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Result Content Idea Research
1 City Journal: Liberty, in Sickness and in Health
2 "Dream Factories" Documentary Nationwide Premiere
3 Cases to watch this upcoming Supreme Court term
4 The long history between Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Pacific Legal Foundation
5 The risk the administrative state poses to bird owners
6 Fireside Chat with Ilya Shapiro, author of "Supreme Disorder: Judicial Nominations and the Politics of America's Highest Court"
7 It's unconstitutional for Fairfax County to discriminate against Asian-American students
8 Temple University rightly clarifies ban on student gatherings
9 Skyworks Ltd. v. Centers for Disease Control
10 The FCC's ham radio license requirements are unconstitutional. It's time to fight back.
11 Women are fighting for what we deserve, don't let the government impede that fight
12 The Orange County Register: Prop. 16 won't end injustice, but it will jeopardize equality under the law
13 PLF's defense of liberty at the Supreme Court will continue
14 The Detroit News: State's highest court upholds fundamental property rights
15 El Papel v. City of Seattle
16 Luke Wake
17 Alison Somin
18 Event announcement: Pacific Legal Foundation and National Review Institute’s Supreme Court Preview
19 Attorney Mollie Williams
20 Joe Luppino-Esposito
21 Malibu Couple Sues City Over Private Beach Signs
22 Seider v. City of Malibu
23 The Wall Street Journal: It's about time we got a Bill of Rights for the regulatory state
24 Ending Home Equity Theft
25 Christensen v. California Judicial Council
26 The Hill: Ending racial quotas in Hartford's magnet schools is a big step for equality
27 The Hill: California law unjustly and unconstitutionally restricts freelance journalists
28 National Review: The case against qualified immunity
29 Townhall: On Constitution Day, 'Doing the Work' should include reading the constitution
30 Symposium: Ginsburg’s equal-protection legacy and the dismantling of sex-based stereotypes
31 Supreme Court must remind law enforcement that not even the police are above the law
32 Supreme Court decision in Atlantic Richfield Co. case leaves open questions
33 Governments can't use COVID-19 as an excuse for arbitrary and unconstitutional policies
34 Napa County art gallery objects to arbitrary reopening order
35 Townhall: The threat emergency measures pose to our constitutional government
36 National Review: Watch out for home equity theft on the horizon
37 How local governments are stealing Arizonans' home equity
38 LAW: Conservative group keeps fighting — even against Trump
39 The Daily Caller: The new champion of private property rights is … Barack Obama?
40 City Journal: Can we sue our way out of quarantine?
41 Issues & Insights: Are Continued Shutdown Orders Constitutional?
42 Daily Journal: The Utah Supreme Court leads the way in its coronavirus response
43 How is COVID-19 affecting current Supreme Court cases?
44 Qualified immunity is a blank check for government overreach
45 Abad, et al. v. Bonham, et al. and Williams, et al. v. Ross, et al.
46 California passed a law trying to "fix" AB-5, but simply showed the damage its causing freelancers
47 Daily Journal: A primer on amicus briefs as a tool to protect individual liberty
48 Are quarantine orders constitutional?
49 Daily Journal: Executive Order adds historic Regulatory Bill of Rights
50 Deseret News: How a proposed Utah Bar rule could limit lawyers' free speech
51 Supreme Court postmortem: Recent decisions are a mixed bag for individual liberty and constitutional limits
52 Avoiding government overreach in the COVID-19 recovery
53 Hollister Ranch Owners' Association v. Xavier Becerra
54 The Hill: Politicians seek relief for renters — but landlords have rights, too
55 Bills aim to reform foreclosure laws
56 If you care about housing, you should care about property rights
57 It's Up to The Supreme Court to Teach Seattle 'Free Speech 101'
58 States are suspending Certificate of Need laws in the wake of COVID-19 but the damage might already be done
59 To Ban Evictions During COVID-19, the CDC Demands Huge Expansion of Executive Power
60 Falconers win important first victory in civil liberties lawsuit
61 InsideSources: Rebuilding economy will require rethinking government's role
62 The Hill: COVID-19 testing missteps illustrate failures of the regulatory state
63 Landlords Challenge U.S. Eviction Ban and Continue to Oust Renters
64 Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the government's emergency orders to combat coronavirus
65 With Justice Ginsburg's passing, America loses a trailblazer
66 The Hill: Ginsburg's Fight for Equality Over Woman Quotas
67 The limits of a governor's emergency powers
68 Kady Valois
69 The Daily Signal: Trump's new 'Navigable Waters' rule is an improvement, but still murky
70 About Us
71 History
72 The Hill: Passive-aggressive EPA places couple in regulatory limbo
73 California hair stylists and barbers should be allowed to work outside
74 COVID-19's economic fallout shows why California must stop its war against freelancers
75 California freelancers' fight to earn a living is alive and well
76 Donnelly v. City of San Marino
77 Daily Journal: The US Supreme Court's giant Puerto Rico miss
78 The Orange County Register: Newsom, Cosmetology Board should open minds, heads, and doors to the great outdoors
79 California is making hiring more expensive during a recession. That’s crazy
80 Prop. 16 won’t end injustice, but it will jeopardize equality under the law
81 New York Daily News: Canceling rent won't solve housing woes
82 Pavlock v. Indiana
83 The City of Brotherly Love Must Allow Students to Gather
84 Governments should uphold separation of powers during COVID-19
85 The Wisconsin Supreme Court stay-at-home ruling defends the Separation of Powers and Individual Liberty
86 Santa Clara, California's misguided ban on COVID-19-safe parades
87 Shorthanded US Supreme Court Returns with Major Challenges Ahead
88 The Orange County Register: The end of the California Judicial Council's unlawful eviction ban provides key civics lesson
89 Gov. Newsom signs bill mandating diversity on California company boards
90 Scary laws won't make Halloween safer
91 Our freedom of speech doesn't depend on what you're speaking about
92 The Hill: The First Amendment protects attorneys from compelled speech
93 Will the voters freeze new housing development in November?
94 The Hill: Local governments are undermining state laws that encourage 'granny flats'
95 CDC's COVID Eviction Moratorium Order Comes Under Legal Fire by NAHB
96 San Francisco Chronicle: Preserve Prop. 209: Don't let racial discrimination return to California
97 The Hill: 1860 unconstitutional FDA rules
98 A Texas grocery chain predicted COVID-19 and prevented massive shortages
99 Get government out of the boardroom
100 Opinion: The Best High School in the Country May be Sacrificed to Diversity