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1 Judge seeks more details on Trump's clemency for Roger Stone
2 The Civics Project: The constitutional power behind presidential pardons is checked by impeachment
3 Beshear administration asks court to demand Bevin pardon records from solicitor general
4 Congress Can't Limit Trump's Pardon Powers. That Hurts Democrats Who Want to Investigate Stone's Commutation. | National Law Journal
5 Only Native American on death row asks President Trump for a pardon | TheHill
6 Fact check: Trump has granted fewest clemencies, but how he's used pardon power is notable
7 Virus, Protests Fuel Push To Reopen Access To Justice Office
8 Why Congress Can't Curb Trump's Power to Commute Stone's Sentence and Pardon Others
9 Reformed bank robber awaits president’s hinted-at pardon
10 The Nation in Brief
11 'Quite shocked': Lexington man convicted of murder learns Matt Bevin pardon went unfiled
12 Mangino column: Stone’s commutation is an impeachable offense
13 I Ran the Pardon Office and Saw Trump Upend the Clemency System
14 Will Trump try to self-pardon?
15 NY AG Letitia James to make ‘major’ announcement after Deutsche Bank turns over Trump finances
16 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany | 7/13/2020
17 Most Trump clemency grants bypass Justice Dept. and go to well-connected offenders
18 Jon Lender: Legislative candidate with criminal past applies successfully for pardon that expunges his record
19 How a Future President Can Hold the Trump Administration Accountable
20 Felony Charges Filed Against St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns at Protesters
21 Missouri Republican Leaders Receive Backlash at Attempt to Oust Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner
22 Analysis | Why Presidential Pardons Are Normal, Trump's Less So
23 Will New York slap Trump with an October surprise?
24 YOU ASKED: How was Tom O'Dell Smith able to run for office after previous felony extortion charges?
25 Protests: Barr slams Black Lives Matter, accuses the left of ‘tearing down the system’
26 Our Founders Didn’t Intend for Pardons to Work Like This
27 Trump news LIVE: President brands Kamala Harris a ‘liar’ and is surprised Joe Biden picked her as running mat
28 Most clemency grants bypass Justice Department and go to well-connected offenders
29 Trump's Aberrant Pardons and Commutations
30 White House assembles team of advisers to guide clemency process as Trump considers more pardons
31 Trump’s biggest problem may be closer to home
32 Ky. Secretary of State Office confirms Smith's civil rights restoration after he responds to Times-Tribune article
33 Bronx Immigrant Remains In ICE Detention Despite Cuomo Pardon
34 ‘A modern-day night ride’: St. Louis prosecutor receives death threats as Trump defends couple who pointed guns at protesters
35 What is the difference between commuting a sentence and a pardon? Who can a president pardon?
36 Exclusive: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Calls for Release of Black Death Row Inmate Julius Jones
37 OPINION EXCHANGE | Biden should reconsider his promise not to pardon Trump
38 The 11 Criminals Granted Clemency by Trump Had One Thing in Common: Connections
39 7 years for dealing meth
40 Deutsche Bank gave Donald Trump financial records to New York prosecutors – report
41 Most presidential clemency grants bypass Justice Dept. and go to well-connected offenders
42 What Are the Chances Trump Could Actually Go to Jail?
43 Prosecutors hint at probe into 'possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization' | TheHill
44 As election looms, window narrows for action in criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani and associates
45 Georgia man gets 30 years for shuttling cocaine from Atlanta to Albany
46 Will the 'law and order' president pardon Roger Stone? | TheHill
47 Trump White House Considering Limiting Justice Department Influence Over Pardons
48 Justice System Closing Ranks to Rebuff Criminal Allegations Against Netanyahu's Prosecutor
49 Readers Write:
50 Where Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Stands On Marijuana
51 Is the Pardon Power Unlimited?
52 Here's how a presidential pardon actually works
53 Donald Trump latest news: Man shot outside White House as President calls Mount Rushmore tribute ‘a good i
54 2 former judges on Trump's handling of clemency and DOJ
55 Bevin's pardon recipients could face federal prosecution, US attorney says
56 Former administration pardon attorney suggests broken system in resignation letter
57 It’s time to stop pardoning turkeys
58 Trump's three-track clemency process just might work | TheHill
59 How Courts Could Ease The White House's Clemency Backlog
60 Warren calls for changes to presidential pardon power, pledges to create clemency board | TheHill
61 Ex-lawmaker kept on ballot
62 Trump and Governors Should Use Commutations To Combat the Spread of Coronavirus
63 Worcesteria: Democracy Dies Down-Ballot
64 Kentucky lawmakers in both parties call for investigation of Matt Bevin’s pardons
65 Trump grants presidential pardons or sentence commutations to seven people
66 Attorney General Daniel Cameron's top adviser recommended controversial Matt Bevin pardon
67 Pardon Attorney Torpedoes Plea for Presidential Mercy
68 Trump's Theater of Pardoning
69 War Crimes, Pardons and the Attorney General
70 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Grants of Clemency
71 Gov. Bill Lee loosens requirements for pardons, commutations; defense attorneys hopeful
72 Kentucky attorney general asks FBI to investigate Matt Bevin's pardons
73 New York prosecutors appeal in Manafort case seen as a backstop if Trump pardons him
74 Trump freed Alice Johnson in 2018. This week, he granted clemency to three of her friends.
75 US Attorney: Kwame Kilpatrick shouldn't get pardon. He got what he deserved.
76 'Never going away': what Arpaio's primary loss could tell us about Trump's future
77 Can Trump Close The Deal Obama Fumbled, A Second Chance For Inmates Like Michelle West?
78 Will Gov. John Bel Edwards ramp up use of clemency power as part of criminal justice reform efforts?
79 Prison, Probation or Pardon: How Roger Stone's Sentencing Became Bigger Than Roger Stone | National Law Journal
80 How Far Can Trump Go in Issuing Pardons?
81 Mark Osler: Mr. President, let’s eat turkey and pardon people
82 Even before Trump, Blagojevich and Milken, presidential pardons were a bad idea
83 Mr. Obama’s Pardon Problem
84 Commentary: Presidential pardons have been a bad idea since 1787
85 Trump’s pardon offer may have violated federal bribery laws
86 Can Trump really do that? The presidential pardon power, explained
87 Pardon power: a bad idea
88 How to Reform the Pardon Power
89 Arizona Prisons Are Replacing Kosher and Halal Meals With Vegan Food
90 Senators challenge Trump on military pardons | TheHill
91 How Clemency Works In Massachusetts
92 Obama Administration Wants Review of Prisoner's Commutation Request
93 DOJ Looking For A New ‘Pardon Attorney’ For Totally Innocent Reasons, Y’all
94 NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Submits Clemency Petition
95 Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher Is Latest Example Of How Trump Hands Out Clemency
96 Bevin pardons include convicted killer whose brother hosted campaign fundraiser for him
97 Pardon me
98 Setting the Record Straight: The Pardon Power is Part of the Rule of Law
99 Janet Mills Issues Full Posthumous Pardon To 'Instrumental' Tribal Attorney Don Gellers
100 To protect against Trump pardons, New York enacts double jeopardy law