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1 Anthropologie to Be 'Closed for Cruelty' by PETA
2 Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Napa County
3 PETA Asks Corpse-Hooking Fisher to Please Hang Up His Rod | PETA
4 Teen's Beating of Cat Prompts Offer of Humane Education | PETA
5 Duluth native featured in PETA documentary
6 Texas A&M University Regent to Face Protest Over Dog Experiments
7 Good Samaritan Who Saved Dog From Burning Home Scores PETA Award
8 New PETA documentary follows Baton Rouge native Jenny Teed and others as they try to help suffering animals
9 How to Entertain Your Canine Companion Indoors
10 Disease-Ridden Live-Animal Markets Prompt 'Enough Is Enough' PETA Ad
11 PETA Closes the Book on Ringling's Elephant Abuse | PETA
12 Steer Shot in Head, Left to Suffer; PETA Seeks Investigation | PETA
13 New PETA Billboard Says Personal Responsibility, Not Government, Can Prevent More Wildfires
14 Wegmans sells coconut milk produced by monkeys, PETA claims
15 Rescued Tyrone the Guinea Pig | Adoptable | PETA
16 PETA stages London Fashion Week protest | Materials & Production News
17 PETA Wants Accused Arsonist Charged With Animal Abuse | PETA
18 'Tiger King' star looking forward to PETA fight, attorney says
19 CEO Beats Puppy—Ask That the Dog Be Turned Over Now!
20 PETA claims UVa, Virginia Tech misused state funds with animal experiments
21 Urgent From PETA: Cruel—and Criminal—to Leave Dogs in Hot Cars
22 Iggy Pop Donates 'Free' to PETA to Help End Cruel Monkey Experiments
23 PETA Statement: Dog-Abusing CEO | PETA
24 PETA President on Elon Musk's Neuralink Animal Experiments | PETA
25 What Celebs Are Saying About 'Breaking the Chain' | PETA
26 Paw Paw resident sheds light on animal neglect in PETA documentary
27 PETA alleges more animal research violations at UW-Madison
28 PETA urges Modi to shut slaughterhouses, meat shops on Gandhi Jayanti
29 Criminal Probe Sought by PETA: Conscious Cow Shot in the Head Five Times
30 JUST IN: 3 Lions Rescued From 'Tiger King' Hellhole | PETA
31 Meet the Cat Who Was Saved by Snapchat
32 New PETA Billboard Says There's No Wildfire Conspiracy—'It's Meat That Brought the Heat'
33 PETA Statement: Study About Muscle-Mass Drug Tested in Space
34 PETA 'Lobs' a Bunch of Coconuts at Kroger CEO | PETA
35 PETA 'Lobs' a Bunch of Coconuts at Raley's President and CEO
36 PETA Requests Audit of UNC-Chapel Hill Claiming Misuse of State Funds for Nonessential Animal Experiments
37 Update From PETA: CEO's 'Apology' Is Too Little, Too Late
38 JBS Deforestation Scandal Spotlighted in PETA Billboard | PETA
39 BREAKING: No More Animals at Tim Stark's Wildlife in Need | PETA
40 PETA submits audit request into “allegation of the waste of state funds” at UVA and Virginia Tech
41 Celebrate 'Voktoberfest' With These PETA Recipes | PETA
42 Pizza Delivery in Reverse: PETA to Send 20 Cases of Vegan Cheese to Local Pie Shop
43 PETA Gas Station Ad Blitz Targets 'Worst Roadside Zoo in America'
44 South Dakota governor spars with PETA over viral 'social distancing' hunting video | TheHill
45 PETA Calls for State Audit of University of Montana After COVID-19–Related Animal Killings
46 PETA Calls For State Audit of University of Wisconsin–Madison After Apparent COVID-19–Related Animal Killings
47 PETA Video Pushes Airline to Confirm Hunting Trophy Ban
48 Out Now: Must-See Documentary 'Breaking the Chain'
49 'Babe' Star and PETA Pal Pipes Up for Pigs Killed for Peeps | PETA
50 Selena Gomez Launches Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand
51 PETA asks for state audit of University of Louisville over animal killing allegations
