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1 Facts About Regal Blue Tangs
2 ‘Dory’ Bred in Captivity for First Time
3 Please, Let's Not Find Dory: Why Buying A Blue Tang Is A Bad Idea : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
4 Finding Dory: UF researchers discover first-ever method to farm Pacific blue tang
5 This glassy fish is not a 'micro tang' – but it is real
6 Aquarium Fish, Hold the Cyanide
7 Here's Why You Should Not Buy A Blue Tang Fish Like Dory
8 Aquaculture Partners Successfully Raise Pacific Blue Tangs | News
9 Finding Dory: University of Florida Researchers First Ever to Farm Pacific Blue Tang
10 Don't buy a real Blue Tang if you love Finding Dory, experts advise
11 'Finding Dory' did not increase demand for pet fish, despite viral media stories
12 Love Disney's 'Dory' fish? Soon, you could get your own
13 How About We Just Leave Dory Alone?
14 What Kind of Fish is Dory?
15 Do Royal Blue Tang Fish Have Memory Issues Like Dory? The 'Finding Dory' Character Seems To Be A Rather Unique Finish
16 Real clownfish suffered after 'Finding Nemo,' so 'Finding Dory' raises concerns
17 Finding Dory didn't endanger blue tang fish, say researchers studying the 'Nemo effect'
18 Dreaming of ‘Dory’? She's big, tricky to care for and experts urge caution
19 100 Best TV Shows of All Time, According to Critics
20 Florida researchers find success breeding rare aquarium fish
21 Finding Dory Did Not Increase Demand for Pet Fish, Despite Viral Media Stories
22 'Finding Dory' releases TV spot trailer: 'She's almost here'
23 Dory’s Real Short-Term Memory Loss Condition Explained
24 Could Pixar's 'Finding Dory' Have an Adverse Effect on Coral Reefs?
25 Rising sales of Blue Tang thanks to Pixar's Finding Dory
26 Finding Dory: Potential popularity spike no problem for Australia's blue tang population
27 Dory fans flock to Columbus Zoo to see blue tangs
28 Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ was almost a male fish — then Ellen DeGeneres arrived
29 Palau's 'choose pelagic' programme protecting reef fish
30 Reef fish are living connections to Hawaii's culture and past
31 Photos: Meet 'Finding Dory' Real-Life Counterparts
32 Finding Dory in KC: The environmentally friendly way to enjoy blue tang fish
33 Infinity and Beyond: Finding Nemo Revisited –
34 Great Taste Awards 2020: the winners | Times2
35 Marine biologists are worried that “Finding Dory” will endanger Dory’s species in the wild
36 Killing Nemo: Cyanide threat to tropical fish
37 East African Fish In Need Of Recovery
38 10 of the best virtual ocean adventures | Diving holidays
39 Ending the Ecologically Harmful Capture of Tropical Fish
40 'Finding Dory' Creators On How They First Created The Forgetful Fish — VIDEO
41 Fish species from 'Finding Dory' come alive at Istanbul aquarium | Daily Sabah
42 Breeding Aquarium Fish Can Help Save Reefs
43 From Pixar’s Dory to raised in captivity Dory
44 Ellen DeGeneres to get Golden Globe lifetime award for TV work
45 Stink replaces blue flash as red tide hits California coast
46 Too many fans Finding Nemo, threatening fish populations
47 National Aquarium will livestream exhibits during coronavirus shutdown
48 Five of the most colorful and beautiful ocean creatures
49 DeGeneres applauds uplifting TV as she accepts Golden Globes honor
50 India Savors a Rare Upside to Coronavirus: Clean Air
51 Midnight Mania! Aspen Ladd suffers major injury, forced out of Sara McMann fight
52 Cathay Pacific says 25,000 staff are taking unpaid leave as coronavirus outbreak batters travel
53 See The Voices Behind 'Finding Nemo' Characters
54 The Mash-Up: Brewers experiment with blue beers, house-malted rye, and even Tang
55 Fiji studying New Zealand's fisheries sector as model
56 P.E.I. scientist finding how 'Dory' gets from reef to aquarium
57 Cathay Pacific asks 27,000 workers to take unpaid leave amid coronavirus crisis
58 Finding Dory, By Using Data
59 Influence of Arctic sea-ice variability on Pacific trade winds
60 Cathay Pacific Hiring Chauffeurs For Office Staff Amid Business Crisis
61 Taiwan digital minister warns of China's 5G 'Trojan horse'
62 Cathay Pacific averts ruin with call to Hong Kong’s HK$4 trillion man
63 Cathay Pacific Could End Swire Pedigree With Outside Replacement For CFO Martin Murray
64 The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Reaches Record $17.5 Million in Grants Supporting Global Animal Research, Rescue and Protection
65 Chinese Navy Steps Closer To New Generation Of Nuclear Submarines
66 Coalition of Asian & Pacific Islander Leaders in the Commonwealth Against Senate Bill 206: Creation of a Virginia-Korea Advisory Board
67 Should ASEAN join the Blue Dot Network?
68 Beyond Neon: Mary Weatherford’s Abstraction Is Rooted in a Sense of Place
69 Was Finding Nemo Bad For Clownfish? Will Finding Dory Be The Same?
70 How are Nemo's friends faring?
71 Friends remember researcher Syd Kraul, who leaves behind an ocean-sized legacy
72 The Most Colorful Animals of the Ocean
73 'Disney.Pixar: Finding Dory' — just keeps swimming
74 Green presidential candidates run alongside red and blue
75 Regal tangs successfully captive bred for the first time!
76 Animal movies promote awareness, not harm, say researchers
77 A $100 Billion REIT Rout Pulverizes Family Fortunes in Asia
78 Finding Dory Trailer: Peek at Pixar's Finding Nemo Sequel
79 Human neutralizing antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 infection
80 Panda and poke: Restaurant trademarks can stir legal fights
81 'A completely new culture of doing research.' Coronavirus outbreak changes how scientists communicate
82 Now You Can Take an Uber Straight into the Sea
83 ‘Finding Dory’ Hits $1 Billion at the Box Office
84 The lessons of Finding Dory are commendable, but why make a children's film so complicated?
85 Finding Dory Trailer
86 Dory finds herself on the ice in new Disney production
87 Philippines' mangroves could generate first-of-its-kind blue carbon credits in Asia-Pacific
88 Divers remove invasive surgeonfish
89 China's ambassador to Kiribati is pictured walking across the backs of people
90 Coral reefs are in crisis – but scientists are finding effective ways to restore them
91 Finding Dory in REAL life: The best cruises for snorkelling or diving
92 Ellen DeGeneres to get Golden Globe lifetime award
93 Dory hides in new 'Finding Dory' posters
94 Wu Tang Wednesday: The Foundations of Wu Wear
95 Forbes Asia's Annual Heroes Of Philanthropy List Highlights 30 Altruists In The Asia Pacific Region
96 Fears of new virus trigger anti-China sentiment worldwide
97 Farming Nemo: Breeding Aquarium Fish to Save Wild Species, Coral Reefs
98 'Finding Dory': Will It Create an Ecological Disaster?
99 Hong Kong Protesters Show Their Might With Economic Power
100 Finding Dory review and trailer