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1 Podemos denies mounting danger of fascist military coup in Spain
2 Spain's Left Is Winning the Battle for Welfare — But Not the War on Neoliberalism
3 Spain considering introducing a four-day week to boost job creation
4 Second Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias Under Investigation for Disclosing Secrets
5 Pablo Iglesias Tells Jacobin: We Want a Spanish Republic
6 Spain’s Iglesias sees EU moving his way on economic policy
7 Judge calls on Supreme Court to investigate Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias
8 Podemos leader, equality minister forced to cut short vacation due to fears for safety
9 Pablo Iglesias on Spain's plan to introduce a basic income to fight the economic crisis
10 Spain's deputy PM calls for EU to step up or risk extinction
11 Spain's deputy PM says call for inquiry is part of attempt to discredit him
12 Spanish Deputy Premier Quarantined as Virus Deaths Surge
13 Spanish deputy PM urges investigation into Catalan spyware claims
14 Phone theft scandal threatens to unravel Spain’s coalition government
15 Pablo Iglesias is partly to blame for Spanish left’s missed opportunity
16 Podemos: A “Party-Movement” in Government
17 Deputy PM says time is right for Spain to become a republic
18 Judge calls members of Podemos leadership to testify after accusations of irregular financing
19 Spain's Podemos receives coalition offer excluding Pablo Iglesias
20 Spanish government ups security measures over concerns for safety of ministers
21 Podemos Can Change How Spain Is Governed
22 The weekend that the creator of ‘The Wire’ spent arguing with Twitter users about Spain
23 Opposition blames government for ‘turning Spain into a mortuary’ during question and answer session in Congress
24 Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias joins state commission running Spanish intelligence
25 Spain’s Leftist Outsiders Are on the Verge of Getting Inside
26 Spanish PM taps politician who called Israel an ‘illegal country’ as his deputy
27 Spain's Podemos leader to face party vote over luxury house purchase
28 More Spanish politicians confirm they have been infected with the coronavirus
29 Children will be allowed to go out and play from Sunday
30 Pablo Iglesias Thinks There Is an Alternative
31 Assassinating Podemos
32 'Yes he can!' How Spanish indignado Pablo Iglesias aims to use a wave of protest to build 'a decent country'
33 Spain rekindles a radical idea: a Europe-wide minimum income
34 Podemos Is Finally in Government
35 Wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tests positive for the coronavirus
36 Civil Guard dismissal sparks political row in Spain
37 Spain apologizes to Roma for 'institutional racism'
38 Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias calls leadership vote in response to country house scandal
39 P odemos leader Pablo Iglesias on why he’s like Jeremy Corbyn: ‘He brings ideas that can solve problems’
40 Spain planning tax hikes for highest earners as part of expansive budget
41 Pablo Iglesias: How the leader of the leftist Podemos party upset Spain's elites to reach the brink of power
42 Pablo Iglesias: “After I am prime minister, I will walk away from politics”
43 Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias buys Madrid country house for €600,000
44 ‘Politics in a Time of Crisis’, by Pablo Iglesias
45 5 questions for Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain’s antiausterity party
46 How a ponytailed populist launched a party that could shake up the eurozone
47 Socialists and Unidas Podemos strike preliminary deal to form coalition government
48 Socialist Pablo Iglesias regrets about Venezuela: “The political and economic situation is disastrous”
49 The Bust of Pablo Iglesias Posse – Madrid, Spain
50 Unidas Podemos proposes new tax on large fortunes for coronavirus recovery effort
51 Spain set for socialist-led government after Iglesias deal
52 Spain’s new coalition must face up to the Catalan crisis and the rise of the far right
53 The Future of Podemos Is at Stake Today
54 Spain’s businesses worried by prospect of radical left in power
55 Is Pablo Iglesias Spain's Barack Obama or Its Vladimir Lenin?
56 Spain’s new Cabinet is sworn in before King Felipe VI
57 Spain’s left prepares to govern in controversial coalition
58 Pablo Iglesias and Unidas Podemos Pressure Spain’s Government to Approve a Minimum Rent and Repayment Extension for Tenants During the Coronavirus Pandemic
59 Spain’s ‘Watergate’ erupts ahead of election
60 Podemos leader concerned party has lost touch with the “popular classes”
61 Hackers broadcast live stream of police camera at Podemos leaders’ home
62 PSOE-Podemos governing plan will see hikes on taxes and the minimum wage
63 In Spain, Rapid Rise of Leftists Has a Familiar Ring
64 Podemos chief grilled in Senate over Venezuela financing links
65 Divided We Fall
66 Left-wing coalition sends jitters through Spanish banking
67 Game of Thrones box set a gift fit for a Spanish king? Pablo Iglesias thought so
68 Pablo Iglesias is right to evoke the guillotine and the French revolution
69 Leftist deal raises prospects of new Spanish government
70 Podemos leaders win confidence vote over country house scandal
71 Podemos leader tightens grip on Spanish party after landslide re-election
72 Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment
73 Spanish ‘psycho-drama’ plays out at top of Podemos
74 Groundbreaking Elections End Four Decades of Two-Party Rule in Spain
75 Pablo Iglesias: If the Greek olive branch is rejected, Europe may fall
76 Podemos leader says farewell to EU Parliament with harsh attack
77 Podemos was the dazzling new force in Spanish politics. What went wrong?
78 In Spain, parties argue over the meaning of “cooperation government”
79 Podemos founders go their separate ways ahead of Madrid elections
80 Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias on a 'government of change' for Spain
81 Spain’s Podemos party rejects parallels with Trump
82 The waning power of Podemos and its leader Pablo Iglesias
83 The Podemos revolution: how a small group of radical academics changed European politics
84 Spain: Podemos leaders face backlash over luxury house purchase
85 Spanish Anti-Austerity Party Hopes to Emulate Greek Election Victors
86 Four years on, Spain’s populist party Podemos loses appeal
87 How Hugo Chavez Helped Inspire Spain’s Far-Left Podemos Movement
88 Podemos fends off Trump parallels as Spain debates populism
89 Spain’s Podemos party accused of intimidating journalists
90 Anti-austerity leader Pablo Iglesias lays out Spain challenge