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1 Many who’ve died of COVID-19 in Florida’s prisons were eligible for parole
2 Parole granted for man convicted and sentenced to life for rape in 1980
3 Man serving life sentence for 1993 Bladen Co. murder approved for parole
4 We need a smarter approach to post-prison reentry: Bob Hertzberg
5 Cops' Legal Cover Is in Question as States Agonize Over Reforms
6 Supreme Court denies appeals from 3 South GA men
7 Cal Supreme Court Affirms Death Sentence of Man Who Murdered Family of Four
8 Prison Reform Bills Will Offer Early Release, End Mandatory Minimum Sentences
9 Human rights commission cites "highly disturbing" use of force by Toronto police
10 Berkeley Police Review Commission releases 2019 annual report
11 [BC-MCT-NEWS-BJT] | Nation/World |
12 Schaer, Holley & Reynolds-Jackson Bill to Establish Geriatric Parole Law in NJ Passes Full Assembly
13 France's highest constitutional authority throws out terrorism security law
14 55 years after riots, Watts section of LA still bears scars
15 Norton Calls on U.S. Parole Commission to Use Its Authority to Protect D.C. Residents and Others Under its Jurisdiction During Coronavirus Pandemic
16 Norton Calls on U.S. Parole Commission to Release Individuals Incarcerated for Technical Supervision Violations
17 US Parole Commission Bends to Demands From Defense Attorneys and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton
18 Page A1 | E-Edition |
19 Press Release: Norton Thanks Parole Commission for Reducing Inmate Population, Says More Needs to be Done
20 Is Idaho's parole commission extending prison sentences?
21 Protests: Barr slams Black Lives Matter, accuses the left of ‘tearing down the system’
22 ICAM program schedule, Aug. 9
23 Idaho families see prisons as ‘petri dish.’ Parole commission won’t risk public safety
24 Russian parole commission recommends pardon for Israeli-American Naama Issachar
25 Richland County killer who stabbed elderly shopkeeper 60 times in 1982 approved for parole
26 Norton Thanks Schumer for Recommending Almo Carter for U.S. Parole Commission
27 Who should oversee implementing the First Step Act? | TheHill
28 Idaho Falls' Kirkham named to Pardons, Parole Commission
29 Man convicted to life in prison granted parole
30 3 on Florida Commission Decide Parole of Thousands of Inmates
31 Wisconsin DOC has released nearly 1,600 inmates so far to combat COVID-19 spread
32 Some look to change governor's power over parole board decisions
33 Little names two to vacancies on parole commission
34 Judge demands plan for inmate reductions at D.C. jail, finds ‘deliberate indifference’ to prisoners’ health in pandemic
35 Convict in Edgecombe cab driver's killing receives parole
36 Man convicted of killing Michael Jordan’s father up for parole
37 Gov. Larry Hogan granted parole to people sentenced as teenagers, rekindling calls for parole reform
38 Former priest sentenced to 30 years for molesting boys gets parole hearing after seven months
39 Man convicted of Thomasville murder granted parole
40 Racine Alderman John Tate II Appointed To Chair Wisconsin Parole Commission
41 Parole commission reports shed light on releases of 2 men in Monfils case
42 Maryland’s longest-imprisoned woman is 60 and sick. Hogan should send her home. | COMMENTARY
43 Racine Ald. John Tate tapped to lead state Parole Commission
44 Florida Commission's Supervision of Parole Can Turn on Personality, Perception
45 Sentencing Commission recommends quicker implementation of new law allowing older, non-violent prisoners out early
46 USCIRF Applauds Russian Court's Parole of Jehovah's Witness Dennis Christensen
47 Man sentenced to life for Thomasville murder up for parole
48 Two Walker judicial appointees face challengers on ballot for Milwaukee County Circuit Court
49 Board to consider parole for Vite killer
50 Convicted killer of Michael Jordan’s dad a candidate for parole
51 Coronavirus should drive NYS lawmakers to pass parole act
52 With coronavirus spreading, Maryland Gov. Hogan signs order for expedited release of hundreds of prisoners
53 Sentencing commission asks pardons board to discuss early inmate releases, other responses to COVID-19
54 Man wanted for parole violation leads US Marshals on chase
55 'A law enforcement pioneer': Lenard Wells, who died of coronavirus complications, leaves lasting legacy
