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1 EU allocates over €22 million to help Palestinians in need
2 Don't slaughter the Palestinians' sacred cow Mahmoud Darwish
3 How Palestinians Can Reunite Under a New Agenda to Counter Israel's Annexation
4 'The Palestinians got screwed. They are now a non-issue around the world'
5 As Israel Vows Annexation, Palestinian Leaders Embark On Risky Form Of Protest
6 'Everyone scared': How Palestinians are preparing for annexation
7 Host Countries Granting Citizenship to Palestinians Empowers Them, Analysts Say
8 Palestine and Israel: Mapping an annexation |
9 Why did US report on Palestinian terrorism get the numbers wrong?
10 Palestinians lose legal battle to save Jaffa's 200-year-old Muslim cemetery
11 The Palestinian Plan to Stop Annexation: Remind Israel What Occupation Means
12 Palestinian cookbooks help preserve a culture's identity
13 How Jordan responded to Israel's annexation plans
14 Video of Palestinian man being shot after suspected attack at checkpoint sparks controversy
15 House Democrats revive bid to fully restore Palestinian aid
16 'Annexation will suffocate us': Jericho's Palestinians fear being cut off
17 Palestinians of Syria reject Yarmouk Camp’s new organizational plan
18 Property rights report: Palestinians of Syria victims of reconstruction plans
19 Jamaal Bowman's Win: What Would It Mean for Palestinians?
20 UK aid will help provide millions of Palestinians with healthcare and education
21 Why Trump is lower risk for Palestinians than Biden
22 The reasons behind Palestinian apathy towards annexation
23 250000 pages of Palestinian history digitized and accessible for all
24 Israel's incitement against the Palestinian curriculum – Middle East Monitor
25 Israel's annexation of the West Bank will be yet another tragedy for Palestinians
26 Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will spare no effort in backing Palestinians
27 UN Chief: 'Watershed Moment' for Israelis, Palestinians
28 No place for Hamas if Palestinians are to achieve statehood
29 Treatment of hundreds of Palestinian patients halted as Palestinian-Israeli coordination collapses
30 For Palestinian journalists, violent attacks by Israeli forces come with the job
31 The twin challenges to Palestinian mental health of occupation and pandemic
32 Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt): COVID-19 Emergency Situation Report 12 (17
33 Peter Beinart sours on two states
34 Palestinian activists press solidarity between Palestinians, Black Lives Matter
35 Baykah Alomour a living proof of Palestinian heritage
36 Palestinian document gambit could leave thousands stranded
37 'Everybody's Getting Along Here': How 'Hotel Corona' United Israelis And Palestinians
38 Palestinians call for unity between Hamas and Palestinian Authority
39 'I am proud to be Palestinian,' says Bella Hadid after Instagram removed her post
40 Israel's ex-UK ambassador Mark Regev warns of 'two-state illusion'
41 Israeli Soldier Gets Community Service for Killing Palestinian
42 Palestinian civil society rejects EU's conditional funding
43 Palestinian Authority takes pride in terror against Israel
44 On World Refugee Day, Palestinians try to scrape by in Gaza
45 Palestinian refugee children yearn for return
46 Palestinians reject aid from UAE again
47 Israeli demolition of Palestinian structures reported in occupied East Jerusalem – sources
48 How Palestinian Schools Erase Palestinian Christians » Mosaic
49 My Grandmother, Icon of Palestinian Resilience
50 '1 million Palestinians face food shortages in Gaza'
51 Palestinian Authority Jails Journalist Again Over Facebook Post
52 Saudi digitises 250000 pages of Jerusalem's Palestinian history
53 House advances legislation pushing for Israeli-Palestinian partnerships
54 News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (July 1 – 7, 2020)
55 Labour purges defenders of Palestinians
57 'Who listens to the voice of the oppressed?': Palestinian family faces latest setback to save Jerusalem home
58 Fatah, Hamas agree to resume meetings to end internal Palestinian division
59 occupied Palestinian territory: Health Cluster Bulletin (1 May- 30 June 2020)
60 Dressmakers keep Palestinian tradition alive in refugee camp in Jordan
61 Abdullah bin Zayed participates in Arab ministerial meeting on Palestinian issue
62 MEDSt@rts project announces call for expressions-of-interest for Palestinian entrepreneurs
63 Ex-Trump envoy: ‘Unfair’ of settlers to rap Palestinian state envisioned by plan
64 Israeli settlers attack Palestinians' vehicles commuting on a northern West Bank road
65 Brazilian–Palestinian relations: The turning point – Middle East Monitor
66 Palestinian gov't locks down Bethlehem amid pandemic
67 Palestinians Fear a Coming Coronavirus Storm
68 UAE- Abdullah bin Zayed participates in Arab ministerial meeting on Palestinian issue
69 Trump Middle East plan: Palestinians reject 'conspiracy'
70 Fearing Israeli sanctions, PA banks refuse to disburse terrorists' salaries
71 Palestinians 'ending accords with Israel and US' over annexation plan
72 Israel: Discriminatory Land Policies Hem in Palestinians
73 Palestinian population double ninefold since Nakba
74 The real threat to Palestine is a crisis of leadership
75 COVID-19 Restrictions Offer Window into Palestinian Experience
76 Palestine's PM: Trump's Middle East Plan 'insult' to Palestinians
77 It's Up to Israel to Stop a Coronavirus Catastrophe Among Palestinians
78 Israelis and Palestinians Remember the Slain, Home Alone or Online En Masse
79 Still Locked In Conflict, Israelis And Palestinians Need Each Other To Fight COVID-19
80 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | Global Conflict Tracker
81 'I feel lost': Palestinians stranded abroad urge for repatriation
82 Palestinians say Trump's deal is racist. But their leaders are bereft of ideas on how to fight it
83 Israel temporarily opens crossings for Palestinians seeking work
84 Palestine: The third way forward
85 Israel/West Bank: Grant Palestinians Equal Rights
86 Pro-Palestinians keep on harming Palestinians
87 In change, U.S. describes East Jerusalem Palestinians as 'Arab residents'
88 Palestinian groups cancel mass Gaza rallies due to coronavirus
89 Majority in US Again Support Palestinian Statehood
90 Palestinians working in Israel face coronavirus dilemma
91 Palestinians look to a digital future to connect with their past
92 Palestinian Leader Denounces Trump’s Mideast Plan at U.N.
93 Israeli convicted of West Bank arson attack that killed three Palestinians
94 Palestinians In The West Bank Improvise Checkpoints To Help Fight Coronavirus
95 Palestinians in 'shock, disbelief' at Trump plan: UNWRA
96 For Palestinians, Trump's Peace Plan Is a Nightmare
97 Israeli Settlers And Palestinians In Occupied West Bank Grapple With U.S. Peace Plan
99 Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians
100 Trump plan a fresh new injustice for Palestinians