52 Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Ban Exotic Skins | PETA
53 Feds Investigating Wisconsin Primate Laboratory Following Secret PETA Video
54 Here's What PETA's Giving Select EMMY® Nominees
55 Animals Beheaded for Blueberries? USDA Farmer 'Tax' Funds Cruel Tests
56 PETA Calls For State Audit of UC Campuses After COVID-19–Related Animal Killings for 'Non-Essential' Experiments
57 PETA asks for audit of University of Michigan non-essential animal experiments during coronavirus pandemic
58 PETA requests state audit of ASU research
59 NIH to Face Student Protest Over Cruel 'Monkey Fright' Experiments
60 Urge Denmark to Stop Blasting, Shooting, Maiming Pigs in Trauma Drills
61 Coconut Brands That DON'T Support Forced Monkey Labor
62 New PETA Ad Seeks Cruelty Charges in Bear-Neglect Case | PETA
63 PETA files federal complaint about treatment of animals in UAB transplant lab
64 Meet a PETA Fieldworker and the Animals She Helps
65 Alliance Ground's Carelessness Signs Dog's Death Warrant | PETA
66 PETA Calls For State Audit of Iowa State University After COVID-19–Related Animal Killings for 'Non-Essential' Experiments
67 PETA Calls For State Audit of University of Michigan After COVID-19–Related Animal Killings for 'Non-Essential Experiments'
68 PETA accuses Viroqua meat plant of animal cruelty
69 Full-Page Ad Blasts Trillium, Calls For Egg Boycott | PETA
70 Despite Dillan the bear’s happy ending, PETA pushes for criminal charges against Pa. sportsmen’s club that he
71 Woman Fondles Tiger's Testicles at Tourist Trap | PETA
72 How to Keep Your Face Masks From Killing Animals | PETA
73 VIDEO: Pigs Victimized in Elon Musk Brain Experiments | PETA
74 PETA removes lions from GW Zoo
75 UW-Madison rebukes PETA claims of animal mistreatment
76 James Cromwell, PETA ask Peeps to change recipe, eliminate gelatin to make product vegan
77 PETA asks state auditor to investigate WSU research with animals during COVID-19
78 PETA bashes Wegmans for selling coconut milk that they say uses forced monkey labor
79 PETA rescues big cats from Joe Exotic’s former roadside zoo
80 Lab Shocks Monkey Penises Until Ejaculation
81 Video: Nicole Williams-English's Makeup Tutorial Takes a Deadly Turn
82 PETA misrepresents UW–Madison lab
83 Exposé: How Civet Cat Poop Coffee May Brew a Pandemic
84 PETA offers reward for arrest after puppy buried alive
85 Reviews: Horrified SeaQuest Aquarium Visitors Tell All | PETA
86 Anjelica Huston Partners With PETA on 'Breaking the Chain' Documentary
87 PETA confiscates three more lions from Jeff Lowe's 'Tiger King' zoo
88 PETA Wants Only Vegan Meals On Singapore Airlines Flights To Nowhere
89 PETA Demands That Just Born Make Vegan Peeps Because "The World Is In Turmoil"
90 Dancing With the Stars: Why Peta & Vernon Davis Have The Best Chemistry
91 Horses in New York Are Being Beaten to Run Faster—Take Action NOW
92 PETA launches Online Arts Festival
93 'Dancing with the Stars' recap: Who was sent home after Disney night?
94 ‘Are you bonkers or just cruel?’ South Dakota Gov. Noem & PETA exchange blows on Twitter over video of her shooting birds
95 Letters to the Editor: Trump posing real concerns for local voters, PETA weighs in on pigeon column
96 Calling women 'honey' is degrading, judge rules, as female security guard wins sexism claim
97 France to ban wild animals in travelling circuses
98 Poland, The World's Third Largest Fur Producer, Aims to Ban Fur
99 Peta Credlin: Inquiry showed Daniel Andrews is a master of spin
100 Why PETA 'Kills' Animals and How PETA Helps Animals