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1 UCHealth prepares for highest number of COVID-19 patients over holiday
2 December webinar shines spotlight on polypharmacy in elderly patients
3 1 in 3 patients at Decatur hospital has COVID-19; north Alabama cases soaring
4 Despite surge, Columbus hospital has room for patients
5 COVID-19 patients from El Paso, other areas of Texas, treated in Brazos Valley
6 Patients With Ovarian Cancer Struggle With Uncertainty, Fears of Future, Study Finds
7 New antibody therapy for COVID-19 patients available at some central Ohio hospitals
8 As Rural COVID Patients Are Moved To Nearby Cities, Hospitals Struggle To Cope : Shots
9 The Number of COVID Patients in Oregon Hospital Beds Nearly Doubled in Two Weeks
10 Patients with autoimmune hepatitis have higher risk for perinatal adverse outcomes
11 Hospitals prepare for surge in patients as families plan to gather for Thanksgiving
12 Tri-State Ambulance transporting more patients with serious COVID cases to hospitals
13 Renown prepares for surge in patients
14 Coronavirus live updates: More than 85,000 covid patients hospitalized nationwide, shattering records yet again
15 COVID Patients' Crackpot Theories Take Toll on Healthcare Workers
16 New algorithm accurately predicts outcomes for COVID-19 patients
17 Data show hospitalized Covid-19 patients surviving at higher rates
18 After factory work as a kid, an oncologist aims to give patients a 'good life'
19 Cardiovascular- and bleeding-related hospitalization rates with edoxaban vs warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation based on results of the ENGAGE AF–TIMI 48 trial
20 An inside look at the ICU at SLU Hospital where COVID19 patients are treated
21 UAB doctor: ‘We are seeing the highest number of patients I have ever taken care of in my 10 years of being a hospitalist’
22 Doctors looking for plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients
23 A daily dose of insulin may be enough for elderly patients to limit hypoglycemia
24 Ketamine Beating Psilocybin in Race for Patients
25 A Paradigm Shift for Preventing Stroke in Patients With Diabetes
26 Covenant: 50 percent of patients are COVID-19 positive
27 Damaged Sense of Smell in Covid Patients Holds Clues to How Recovery Might Work
28 Covid Upends a Rural Hospital, Where Staff Know All the Patients
29 Nebraska's Transfer Center sees increase in number of COVID-19 patient transports
30 Alabama hospitals overwhelmed, most COVID-19 patients are elderly
31 What Chattanooga area nurses treating COVID-19 patients had to say after work
32 GE Healthcare creates AI algorithm to help with ventilating COVID patients
33 New nurse's photos show painful toll of months spend treating Covid patients
35 Onondaga County surge: 107 coronavirus patients in hospitals, 19 in ICU
36 BICRA gene provides answers to patients, doctors and scientists
37 Vermont National Guard surge site officially ready for patients
38 'Imagine watching a patient suffocating': ICU nurse's powerful message
39 NHS patients at risk as ICUs routinely understaffed, doctors warn
40 Covenant HealthCare treating most COVID-19 patients of any health system in Michigan
41 Telehealth Is Working for Patients. But What About Doctors?
42 Colorado order allows hospitals to stop admitting, transfer patients when at capacity due to COVID-19 | TheHill
43 'No beds anywhere': Minnesota hospitals strained to limit by COVID-19
44 Pope Says His Illness Helps Him Relate To Patients
45 2 psilocybin therapy patients share their experiences
46 Many Patients With Type 2 MI Don't Get Cardiologist Evaluation
47 Southside hospitals prepare for possible spike in coronavirus patients
48 How to optimise duration of antibiotic treatment in patients with sepsis?
49 Texting, tablets help hospitals keep family updated on patient care
50 Frontline nurse shares story of working with COVID-19 patients
51 Webinar: Enhancing the Patient Experience with Digital Patient Engagement
52 Are Covid Patients Gasping ‘It Isn’t Real’ As They Die?
53 COVID patients inflowing at UTMB | Free Share |
54 Speaking up against bullying in the patient community
55 Unresponsive, elderly patient spent two hours in Loma Linda VA waiting room before death
56 Fredericksburg-area hospitals seeing 'alarming' increase in COVID-19 patients
57 Loma Linda nurse uses music to help patients and fellow health workers cope with COVID-19
58 CNY hospitals struggle to cope with record surge of Covid-19 patients
59 Record numbers of COVID-19 patients at Goshen Hospital
60 OHA: 109 COVID-19 patients in intensive care in Oregon; 1,174 new cases reported statewide
61 Penn State Health revises visitation guidelines to accommodate spike in COVID patients
62 Remdesivir shouldn't be used on hospitalized Covid-19 patients, WHO advises
63 'Breakthrough finding' reveals why certain COVID patients die
64 An intubated Covid-19 patient played the violin in the ICU to thank health care workers
65 Research links SARS-CoV-2 prevalence, hospital surfaces and patient microbiomes
66 Study: COVID-19 Infection Combined with Blood Clots Worsen Patient Outcomes
67 Liquid Oxygen Recommended for Mobile Patients With Lung Disease
68 Discharged Portland patient, found handcuffed and shivering in ambulance bay, plans to sue Unity psychiatric
69 Delirium fairly common in older COVID-19 patients
70 Covid patients in ICU recovering more slowly than in previous months
71 Sotagliflozin in Patients with Diabetes and Recent Worsening Heart Failure
72 Aspirus Wausau Hospital transforms ambulance bay into emergency patient overflow
73 Bend doctor sued after alleged affair with patient's wife
74 Seriously ill COVID-19 patients in Tokyo surge to 51
75 Patient Experience After Modifying Visit Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
76 Evinacumab in Patients with Refractory Hypercholesterolemia | NEJM
77 Nashville ICU nurse becomes COVID-19 patient, fights for his life at Saint Thomas West
78 Nursing Home Industry Criticizes Raimondo Administration's Testing Strategy for Releasing Patients
79 Report: Many COVID patients develop mental health issues
80 Congress Urges ONC to Boost Patient Matching for COVID-19 Response
81 Hospice caregiver charged with sexually assaulting patient in Reston
82 ‘Lack of PPEs undermines medics’ ability to treat Covid patients’
83 Why loss of smell, taste is godsend for many Covid patients
84 Metabolic Changes in Patients Treated with Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia
85 Female Doctors Spend More Time With Patients, But Earn Less Money Than Men
86 Comal County hospitals caring for 29 COVID-19 patients | Community Alert
87 Lonely Patients Experience Worse Parkinson's Symptoms, Study Finds
88 Sanford Health opens 14 new patient rooms
89 'Exceptional' cancer patients yield clues to better drug treatments
90 Ballad Health: 203 COVID-19 patients being treated at Ballad hospitals
91 GoFundMe for Emporia cancer patient reaches goal within a week of launch
92 Pitt chosen to lead NIH trials in covid-19 care for patients with blood clots
93 Video Visits Supported Family Visits, Pandemic Patient Satisfaction
94 Pelareorep-based therapy improves glioblastoma patient survival
95 More US patients to have easy, free access to doctor's notes
96 Tumor, Germline Testing of Cancer Patients Can Give Discordant Results
97 'You can see the regret': ICU nurse on patients who failed to take COVID precautions
98 How many COVID-19 patients are being treated in local hospitals right now?
99 Second patient dies in COVID-19 outbreak at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center
100 South Dakota nurse says many dying patients still insist COVID-19 'not real' | TheHill