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1 Sir Patrick Vallance: Working from home 'a perfectly good option' for many companies
2 Sir Patrick Vallance on rise of UK coronavirus cases
3 24 hours, 2 contrasting messages on going to work
4 Are Patrick Vallance And The Government On The Same Page On Covid?
5 Andy Richardson: 'Sir Patrick starting to come out of his shell'
6 Revealed: MoD and UK’s chief scientific adviser weren’t consulted on £400m OneWeb deal
7 'Work from home': UK chief scientific adviser warns of coronavirus risks – video
8 Government under fire for plans to get UK back to normal by Christmas
9 UK could see up to 120,000 additional coronavirus deaths this winter, scientists warn
10 Social distancing to stay for 'a long period of time', chief medical adviser Chris Whitty says
11 Can the biggest ever flu vaccine programme stop a second wave?
12 Coronavirus: Work from home law in Wales scrapped
13 UK coronavirus: Leicester's mayor 'angry and frustrated' as city kept in partial lockdown — as it happened
14 The global impact of Imperial's COVID-19 Response Team | Imperial News
15 UK coronavirus: Chris Whitty says social distancing should continue 'for a long period' – as it happened
16 Government launches job ad for official to start preparations on a coronavirus inquiry
17 Coronavirus Stops-Starts Stretching Europeans' Patience
18 The government must respect the autonomy of science to prevent future catastrophes like this one
19 UK's Johnson preps for new COVID wave but eyes more opening
20 Coronavirus: Did 'herd immunity' change the course of the outbreak?
21 Tough new isolation rule to stop coronavirus surge
22 Boris Johnson deepens split with chief scientists over national coronavirus lockdown
23 We must all pull together to get children back to school
24 Who is Sir Patrick Vallance? Government’s chief scientific adviser carved path through research and big pharma
25 Can Boris Johnson get people back into the office?
26 Goldman Sachs moves to send London staff back to the office
27 The dangerous legacy of the Cummings affair
28 Rift grows between Boris Johnson and ‘rogue’ scientists as they oppose his back-to-work call
29 BoE governor calls on people to return to the office
30 Coronavirus: Boris Johnson announces £300m for A&Es ahead of potential winter spike
31 PM's plan for 'return to normality' not realistic, says Andy Burnham
32 'I've never met Boris Johnson', reveals architect of UK's coronavirus lockdown Professor Neil Ferguson
33 Stockholm blow for hopes that herd immunity will combat the coronavirus
34 Hush, and let us get on with it, says JUDY FINNIGAN
35 Covid-19: Was the decision to delay the UK's lockdown over fears of “behavioural fatigue” based on evidence?
36 Patrick Vallance admits regret over UK coronavirus testing shortfall
37 Portrait of the week: Face masks in, Huawei out and Amazon's TikTok trouble
38 Work visa criteria relaxed for COVID-19 researchers
39 Inconsistent labelling regulations hinder vitamin D food fortification innovation, says BNF
40 Inside Westminster’s coronavirus blame game
41 Probable that waves of COVID-19 will recur in future years -...
42 Coronavirus LIVE: Prof Chris Whitty warns social distancing likely necessary for long time
43 Chief Scientific Adviser's Sunday Telegraph article: 31 May 2020
44 The Government's Ten Biggest Coronavirus Lies Unmasked – Byline Times
45 Coronavirus winter warning: ‘Use vitamin D to help curb winter surge’
46 How COVID-19 changed the way patients responded to a heart attack
47 James O'Brien examines the schism between the PM and his chief scientist
48 When did lockdown begin in the UK?
49 Coronavirus: Who are Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance?
50 UK Covid-19 deaths cross 50,000 as masks to be made compulsory
51 Second Covid-19 spike will cause 'at least as many deaths as first' says Essex head of public health
52 Video resurfaces of Patrick Vallance warning risk '30 times higher' at one metre
53 Cold, flu and bronchitis infections fell 'well below average' during coronavirus lockdown
54 UK COVID-19 Update: 'Normality by Xmas'?, PHE Death Data Review
55 Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
56 Government isolation rules UK: Who should self-isolate and what are the guidelines?
57 Who is Sir Patrick Vallance and is he speaking at today’s government coronavirus press briefing?
58 Thousands could die if normal care is shut down during second wave, leading medics warn
59 Coronavirus: UK virologists criticise handling of Covid testing contracts
60 Police stop 30,000 passengers in two weeks for flouting face mask rules on public transport
61 The silence of the chief scientists is worrying and deeply political
62 UK needs virus restrictions to stay: Patrick Vallance
63 Ministers fear top scientists Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance could quit over two-metre rule
64 R-value close to one ahead of partial lockdown lifting, says Sir Patrick Vallance
65 Sir Patrick Vallance concedes Dominic Cummings may have briefed PM on science
66 Coronavirus: Some scientists say UK virus strategy is 'risking lives'
67 UK Government told 'wrong sort of scientists' used to combat deadly coronavirus pandemic
68 Top experts not asked to approve 'stay alert' coronavirus message
69 'Taboo' herd immunity the only long-term solution to Covid-19, says expert
70 Coronavirus UK: Sir Patrick Vallance welcomes fall in new cases
71 If you’ve had coronavirus you shouldn’t have to isolate even if you develop new symptoms, SAGE scientists say
72 It’s a national effort to win coronavirus fight, we all have crucial part to play
73 Don't bank on a coronavirus vaccine, says Patrick Vallance
74 Coronavirus testing too slow, Sir Patrick Vallance admits amid mounting criticism
75 Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance say they 'don't want to get involved' in Cummings row
76 Sir Patrick Vallance warns of Covid-19 'superspreading in pubs' | Echo
77 No guarantee we will get a coronavirus vaccine, says Sir Patrick Vallance
78 The Guardian view on the government’s coronavirus gamble: winter will come
79 Coronavirus: New UK study shows antibodies fade after 3 weeks
80 Coronavirus: millions of Britons should be taking 'sunshine nutrient' vitamin D
81 Dominic Raab plays down 'split' between Boris Johnson and Sir Patrick Vallance
82 Whitehall needs more scientists to compete with China: chief adviser
83 Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance must speak out against Dominic Cummings
84 Coronavirus: 20000 UK deaths would be 'good outcome', Sir Patrick Vallance said in March
85 No 10 faces calls to lift secrecy around Covid-19 advisory group
86 U.K. government should not keep scientific advice secret, former chief adviser says
87 Caution means mass return to work unlikely, say firms
88 Social distancing measures are 'making a difference', Sir Patrick Vallance says
89 Coronavirus deaths set to rise for another two weeks — but the NHS can cope
90 What was the government's biggest Coronavirus mistake? | ITV News
91 Government's top experts 'were not asked to approve government's confusing 'stay alert' message
92 Why is the UK approach to coronavirus so different to other countries?
94 Coronavirus: Risk of infection from eating meat is 'very low'
95 UK coronavirus chief adviser went to school in Cornwall
96 Essex public health director 'terrified' of winter Covid spike
97 Government chief scientist explains lack of 'eye-catching' measures in coronavirus fight
98 Secrecy has harmed UK government's response to Covid-19 crisis, says top scientist
99 Science chief Patrick Vallance offers hope for two-metre rule easing
100 UK's coronavirus science advice won't be published until pandemic ends