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1 Keratitis occurring in patients treated with miltefosine for post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis
2 Patients treated for visceral leishmaniasis can still transmit the disease, study shows
3 Kala Azar in India: Patients detected with PKDL, ski..ifestation of the disease, say treatment is unbearable
4 Patients cured of kala-azar can still transmit disease, says study
5 PKDL, the skin manifestation of Kala Azar, could be a major roadblock in the elimination of the disease
6 Patients cured of deadly tropical disease can infect others for years, researchers warn
7 Expanding research capacity into neglected tropical diseases
8 Kala Azar and its subsequent skin manifestation, PKD..these womens lives, left them with uncertainty, stigma
9 Two medical conditions form major obstacles to India's kala azar elimination plan
10 Five diseases you might not have heard of (but should definitely know about)
11 Leishmaniasis
12 India: better detection, diagnosis and treatment needed for neglected complication of kala azar in Bihar | MSF
13 In Bihar, Stigma Is Hindering Access to Kala-Azar Treatment
14 Experts warn resurgence of ‘Kala-Azar’ in endemic states as spraying postponed due to COVID-19
15 Kala azar | MSF medical response
16 Easy sweat-based test for leishmaniasis
17 Eliminating visceral leishmaniasis in South Asia: the road ahead
18 India misses kala-azar elimination deadline
19 Kolkata scientist finds kala-azar vaccine
20 Scientists test ancient remedy to fight drug-resistant kala-azar
21 Topical cream found as less-toxic therapy to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis
22 Leishmaniasis causes skin lesions, and is often lethal
23 Combination therapy treats leishmaniasis, HIV patients
24 New leishmaniasis look-alike parasitic infection reported
25 The Forgotten Legend
26 Genes key to identifying drug resistant parasites in Brazil
27 India: MSF supports the introduction and roll-out of single-dose treatment for kala azar in Bihar State | MSF
28 Papa Keno’s Pizzeria is returning to Westport; Thai Place sign says it’s closed for remodeling
29 India-developed blood test for kala azar to be tested in Africa
30 India develops blood test for visceral leishmaniasis, second largest parasitic killer after malaria
31 Accurate Serodetection of Asymptomatic Leishmania donovani Infection by Use of Defined Antigens
32 TB patients to get Rs 500 per month during treatment
33 Acid-induced off-response of PKD2L1 channel in Xenopus oocytes and its regulation by Ca2+
34 Savory Spice Shop opens in Brookside; Papa Keno’s Pizzeria returns to Westport
35 Exploitation of Interleukin-10 (IL-10) Signaling Pathways: Alternate Roles of Viral and Cellular IL-10 in Rhesus Cytomegalovirus Infection
36 The Eastern Economic Forum and Russia’s Look East Policy