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1 A Visit From Krampus—Saint Nick’s Dark Companion
2 Austria struggles with marauding Krampus demons gone rogue
3 The seven most terrifying Christmas traditions around the world
4 How to Blend in at an Alpine Krampus Parade
5 Gangs of marauding 'Krampus' Christmas devils are accused of string of attacks across Austria
6 Santa's Terrifying 'Evil Twin' Will Beat You With a Broom at This Offbeat Austrian Christmas Parade (Video)
7 Terrifying Christmas witches, the ‘Yule Lads’ and other festive traditions you may be less familiar with
8 Krampus: Saint Nicholas' Dark Companion
9 The Origin of Krampus, Europe's Evil Twist on Santa
10 Krampus, Santa′s terrifying companion | All media content
11 Demons banished from Vienna during creepy festival (VIDEO)
12 Alpine wild runs
13 Six unique traditions that Austrians love to love
14 Krampus: The Dark Companion of Saint Nick
15 Krampus, the European Christmas monster, is having a moment
16 Meet the Krampus, St Nick's creepy offsider
17 Great snowy breaks around the world: readers’ travel tips
18 Santa's creepy chum gives Austrians a scary thrill
19 Biathlon news
20 Day in Pictures, Dec. 1, 2014
21 A Brief History of The Krampus | Mat Auryn
22 For the blackest of Black Fridays, consider a Krampus Christmas
23 Column: You Better Watch Out | Culture, Paganism, Perspectives
24 Why Christmas in Central Europe is Kind of Terrifying
25 BIATHLON: Stunning Pursuit win for unknown Pidruchnyi in World Champs in Oestersund
26 You better watch out: Krampus is coming to town
27 Krampus: Austrian children fear the festive bogeyman
28 Where did Krampus come from? | HowStuffWorks
29 Krampus: the demonic Santa Claus you haven't heard about
30 A Krampus Christmas
31 Special Olympics World Games
32 Why St. Nicholas puts candy in boots and stole our hearts
33 Austrian town reassures asylum-seekers over unusual Christmas tradition
34 BIATHLON: Eight winners in eight individual events in World Champs in Sweden
35 Fantasy and Fairy-tale Creatures of Europe
36 Slideshow: Krampus brings the dark side of Christmas to LA
37 Photos of the Week: Bomb Cyclone, Giant Gorilla, Legal Marijuana
38 This is actually the oldest Christmas carol (Hint: It's not 'Silent Night')
39 Wierer secures first sprint victory at IBU World Cup in Hochfilzen
40 Meet Krampus, the satanic Santa marauding through Austria
41 Santa's Horned Helper: The Fearsome Legend of Krampus, Christmas Punisher