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1 PETA: 22 big cats taken from Charlestown zoo; all animals out
2 Paw Paw resident sheds light on animal neglect in PETA documentary
3 PETA files federal complaint about treatment of animals in UAB transplant lab
4 El Al to ban shipments of hunting trophies, after US elephant killer’s interest
5 PETA claims UVa, Virginia Tech misused state funds with animal experiments
6 PETA submits audit request into “allegation of the waste of state funds” at UVA and Virginia Tech
7 PETA, Local Animal Advocate Offering $6000 Reward for Helping Authorities Catch the Samoa Dunes Dog Killer
8 PETA accuses USU of euthanizing lab animals during the pandemic
9 PETA alleges more animal research violations at UW-Madison
10 Animal abuse charges possible in Phoenix arson case
11 Reward Offered in Animal Cruelty Investigation – Redheaded Blackbelt
12 PETA Calls For U-M Audit After COVID-19–Related Animal Killings
13 Primates Are Suffering in a Fake Sanctuary—Take Action Now! | PETA
14 Is the Vegan Movement Ready to Reckon with Racism?
15 Animal rights group wants charges filed against Sioux City pork plant
16 Judges declaw Indiana zoo for illegally declawing Big Cat cubs, abusing animals
17 Scientists 'electroshock restrained monkey's penises' in depraved lab experiments
18 Differing views of Milburn Park geese
19 James Cromwell and PETA want pigs out of our Peeps
20 OUT WEST ROUNDUP | Corrals OK'd for wild horse roundups; Bullock presses to remove BLM boss
21 EMMY Nominees Get Vegan Gift Bag Filled with Snacks Made by Black-Owned Businesses
22 Babe Star James Cromwell Demands Peeps Ditch Gelatin
23 Why Is Elon Musk Testing His Brain Implant on Pigs?
24 Huge Anti-Slaughter Ads Appearing in Top US Papers
25 PETA Awards Disney+ Film 'The One and Only Ivan'
26 Feds Revoke Animal Exhibitor's License, Levy $340000 Penalty
27 Monkey Labor Exposed: Cost Plus World Market Drops Leading Coconut Milk Brand
28 PETA founder: Animals need ‘somebody to stick up for them. No matter if it’s uncomfortable.’
29 PETA Responds to 'Tiger King' Netflix Series, Joe Exotic | PETA
30 COVID-19 Prompts PETA Call for Pennsylvania State University to Shut Down Animal Labs
31 USDA and Meatpacking Industry Collaborated to Undermine COVID-19 Response, Documents Show
32 PETA's Vegan Guide to 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'
33 Santa Monica Police Consider Bringing Charges Against Local CEO Caught Beating Dog
34 Photos: PETA Is Still Helping Animals Despite COVID-19 | PETA
35 Joaquin Phoenix Is PETA's 2019 Person of the Year | PETA
36 Urgent From PETA: Hot-Weather Survival Tips for Animals in Las Vegas
37 Coronavirus Animal Companion Tips for Staying Happy | PETA
38 PETA mocked for calling 'pet' a 'derogatory' term, suggesting 'companion' instead
39 Urgent Advisory: Coronavirus and Companion Animals | PETA
40 PETA letter calls on Yale to halt animal testing
41 Dillan Was Rescued 6 Months Ago—Now Charge His Abusers!
42 PETA Exposé Proves Cleveland Clinic Should Focus on COVID-19, Stop Cruel Animal Experiments
43 COVID Got Your Job? PETA Is Hiring! Join the Animal Rights Brigade | PETA
44 Judge rules for PETA in suit against embattled Charlestown zoo
45 Oktoberfest looks different this year, but you can still celebrate at home with these recipes
46 Suffering and Death at Hollywood Animal Supplier (Video)
47 About PETA |
48 State Warns PetSmart Over Severe Animal Welfare Violations | PETA
49 PETA sends letter to Penn State over 'reduced' animal testing due to coronavirus
50 Newly Released Records Show NIH Fails to Comply with Animal Care Standards
