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1 Web Summit: Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez announces new Startup Act and high commissioner for entrepreneurship
2 `Lockdown is working`, says Spain`s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on COVID-19 plan
3 COVID-19 : COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Pedro Sánchez estimates how many Spaniards will be vaccinated in summer
4 Spain's Prime Minister Sanchez Congratulates Joe Biden on Twitter
5 Spanish PM predicts that ‘very substantial’ part of population could be vaccinated during first quarter of 2021
6 Sánchez Does Budget Deal with Left-Wing, Separatist Allies
7 COVID-19 : COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Pedro Sánchez warns of a "critical stage" at the beginning of 2021
8 A New Spain Emerges That Drives Conservative Opponents Crazy
9 Culture : Almost 40,000 Spaniards were infected the week between Pedro Sánchez cheered on 8-M and confined all of Spain
10 Pope receives Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón
11 Spain’s Pedro Sánchez: I don’t know where Juan Carlos is
12 Rage Against Spain's Pedro Sanchez Is Tearing the Country Apart
13 Pedro Sánchez Will Lead Modern Spain’s First Coalition Government
14 Spain’s Pedro Sánchez adopts more hands-off approach to second coronavirus wave
15 NATO Secretary General meets with Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez at NATO Headquarters
16 Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez: No recovery without EU unity
17 Pope Francis meets with Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez
18 Pedro Sánchez’s support for Spain’s monarchy risks alienating supporters
19 Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez meets with opposition leader
20 Pedro Sánchez throws Covid gauntlet down to Spain's regions
21 Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez says soccer league in Spain can resume from June 8
22 Hedge Fund Fighting Over Spain’s Top Paper Gets Close to Sanchez
23 Spain PM Sanchez plans to create 800000 jobs to boost COVID recovery
24 Coronavirus makes everything worse for Pedro Sánchez
25 Spanish PM Rejects New Lockdown Amid Surge in Virus Cases
26 Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez extends lockdown until June 21st
27 Catalan Separatists Renew Support for Spain’s Sanchez
28 Trouble brewing for Spain PM Pedro Sánchez? Opposition debates 'no confidence' move to topple govt
29 Discontent bubbles in Spain even though coronavirus cases wane
30 Spain's PM declares respect for former king's choice to leave
31 Spain orders nationwide curfew to stem coronavirus outbreak
32 Spain’s PM Sanchez seeks to keep new state of emergency in place until May
33 Spain PM Pedro Sanchez 'disturbed' by scandal involving former king
34 Coronavirus | Actual tally of COVID-19 in Spain likely over 3 million, says PM Pedro Sanchez
35 Spain Gives Sanchez Another Two Weeks of Emergency Virus Powers
36 Spain PM Sanchez's Wife Tests Positive For Coronavirus
37 Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is Meeting EU Heads of State Prior to Brussels Summit
38 “Do we have a deal, Pedro?”: an inside look at the clash at EU coronavirus summit
39 Coronavirus: Spanish PM Sánchez sees 'slow and gradual' end to lockdown
40 Pedro Sánchez’s governing manifesto explained
41 Spain PM Pedro Sanchez says to seek one-month extension of state of emergency
42 Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez declares state of emergency in Madrid
43 Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez garners Basque party votes for lockdown extension
44 Sixto Sánchez inspired by Pedro Martínez
45 Pedro Sánchez presents program for ruling Spain in coalition with far left
46 NZ compliment for Pedro Sánchez
47 Spain PM Sanchez to meet with Catalan leader Torra first week of February
48 Spain to create more than 800,000 jobs in 3 years with EU funds: PM Pedro Sanchez
49 Spain's PM Sanchez says UK quarantine decision not justified
50 Spanish MPs vote down Vox party's no-confidence motion in PM Sanchez
51 Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchezs coalition government survives no-confidence motion
52 Spain ‘far from victory’ in coronavirus fight, says PM Pedro Sanchez
53 Spanish prime minister fails to prove existence of international coronavirus testing rankings he cited
54 Spain’s PM Pedro Sánchez Responds to Tweet from Miley Cyrus on Covid-19
55 Pope warns Spanish prime minister of rise of nationalism, ideology
56 Wife of Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez tests positive for coronavirus
57 Pedro Sanchez: the stubborn Spanish Socialist who became prime minister
58 Spain’s government says that the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has tested positive for coronavirus
59 Wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tests positive for the coronavirus
60 Pedro Sanchez has urged all residents to download Radar Covid
61 Spain’s PM Sanchez Admits His Mistakes: “We Should Have Decreed the State of Alarm Much Earlier”
62 Donald Trump Calls Out Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, as An Example of What Not To Do
63 Spain to extend coronavirus lockdown through May 9: PM Pedro Sanchez
64 Spain's Sanchez unveils Cabinet, pledges 'unity'
65 Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez: UK's 14-day quarantine rule is unfair
66 Spanish PM predicts creation of 800,000 jobs over next three years thanks to European recovery fund
67 Spain’s Sanchez Loses Support As Lockdown Continues, Poll Shows
68 Why Pedro Sánchez needs an agreement with Catalan separatists
69 Sánchez Walks Fine Line Between Left and Right
70 Spain PM Pedro Sanchez urges caution as Spain eases COVID-19 lockdown
71 Masked and distanced, Spanish PM Sanchez hits the campaign trail
72 Horror in Spain Turns to Anger Against Prime Minister
73 Spanish premier urges world to rethink economic model
74 Spanish PM meets Madrid chief over Covid-19 measures, warns of ‘very tough weeks ahead’
75 Spain PM Pedro Sanchez calls for unity amid violent anti-lockdown protests
76 There’s a Simple Reason Spain Has Been Hit Hard by Coronavirus
77 Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez says it’s time to “put the country back on its feet” ahead of the lifting of State of Alarm
78 Figo criticises Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez: More unemployment and more poverty
79 Coronavirus: U.K. Quarantine Order Attacked by Spain's Prime Minister
80 Spain’s Mounting Coronavirus Crisis Is Met by Government Silence
81 Pedro Sánchez receives royal approval to lead Spanish government
82 Spanish PM Sanchez to discuss EU recovery fund with Germany's Merkel
83 Spain's Prime Minister Sanchez welcomes French-German recovery fund initiative
84 Sánchez Can't Put Off Catalans Indefinitely
85 Coronavirus: Spain plans return to 'new normal' by end of June
86 President Pedro Sánchez has declared that Spain’s health centres will be in charge of detecting cases after confinement form Coronavirus pandemic
87 Spain PM Pedro Sanchez asks parliament for 2 more weeks of Coronavirus lockdown
88 Spanish parliament confirms Sánchez as PM
89 Sánchez Needs to Remember Who His Friends Are
90 Spain's Pedro Sánchez loses vote to form government
91 Spain's PM Sanchez to meet with Catalan leader Torra on February 6
92 Sánchez: "We are one step away from victory" tourists welcome in July
93 Thank you to the President of Spain’s government Pedro Sanchez and to the public for their vital role in the fight against coronavirus
94 President Armengol scheduled to meet Pedro Sánchez
95 Spain’s PM Pedro Sánchez struggles to get support to extend lockdown for fourth time on Wednesday
96 Spanish PM: survival of EU rests on response to coronavirus crisis
97 Spain's Sanchez says leaders have obligation to find a deal in EU summit
98 Spanish PM refuses to reveal whereabouts of emeritus king Juan Carlos
99 Spain’s poisonous politics have worsened the pandemic and the economy
100 Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s New Leader, Returns From the Political Wilderness