, PBO says
5 Should PBO be set to "Auto" or "Enabled" in the BIOS to turn it on? Thanks!
6 Experts worried about quality of mosquito nets sold on market
7 Large-scale projects under Canada Infrastructure Bank's umbrella, 'take time,' says CEO, following PBO report outlining ongoing delays in projects
8 Sen. Johnson, Rep. Baldridge backing firework legislation
9 Summer 2021
10 Iran's annual saffron exports exceed $190m
11 Budget Watchdog Raises Concerns About Federal Spending
12 Downstate Mosquito Spraying Tuesday Evening
13 BONOKOSKI: Budget watchdog points to losses due to illicit smokes
14 Global Permanent Flame Retardant Fiber Market – Increasing R&D Investments and Rising Research Activities to Favor the Market – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper
15 Federal budget debt burden projections rely on rosy assumptions
16 Most families will be worse off under PM's plan
17 Highvelder wants to “bake” a difference in the lives of children with cancer
18 Liberals block first step to universal dental care
19 PBO says Canada Infrastructure Bank is failing to secure any private investment
20 Bristol Myers Squibb Presents New Research at ASCO and EHA 2021 Featuring Novel Approaches and Demonstrating Significant Progress to Improve Survival in Cancer and Blood Disorders
21 PBO says cost of planting 2 billion trees in Canada could almost double
22 PBO's Richard Egarr Is Up for Everything
23 Local Listen: Mae Powell's surprisingly poppy 'F*ck ICE' and more | 48 hills
24 Work from home tax deduction could cost feds $260 million: PBO
25 Federal budget 2021: Most Aussie families won't benefit from childcare changes
26 PBO says mixed frigate fleet and other designs offer cheaper options to navy program
27 PBO Advisory Group Deploys Technology-Based Solution To Help Employees With Child Care Challenges
28 Stock options tax revenue to slowly ramp up over a decade, PBO says
29 Basic income program could cut national poverty rates in half, PBO says
30 Trans Mountain project profitable for now: PBO
31 Liberals' two-billion-trees promise to cost $2.78 billion more than planned, PBO says
32 PBO projects $363.4B federal deficit, faster economic recovery
33 Tech-Enabled PBO RxBenefits Reaches $1.1B Valuation After Recapitalization
34 COVID-19-related spending set to drop sharply over coming year: PBO report
35 Canada Infrastructure Bank failing to secure private investment, PBO says
36 Extended relief for jobless Canadians to cost Ottawa an extra $5 billion: PBO report
37 PBO estimates cost of expanded carbon tax exemption
38 PBO report on Canadian Surface Combatant to be released Feb. 24
39 No plans to change warships despite PBO’s warning about cost: top official
40 Get paid to write articles in PBO – guide to submitting your work for publication
41 PBO says reformed fiscal stabilization program to cost Ottawa $4.5 billion
42 PBO says feds can spend more, but wiggle room has shrunk due to pandemic
43 PBO: Deficit on track to hit $330 billion with COVID effects lasting years
44 Greens’ proposed wealth tax could spur ‘significant’ tax avoidance: PBO
45 Budget 2021: Greens propose billionaire pandemic levy
46 Final cost of the CERB to be $77B: PBO
47 PBO comes under fire as navy worries about watchdog's report on troubled warship project
48 Extended jobless relief to cost Ottawa an extra $5 billion: PBO report
49 Supercluster funding $74 million behind schedule, according to new PBO report
50 The Ryzen 7 5800 with PBO enabled is basically a Ryzen 7 5800X
51 Navigating the politics of basic income
52 PBO says Trudeau stimulus plan was 'mis-calibrated'
53 Jordan’s Principle order may cost feds $15B in compensation, PBO says
54 AMD Introduces Precision Boost Overdrive 2, Boosts Single Thread Performance
55 Supercluster funding behind schedule, unlikely to create 10000 jobs: PBO report
56 PBO's Saul Is a Perfect Fit for Nicholas McGegan
57 Jordan's Principle order may cost feds $15 billion in compensation, PBO says
58 Ottawa is underestimating how much revenue it could receive from taxing services such as Netflix: PBO
59 Use of special paid leave by public servants 'likely underreported', says PBO
60 Budget doesn't support economic growth, says PBO
61 DND says budget for Surface Combatants remains unchanged; PBO report expected in late February
62 Wage subsidy projected to cost $14 billion less than budgeted: PBO
63 PBO says Liberal pledge to get GST from goods in Amazon warehouses could cost $600M
64 New changes to Employment Insurance will cost $7.7B, PBO predicts
65 Canada Infrastructure Bank failing to land private investment: PBO
66 Ending withdrawal rules from registered retirement funds would cost $1B, PBO says
67 Business rent aid to fall short of budget, PBO says as credit program expands
68 More spending, not more workers, driving costs for federal employees, says PBO
69 Veterans Affairs could clear application backlog in a year if it hired hundreds: PBO
70 Annual wealth tax would generate $5.6B: PBO
71 Canada PBO endorses guaranteed basic income proposal of $17K/person, $24K/couple
72 PBO: More spending, not more workers, driving costs for federal employees
73 PBO says gender-based pay equity scheme to cost $621M, as Liberals withhold spending plans
74 A year ago, the PBO costed election promises. It prepared the watchdog for COVID-19
75 NJ Baseball: Shore Conference scoreboard, roundup for Monday, May 10.
76 PBO complains of lack of transparency on $422 billion in federal business support
77 Few to use new sickness benefit for COVID-19 diagnosis, PBO suggests in new report
78 Budget 2021: Towards tunnel of doom or debtors’ heaven
79 PBO report puts spotlight on wealthy Canadians
80 PBO to examine $60 billion price tag of new warships and compare to other less expensive foreign programs
81 Federal deficit likely now at $260 billion due to COVID-19, PBO says
82 Explaining AMD Ryzen Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO), AutoOC, & Benchmarks
83 Ottawa on track to hit set maximum borrowing amount, PBO says
84 ABUL RIZVI: Frydenberg's long-term GDP forecast will drive policy thinking
85 Following PBO report, Minister Bains says Superclusters have seen “enormous progress”
86 Nollywood channel PBO TV now available on StarTimes
87 Federal infrastructure spending remains behind schedule: PBO
88 Extending CERB for months could double $60-billion budget, PBO report suggests
89 Feds short $14.5 billion over decade of equalization payments, PBO says
90 Canada’s deficit ‘manageable’ without tax increase if COVID-19 measures temporary: PBO
91 Carbon tax must rise if Canada is to meet Paris emission targets: PBO
92 PBO says federal deficit could reach $252B this year, the highest on record
93 Canada's wealthiest one per cent hold 25.6% of riches: PBO report
94 Virus to punch $500b hole in federal budget over coming decade: PBO
95 Direct Conversion of CH3NH3PbI3 from Electrodeposited PbO for Highly Efficient Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
96 Astellas' XTANDI™ (enzalutamide) Approved by European Commission for Men with Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer
97 PBO Gives Handel's Dark Aci, Galatea e Polifemo a Powerful Makeover
98 How to buy PBO Digital for your computer, phone, tablet or eReader
99 Election-platform costing needs some reworking before next campaign: PBO
100 Economy could contract by 25% in second quarter, deficit could soar to $112.7B: PBO report