51 Cornell Responds to PETA's Allegations of Animal Misconduct, Affirms Commitment to Animal Care
52 PETA Appeals to WHO to Close Live-Animal Markets to Prevent Further Pandemics
53 PETA People for Ethical Treatment of Animals : 'Pandemic Pig' in a Convertible to Lead Protest of Farmer John Slaughterhouse
54 9 Ways You Can Still Campaign for Animals While Practicing Social Distancing
55 Police, Good Samaritans Named PETA's Animal Rescuers of the Year | PETA
56 COVID-19, Violations Prompt PETA Call for University of Pennsylvania to Shut Down Animal Labs
57 PETA Attacks Slaughterhouse Openings With Full-Page Ad Appeal to Consumers
58 The Scientists Using Non-Animal Tests for a COVID-19 Vaccine
59 COVID-19 Prompts PETA Call for Boston University to Shut Down Animal Labs
60 Will Animatronic Phil Replace Long-Suffering Groundhog? | PETA
61 Animal-Killing Spree in Labs as Universities Close Over COVID-19 Fears—PETA Calls BS
62 Joaquin Phoenix 'We Are All Animals' Ad Rises Near Local Fast-Food Joints
63 PETA: Stop Calling Your Pet A Pet!
64 PETA wants animal experiments to end; USU responds
65 A year ago today, in pictures: Democratic presidential primary debate and more moments you may remember
66 39 Tigers From 'Tiger King' Now at Accredited Sanctuary | PETA
67 Sheep Shearer Pleads Guilty to Cruelty to Animals Following PETA Wool Exposé
68 New 'Tiger King' Episode Touches On Cruel Animal Killings | PETA
69 AOC's Purebred Puppy Purchase Prompts PETA Pushback | PETA
70 Why 'Humane Meat' Could Cause Another Pandemic
71 Greta Thunberg, A Vegan, Is PETA's Youth Role Model of the Year
72 10 Notorious Animal Abusers 'Tiger King' Didn't Expose | PETA
73 Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals | PETA
74 Govt agency's 4-month probe clears Loki the dog's owner, vets of any ethical breach over euthanisation
75 'Animals, After All, Are Just Other Cultures' (Podcast)
76 Calgary Stampede Funding Cut Prompts PETA Appeal | PETA
77 The Details Netflix's 'Tiger King' Kept From Viewers | PETA
78 Bullfighting has reached a crisis point in Spain
79 After Decades of PETA Pressure, EPA Commits to Non-Animal Tests
80 Uniqlo Ditches Alpaca Wool Following PETA Animal Cruelty Exposé
81 PETA Launches Campaign Against MSG Giant Over Horrific Tests on Dogs, Others
82 String of Starvation Cases Prompts Plea: Report Cruelty to Animals
83 Why Vegans Should Support the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement | PETA
84 Lagerfeld Brand Said to Pledge Fur-Free Policy – WWD
85 These Activists Make Animal Liberation Possible | PETA
86 PETA calls on Tufts, other universities to end animal testing amid COVID-19 crisis
87 Trump Signs Pro-Animal PACT Act Into Law | PETA
88 These PETA Billboard Ads Broke the Internet in 2019
89 Five Ponies Escape, One Hit by Car: Central Mall Asked to Ditch Animal Circuses
90 Experimenter Moves to China to Test on Live Monkey Brains | PETA
91 Slaughterhouse Told to Shut Down After 8 COVID-19 Deaths | PETA
92 'End Speciesism,' Proclaims Turkey on New Billboard | PETA
93 PETA defends controversial advertisement mocking 'Black Lives Matter'
94 Rare Good News on COVID-19: Animals Spared Abusive Shows
95 Don't call your pet a pet: Animal rights charity chief says term is derogatory
96 PETA Urges No Live Animals for 'Tiger King'-Inspired Series
97 'Tiger King' zoo closes after animal treatment investigation
98 Karl Lagerfeld Bans Fur After Decades of PETA Protests
99 The Link Between Australia Fires and Slaughterhouses | PETA
100 Genesis Butler Is PETA's Young Animal Activist of the Year | PETA