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1 Parler Back Online After Getting Boot From Amazon Over Riot
2 Major Trump backer Rebekah Mercer orchestrates Parler’s second act
3 Parler CEO John Matze fired as site fights to restore its online presence
4 Right-wing friendly Parler announces re-launch
5 'These people just want to censor me': Fired Parler CEO says free speech platform is trying to muzzle him
6 Parler, A Social Media Platform That Stands For Free Speech, Temporarily Blocked Its Founder
7 Daily Crunch: Parler is back online
8 Social Media App Parler Crawls Back Online on 'Independent Technology'
9 Congress is investigating conservative social media service Parler
10 New Right-Wing CEO of Parler Wants to Rewrite the...
11 Parler's survival is uncertain after it was dropped by Amazon, Apple and Google
12 Parler interim CEO says Trump, Biden welcome on platform
13 Parler App Available To Download On iPhone & Android Again?
14 Parler Android App Available To Download Again (But Not From Play Store)
15 Amazon And Twitter “Deplatforming” Parler And Trump; Is It Legal?
16 Parler Is Back and So Are Users Who Cheered on the Capitol Insurrection
17 Parler is back online and Omnicom hit by cyber attack: Tuesday Wake-Up Call
18 The Disgraced Parler CEO Announced His Own Termination. Is This a New 'Thing?'
19 Facebook Hosts More Extremism. Apple Still Won't Let Parler In App Store
20 Donald Trump Dominated Twitter On Presidents Day, Even As Parler Made Its Return
21 Major Trump backer orchestrates Parler's second act
22 Parler, Amazon Court Fight Lures Top Conservative Litigators
23 Parler Wasn't Hacked, and Scraping Is Not a Crime
24 Amazon, Apple and Google suspend Parler and now its survival is uncertain
25 Computer programmer downloaded key impeachment videos as Parler went offline | TheHill
26 Capitol riots: Parler boss says he has been fired by the board
27 This Week in Apps: Warnings over privacy changes, Parler CEO fired, Clubhouse goes mainstream
28 Amazon urges court to let it keep conservative app Parler offline
29 Parler terminates CEO John Matze
30 Malicious purge of Parler powered by abusive Big Tech
31 Parler And Deplatformed Apps | Avast
32 MAGA Hellsite Parler Is Back Online. Just Barely.
33 When Trump started his speech before the Capitol riot, talk on Parler turned to civil war
34 With Parler down, QAnon moves onto a 'free speech' TikTok clone
35 Norman man arrested for threatening Presidents, Senators, Justices on Parler
36 Parler 'temporarily blocks' former CEO and founder John Matze after he was fired earlier this month
37 Parler sues Amazon for cutting off its services
38 Parler Is Back Online, But Will It Be As Successful?
39 Parler's data storage has "potentially massive" implications
40 Parler Returns Online, Shawnee Gets $22 Million for Illinois Build, Clubhouse's Quantum Leap
41 Court Docs: Facebook Played Much Bigger Part In Capitol Riot Than Parler
42 Parler back online after getting boot from Amazon over Capitol riot
43 The Big Tech Crackdown Is a Gift to Parler
44 No Parler? No problem: Where Trump’s QAnon Twitter mob went next
45 Live Question & Answer Event
46 Agent Fired from Literary Agency for Using Parler and Gab
47 Social media platform Parler, popular with Trump fans, crawls back online on 'independent technology'
48 Parler Says CEO Matze Mischaracterized Terms of Departure
49 Parler Announces Its Comeback with A New Hosting Service
50 Apple Won't Reverse Parler Purge
51 Hillicon Valley: TikTok faces more data privacy concerns | Parler is back | North Korean hackers target Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine | Amazon acquires Shopify competitor Selz | TheHill
52 Parler or Tooter: What does the future hold for Koo, India’s homegrown Twitter clone?
53 All the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far
54 Judge Refuses To Reinstate Parler After Amazon Shut It Down
55 Parler's website is back online, but app still not in stores
56 'Free speech' social media platform Parler is a hit among Trump supporters, but experts say it won't last
57 Parler: the social network that's winning conservative recruits
58 What is Parler? Conservative social-media app hopes to rival Twitter
59 Parler Executive Responds To Amazon Cutoff And Defends Approach To Moderation
60 Trump fans are flocking to the social media app Parler — its CEO is begging liberals to join them
61 What is Parler? The “free speech” social network app, explained.
62 Apple, Google block Parler app from their stores
63 Conservatives flocked to Parler after the election. But its explosive growth is over
64 Parler rife with talk of guns and violence before Capitol riot
65 I tried Parler, the social media app where hate speech thrives
66 The Parler Bans Open a New Front in the 'Free Speech' Wars
67 Parler, booted by Amazon, takes step toward relaunching with Eastside firm
68 Right-wing users flock to Parler as social media giants rein in misinformation
69 Conservatives grumbling about censorship say they’re flocking to Parler. They told us so on Twitter.
70 Parler goes dark: Amazon suspends the social platform from its web hosting services
71 Parler Fails to Win Quick Reprieve With Lawyer New to Technology
72 Apps claiming 'free speech' for users vie to replace Parler
73 Big Tech's rejection of Parler shuts down a site favored by Trump supporters – and used by participants in the US Capitol insurrection
74 After Capitol Riot, Critics Highlight Rise of ‘Free Speech Social Network' Parler
75 Opinion | If You Were on Parler, You Saw the Mob Coming
76 Parler: what you need to know about the 'free speech' Twitter alternative
77 Parler Finds a Reprieve in Russia—but Not a Solution
78 Tim Cook: Why I kicked Parler off Apple's App Store
79 After Being Booted By Big Tech, Parler Registers With Hosting Service
80 Parler CEO John Matze Calls Twitter 'Cowardly Authoritarians' for Blocking Donald Trump
81 Parler squeezed as Trump seeks new online megaphone
82 Amazon delivers a killing blow to the pro-Trump social network, Parler
83 The rise, fall, and future of Parler, the right-wing site that Amazon shut down
84 The conservative alternative to Twitter wants to be a place for free speech for all. It turns out, rules still apply.
85 This Week in Apps: Parler deplatformed, alt apps rise, looking back at 2020 trends
86 House Oversight Committee chairwoman requests FBI probe of Parler, including its role in Capitol siege
87 Google Pressed in Lawsuit to Dump Telegram Just Like Parler
88 How the Twitter alternative Trump fans are flocking to plans to make money
89 Amazon, Apple remove Parler after the social network was among those used to organize US Capitol riots
90 Toxic talk: Agents’ use of social media app Parler stirs concerns
91 Parler Insists It Would Not Knowingly Tolerate Criminal Activity On Its Site
92 Why Parler's revival on public cloud is complicated and unlikely
93 What is Parler and why are so many conservatives going there?
94 'No change without bloodshed': Parler users call for violence during riots
95 ‘Free speech social media’? Three questions about Parler.
96 Tech companies cutting off Parler could be a "kiss of death" for online home of far-right extremists
97 Parler is the new Twitter for conservatives. Here’s what you need to know
98 Parler game: Law prof says private companies have right to block content
99 Ad-free, censorship-free social sites MeWe, Parler see surge in interest postelection
100 The four latest contenders to Facebook's social media throne