56 Family fights to keep convicted killer in prison
57 Few Maryland prisoners eligible for early release as coronavirus spreads behind bars
58 Bill would take governor's office out of parole decisions
59 Advocates Say It's Time For DC To Have Its Own Parole Board Again
60 Maryland’s longest-serving female prisoner had covid-19. Lawmakers push for her release.
61 Fayetteville’s Tony Rand resigns as N.C. Lottery Commission chairman
62 Bill Would Remove Md. Governor’s Office From Parole Decisions
63 DPS announces new measures to release incarcerated people in response to COVID-19 pandemic
64 With DC Jail's First Confirmed Coronavirus Case, Advocates Fear 'The Crisis Is Now'
65 Seeking clemency and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic
66 Maryland Gov. Hogan issues first paroles for juvenile lifers in decades
67 Gov. Larry Hogan issues first paroles for juvenile lifers in decades
68 Carr promises improvements and new action from Gov. Evers on criminal justice reform
69 Parole for murderer upsets victim's family
70 Advocates Say DC's Federally Controlled Parole System Needs Reform
71 Man convicted of killing woman in one of Green Bay's most brutal murders to be released
72 Man convicted in 1974 up for parole
73 Anthony Blue spent more than 40 years in Maryland prisons for a crime he said he did not commit. Then came coronavirus.
74 Convicted killer granted parole early
75 Parole granted for man convicted of rape, robbery
76 Kiefer easily unseats incumbent Gabler, a Walker appointee, for Branch 29 Milwaukee County judge
77 Florida Commission's parole supervision can turn on personality
78 Berkeley Police Review Commission passes proposal to limit searches
79 Growing old in prison: How Maryland is working to ease the path to release for a low-risk, high-cost population
80 Kudos to Maryland’s Gov. Hogan for paroling three ‘juvenile lifers,’ but we wish he weren’t involved at all
81 Do people sentenced to life without parole as juveniles deserve a second chance?
82 Murphy Moves on Juvenile Justice Reform, Ahead of His Own Task Force
83 Convicted rapist to be released on parole
84 EXCLUSIVE: Monfils 6 defendant Michael Johnson on prison, family and faith
85 Brandes Talks Early Release for At-Risk, Elderly Inmates
86 To limit coronavirus spread, reduce jail and prison population | COMMENTARY
87 Hamptonville man set for parole in 2022
88 Mosby, medical professionals ramp up calls for Maryland to release elderly and low-risk prisoners to stem coro
89 Gov. Evers Appoints John Tate II to Serve as Chairperson of the Parole Commission
90 Families, experts wary of Gov. Scott Walker's plan to abolish Parole Commission
91 Wolf will appoint misconduct watchdog, establish commission to oversee Pa. state troopers, correctional office
92 Man in Prison For Killing Michael Jordan's Dad Up for Parole
93 The Invisible Enemy: Inmates fear the COVID-19 pandemic in overcrowded Wisconsin prisons
94 ACLU files class-action suit seeking parole opportunities for inmates convicted as teens
95 If ‘defund prisons’ means transforming them, then by all means, let’s do it | COMMENTARY
96 Editorial: John Tate is outstanding pick to head Parole Commission
97 Corrections chief confident all is well despite zero tests of inmates
98 Scott Walker's budget would eliminate Parole Commission to save money, but reform advocate sees other motives
99 NC Emergency Petition on Protecting Inmates from Coronavirus Advances
100 Wisconsin Department Of Corrections Seeks More Protective Gear, Releases Holds On Inmates