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1 Apple apps on Big Sur bypass firewalls and VPNs — this is terrible
2 Apple lets some Big Sur network traffic bypass firewalls
3 How to set your Google Photos images as a live wallpaper on Android
4 Pardon the Intrusion #32: When an exploit becomes a work of art
5 Apple Network Failure Destroys an Afternoon of Worldwide Mac Productivity
6 Don’t be duped by fake domains this Cyber Monday
7 MacOS Big Sur(veillance) bypasses Firewall/VPN to tell Apple what programs you run on your computer
8 Patrick Wardle: APTs Targeting Apple Devices With Recycled macOS Malware
9 This ‘Magical Bug’ Exposed Any iPhone in a Hacker's Wi-Fi Range
10 Apple-Notarized Malware: What It Is and How It Affects Mac Users
11 Apple mistakenly approved a widely used malware to run on Macs
12 These 10 Black Friday deals might change your holiday gift-giving plans
13 Ex-NSA hacker drops new zero-day doom for Zoom
14 4 reasons why you should automate your social media marketing
15 Apple releases iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, tvOS 14.2 featuring new emoji and bug fixes
16 An ’80s File Format Enabled Stealthy Mac Hacking
17 DEF CON 28 Safe Mode – Patrick Wardle’s ‘Office Drama On macOS’
18 Apple accidentally approved malware for the Mac
19 The accidental notary: Apple approves notorious malware to run on Macs
20 Newsmaker Interview: Patrick Wardle Talks Apple Malware Flubs and Successes
21 Ex-NSA hacker made four pieces of state-created Mac malware run his own code
22 Jamf buys Mac security outfit Digita Security, Patrick Wardle in tow
23 Hacker finds security breach in Microsoft Office that leads to taking control of macOS, now patched
24 Researcher Finds New Office Macro Attacks for MacOS
25 ZShlayer: New macOS malware variant obfuscates scripts to slip past security tools
26 New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears
27 Patrick Wardle on MacRansom Ransomware-as-a-Service
28 30-year-old file format behind MacOS hack
29 New ThiefQuest ransomware discovered targeting macOS users
30 All you need to hijack a Mac is an old Office document and a .zip file
31 Black Hat 2018: Patrick Wardle on Breaking and Bypassing MacOS Firewalls
32 Why this guy is teaching people how to write malware for Macs
33 A Must For Millions, Zoom Has A Dark Side — And An FBI Warning
34 North Korea Is Recycling Mac Malware. That's Not the Worst Part
35 Microsoft Office vulnerability could allow hackers to take control of your Mac computer; update now
36 Attackers can use Zoom to steal users' Windows credentials with no warning
37 Flaw in iPhone, iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years
38 Apple Certifies the Most Prevalent macOS Malware Through Its Notarization Process – Twice
39 Apple Hides Traffic of Some of Its Own Apps in Big Sur
40 Apple deprecating macOS kernel extensions (KEXTs) is a great win for security
41 Recycling State-Sponsored Malware for Fun and Profit
42 Apple inadvertently allowed a malware to run on Macs
43 Apple accidentally approved malware with notarized code for Mac
44 Bugs in Office and macOS gave full control of Mac
45 Microsoft Office Exploit Used to Hack macOS Devices, Fix Released
46 Apple Approves Malware Hidden In The Update of Adobe Flash Player For macOS By Mistake
47 How to make your Zoom meetings more secure
48 Zoom issues: People hijacking streams, possible security flaws
49 Researchers Discover New macOS Ransomware Downloaded From Pirated Torrent Sites
50 With users skyrocketing, Zoom fixes security flaws in face of pressure
51 Apple to issue hackable iPhones
52 EvilQuest malware 'is after your data, not your money'
53 SI Special Report: Why NFL Draft Season Is Ripe to Be Hacked
54 Apple Notarized Malware by Mistake, Hackers Ran it Through Third-Party Website
55 Just Because macOS Lets You Install an App Doesn't Mean It's Not Malware
56 Security researchers agree iPhone Mail vulnerabilities may have been exploited
57 Uninstall ToTok, an Alleged Emirati Spy App, From Your Phone Now
58 Apple’s new processors give it more power over developers on the Mac
59 Jeff Bezos’s iPhone had Apple’s state-of-the-art security, and that may have helped its alleged hackers
60 Apple's T2 Security Chip Has an Unfixable Flaw
61 Security researcher claims macOS Mojave privacy bug on launch day
62 Windows and Mac malware can bypass your security
63 We Spoke to an Ex-NSA Hacker Who Has Organized the First-Ever Mac Security Conference
64 Here's how hackers can install malware on your Mac through Safari
65 Mac users key in defending against Apple T2 chip flaw
66 Shlayer malware proves Apple devices aren't as secure as you think
67 BEWARE: New Mac Ransomware ThiefQuest is so Sinister--Puts Your Device in Serious Danger
68 Another MacOS Bug Lets Hackers Invisibly Click Security Prompts
69 VB2019 paper: Cyber espionage in the Middle East: unravelling OSX.WindTail
70 Feeling Paranoid? Micro Snitch Tells You If Your Mac Is Spying on You
71 Black Hat USA 2020 Preview: Election Security, COVID Disinformation and More
72 Free decryptor available for ThiefQuest ransomware victims
73 New additions complete the VB2020 localhost programme
74 The NSA's Tips to Keep Your Phone From Tracking You
75 RSAC 2020: Editors' Preview of Hottest Sessions, Speakers and Themes
76 Clever Tool Uses Apple’s Videogame Logic Engine to Protect Macs
77 New ReiKey app can detect macOS keyloggers
78 Comparison of WebEx Security Versus Zoom Shady Practices
79 Newly discovered Mac malware uses “fileless” technique to remain stealthy
80 This Week In Security: Zero Days, Notarized Malware, Jedi Mind Tricks, And More
81 Hidden Mac malware designed to spy on 'everyday people'
82 Hacking the NFL Draft
83 Organizations Using Both Mac and Non-Mac Devices Consider Apple Devices Safest Out The Box
84 The Grayhat Cybersecurity Conference is set for the Halloween Weekend
85 Apple Pulls ToTok App After Report That Emirati Government Uses It For Surveillance
86 WhatsApp bug let hackers access computers with an iOS app and a text
87 Lazarus Group Deploying New macOS Backdoor | Decipher
88 UAE denies developing popular Mideast app as spy tool
89 Mac users targetted by Lazarus ‘fileless’ Trojan
90 New details emerge on Fruitfly, a near-undetectable Mac backdoor
91 Mac, Linux Users Now Targeted by FinSpy Variants
92 Can Zoom Keep its Work-From-Home Top Spot? — Red Herring
93 Black Hat and DEF CON go virtual: What's lost, what's gained
94 Zoom Caught in Cybersecurity Debate — Here's Everything You Need To Know
95 Alleged Spy App ToTok Puts Apple in a Bind
96 Apple patches bug that let hackers jailbreak iOS 12.4
97 Apple updates XProtect to combat ‘Windows’ exploits on Mac machines
98 Malware has no trouble hiding and bypassing macOS user warnings
99 Researchers Deploy Decryptor For ThiefQuest Ransomware
100 Four Key Elements for Comprehensive Network Threat Detection