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Result Content Idea Research
1 Microbial population dynamics in response to Pectobacterium atrosepticum infection in potato tubers
2 Blackleg in potato crops – filling the knowledge gaps
3 World Potato Congress Inc. Webinar: 'Above and Below Ground: Diseases threatening sustainable potato production'
4 Potato Diseases and Tips to Manage them in Storage
5 Researchers to tackle damaging plant disease
6 Fly Larvae May Become a Natural Antibiotic Against Plant Diseases
7 Virus that combats potato blight named after Cork
8 UK: New science initiative aims to tackle bacterial plant threats
9 Blackleg and tuber soft rot disease reported in some Michigan potato fields
10 Angular leaf spot in tobacco | Agriculture |
11 Why Some of the Most Dangerous Potato Diseases are Successful
12 How plant-rotting bacteria steal iron to survive
13 FDA warns of color-coding problem when sterilizing N95 masks
14 Dickeya dianthicola: A New Threat To Potatoes
15 Aerial stem rot, blackleg and tuber soft disease reported in Michigan potato fields
16 Avoid Tomato Pith Necrosis Crisis in Your Crop
17 January 2017
18 Canada: High incidence of second growth of Ontario’s fresh market potatoes
19 Blackleg disease reported in some Michigan potato fields
20 Research to unravel blackleg and nematode interactions in potato crops
21 A poinsettia plague: Bacterial canker
22 PSI: The case of the Soft Rots
23 Potato blight's chemical attack mechanism explained
24 How the potato industry can tackle blackleg
25 Researchers find out how E. coli, other bacteria obtain iron
26 Protect your poinsettias from pathogens
27 The type IV pilin PilA couples surface attachment and cell-cycle initiation in Caulobacter crescentus
28 Pests and diseases added to Plant Health Risk Register
29 New machine can preserve donor livers for 1 week | Medical Design and Outsourcing
30 Genomic and Biochemical Characterization of Acinetobacter Podophage Petty Reveals a Novel Lysis Mechanism and Tail-Associated Depolymerase Activity
31 Dickeya Blackleg: New Potato Disease Causing Major Impact
32 Tackling E. coli infections
33 Fight against powdery scab: South African researchers identified two ideal plant species for potato crop rotation
34 The Challenge of Dealing with Contaminants in Vegetables
35 Blocking the blight
36 International support boosts research development
37 James Hutton Institute: £2 million research into managing potato blackleg
38 On gardening: Hungry microorganisms cause fruit rot | Features
39 Distinct colicin M-like bacteriocin-immunity pairs in Burkholderia
40 What the Search for Life on Mars and Microbes on Earth Have in Common
41 Potato industry urged to keep fungal disease at bay as exports increase
42 Bloom nation
43 Vegetables rotting? Check bacteria conversation
44 Potato Storage Facility: Hotel Or Hospital?
45 November 2017
46 Is The Bacteria On Fruits And Vegies Dangerous?
47 The mechanism for microsporidian parasite suppression of the hindgut bacteria of the migratory locust Locusta migratoria manilensis
48 Pain, pain go away: Scilex Pharmaceuticals snags $5 million for lidocaine patch
49 Reference gene selection for normalization of RT-qPCR gene expression data from Actinidia deliciosa leaves infected with Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae
50 Bacterial diseases of lettuce
51 Tips on breaking the potato blackleg cycle
52 The Drinkable Book Uses Silver Nanoparticles to Filter Water
53 Prevention and Early Intervention: The Keys to Biocontrol Success in Greenhouse Crops
54 Genome-wide identification and characterization of reference genes with different transcript abundances for Streptomyces coelicolor
55 Insights into Bacteriophage T5 Structure from Analysis of Its Morphogenesis Genes and Protein Components
56 Curvy high-end turntable being readied for Munich launch
57 How Yorkshire potato growers compete with Scots' quality
58 Nursery irrigation & drainage